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  1. 1. A subscription based friendship club where people with learning disabilities can meet up regularly in a happy and relaxed social atmosphere A mixture of entertainment and learning focused activities which are both closed and linking up with community run events A focus on using the internet and E communication technologies to encourage members to get online and into the digital age
  2. 2. Membership of the will cost £2.00 per week All club members automatically become a part of the get2gether community interest company All members will be entitled to a vote Members will be asked to vote on a regular basis and make decisions about how the club is run and how it should grow and develop Decisions on which events and activities will be organised will also be confirmed by a regular poll of members www. get 2 gether club .com – Membership ?
  3. 3. To become a member of the will you will need to register your details with: and let us know which special school or day centre you attend so that we can verify and check your application. www. get 2 gether club .com – Registration
  4. 4. We want to encourage everyone with a learning disability, their friends, families and carers to get connected to the internet. So to become a member of the you will first need to join People & Places - a free social networking site for people with learning disabilities. This is necessary as uses People and Places for sending out invites to its events and for communicating with its members. To sign up with People and Places click HERE and let us know which special school or day centre you attend so that we can verify and check your application. www. get 2 gether club .com – Registration
  5. 5. A club that brings people together on a weekly and monthly basis as well as keeping members up to date with everything going on locally that they can go to themselves Increases their confidence & self esteem Maintains & builds new friendships Widens social networks Offers new experiences Promotes learning & skills based activities as well as fun Gets people connected to the internet
  6. 6. Connecting people with the people who live in their local community Bringing people together – developing natural relationships and support Using social networking to keep in touch and make new friends Improving the way people engage with their communities by encouraging them to attend fundraising events and supporting local causes Boosting confidence to use community resources – libraries, adult learning centres, internet cafes, Wifi hotspots etc
  7. 7. Boosting local economy by using community venues and resources which increases trade Increasing visibility of people with learning disabilities and building their acceptance as part of the community Our members participating in locally run clubs and booking/attending community organised events Getting people volunteering – through time banking schemes Developing employment opportunities – using DPs to find flexible personal assistants using local people Building up the confidence of local businesses to see the skills they could tap into with a bit of imagination
  8. 8. Developing a network of community connectors – not reliant upon social care or health funding Establishing long term sustainability not affected by cuts as they are paid for and run by its members Offering learning activities that increase skills and reduce reliance on paid support Reducing isolation – improved mental health and wellbeing Promoting better health – outcomes based events focused on improving members health & fitness
  9. 9. Salary
  10. 10. We’d like walking We want Gardening
  11. 11. Where did I see that advertisement for volunteers at the allotment? I see there is a cluster asking for walking event in the Glastonbury area
  12. 12. The community coordinators role is to facilitate and source opportunities in the community driven by PCP information held on People and places It is not the coordinators role to: Organise your support/personal care needs Oversee your health/medication needs Provide funding for entry fees to events Provide transport (PAP tools encourages mutual support) There are rules! is a learning environment as is the Behaviour and responsibility to ‘turn up if you book’ essential
  13. 13. members can use PAP to: Advertise events they come across Send out personal invites to selected friends Locate others with the same interest Organise events themselves Link up with others who want to try events run by their community.. Supporting each other and reducing reliance upon paid support People & Places promotes pro-active participation rather than passive receipt of services