Vertis Corporate Brochure


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Vertis Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Better ROI comes down to people and their emotions. Inspiring your target consumers to buy means connecting with them at multiple touchpoints with messages that build relationships and impact decision. At Vertis Communications that’s what we do best. Applying proprietary research, digital program management systems, data-driven targeting technology, and world-class production expertise, Vertis delivers superior program performance for your print advertising and direct marketing programs. You get more than a supplier — you get a partner — one who shares your concerns with reducing program costs, improving quality, and getting to market faster.
  2. 2. inserts advertising YOUR PRINT ADVERTISING PROGRAM SUCCESS IS OUR GOAL. An undisputed leader in We offer: the development, production, • A variety of formats. Designed for better readership and response. and distribution of sophisticated, • Advertising versioning. Cost-effectively reach multiple target highly targeted print advertising audiences or achieve multiple business objectives. programs, we help you connect with your customers and • Local, regional, and national footprint with heatset and coldset deliver better results for production. We produce any size job to your specifications and schedule. your program dollar. • Value-added services. We provide expert implementation support at any stage of advertising insert development, design, production, and placement. • Client advisory services. We help you optimize your premedia, print, and media processes, and get more from your print advertising program investment. • Complete program implementation and management services. Make it easy for your company to focus on your core business and let our experts cost-effectively prepare, produce, and deliver your program. • Specialty programs. Reach Hispanic consumers, support special store events, or use advertising inserts in conjunction with direct mail to develop deeper customer loyalty.
  3. 3. marketing direct FORMAT INNOVATION, MARKETING INSIGHT, POSTAL EXPERTISE. Whether you want to drive new business or We offer: strengthen existing customer relationships, Vertis • Production capabilities. We support any program has a unique combination of skills that makes it easy requirement, including in-line and laser-lettershop. to implement finely targeted and personalized direct • Digital printing solutions. Customize program marketing programs of any scope or complexity. messaging, content, and offers to individual With in-line direct mail production expertise and consumers and buying situations. leadership position in laser-lettershop, and digital • Integrated direct marketing programs. Stimulate higher printing solutions, we have the flexibility and response and deliver more value per program dollar. capability to produce any size, shape, and type of job. And as an expert in list management and consumer • Data analytics. Identify the most likely buying behavior, we increase program relevance, responders and their preferred media channel. readership, and response to secure a lasting place • List management services. Maximize mailing list for your brand in consumers’ homes and deliver accuracy and program mailability. better return on program investment. • Mail planning and logistics expertise. Optimize We also offer unsurpassed fulfillment services your campaign delivery. from automated digital fulfillment to traditional pick and pack. Through Vertis OnDemand™, our Web-to-print fulfillment solution, you can order direct mail products more efficiently over multiple constituencies — speeding time to market, reducing inventory waste, facilitating communications, and assuring consistent brand presentation.
  4. 4. premedia TECHNOLOGY, PRODUCTION, AND PROCESS EXPERTISE. Vertis premedia services We offer: help you achieve your • Fully automated digital workflow systems. We configure your marketing objectives with advertising premedia for multiple applications and processes, superior accuracy, control, assuring brand presentation is consistent across all your materials. turnaround time, and cost- • Integrated production solutions. With robust premedia and prepress effectiveness. Our experts production systems, we eliminate handoffs, provide increased speed have the industry insight to market, and deliver superior quality control for complex jobs. and application knowledge to address all your premedia • World-class color sciences expertise. Our people, experience, and proprietary needs for print advertising, color management systems set the industry standards for keeping color direct mail marketing, packaging, and brand presentation consistent across any application or substrate. out-of-home, and other media. • State-of-the art, customizable digital asset and project management systems. You and your work team set the rules for managing projects, reviewing work progress, and editing or approving files – all from your desktop. • “Always on” customer service. We are on the job around the clock every day with experts on-site, near-site, or off-site to manage your programs and assure your needs and specifications are met – every time. • Consulting. We are experts in analyzing media supply chain workflows, and in identifying and implementing significant optimization solutions. • End-to-end program delivery experience. We know how to prepare, manage, and execute premedia files for cost-effective production and press optimization to achieve eye-catching results.
  5. 5. placement media TARGETED PLANNING AND PLACEMENT TO IMPROVE ROI. As one of the largest media placement agencies in We offer: the U.S., we help you develop targeted campaigns • Superior media planning. Target your advertising using advertising inserts, ROP, direct marketing, investment for the best return by micro-geography, and interactive vehicles. Vertis Media works with target audience, and print medium. you to answer the questions: Who do you want • Expert negotiation and buying power. to reach? What are your objectives? We secure the best possible media rates for you. We help identify geographic, demographic, • Process automation. We make placement, performance behavioral, and cultural targets through our tracking, and billing reconciliation faster and easier. extensive research capabilities. Whether your objectives are brand identity, customer • ROI analysis. We measure and manage retention, customer acquisition, or transaction the impact of your media investment. size improvement, our analysts will recommend the Using our proprietary media management software, most effective media mix and targeting strategy. AEMS™ (Advertising Event Management System), By integrating all aspects of this targeted approach, with its extensive media planning databases and Vertis Media can better help you deliver the right advanced analytics, you can optimize media message to the right audience at the right time. spending and mix to more effectively reach We can execute your entire media planning your target customers and achieve your and placement efforts, or you can license our advertising objectives. web-based software to keep those functions Whether you allow us to manage your media in-house. Our wide array of service options strategy, or elect to do it yourself through makes it easy to work with us. AEMS, Vertis Media is a valuable partner in improving your advertising ROI.
  6. 6. CONSUMER RESEARCH Maximize your marketing impact through deeper customer understanding. With budgets shrinking and competition on the rise, marketing professionals must make every dollar count. Vertis’ proprietary consumer research studies bring fact-based insights into the habits, attitudes, and buying behavior of consumers across all major business segments to better inform program development. We deliver customer insight to make your marketing investment pay dividends. Our proprietary research includes: • Vertis Customer Focus®. Delivers the latest information on Americans’ media habits and buying behavior. • RISC AmeriScan (Research Institute on Social Change). Delivers deeper understanding of consumer motivations and direction for communicating more effectively. We also handle a wide range of customer marketing research, from traditional and online focus groups, to phone and Web surveys, to ethnographic studies.
  7. 7. services marketing GET MORE FROM YOUR MARKETING INVESTMENT. CREATIVE SERVICES ENTERPRISE MARKETING SOLUTIONS Calculate. Captivate. Communicate. Stay ahead of the competition Creative Services is about bringing the best ideas to without breaking a sweat. life. At Vertis, we know how to deliver the right idea Vertis’ robust line-up of technology solutions that will cut through the clutter, resonate with target simplifies the complex, time-consuming marketing consumers, and achieve results. Our team is more communications process, helping you to deliver than experienced creatives; we are keen strategists your message to the marketplace faster and more and industry experts who are highly skilled in effectively. With our enterprise marketing solutions data-driven communications, digital production your message will be relevant, your branding process, and consumer response marketing. consistent, and your timing impeccable. We design your program for success through: • Vertis Enklav®. Bringing together your • Strategy. We provide a well-calculated strategy imagery, copy, pricing, and more in one to customize creative executions by audience and convenient digital resource. channel that resonate with your target audience. • Vertis Marketing Resource Management. • Concept. Vertis’ DataDrivenDesign™ delivers Set up individual project work plans, relevant messaging, impactful imagery, communication rules, and more to and an appropriate media mix to drive suit your project needs. consumer response. • Vertis OnDemand™. Web-to-print solution • Execution. Taking great creative campaign allowing users in your network to customize ideas – no matter how complex – and executing marketing materials to local them to perfection. market needs.
  8. 8. INTEGRATED DATA SOLUTIONS STORE-CENTRIC PROGRAMS Realize the full potential of your customer data. Drive traffic to your stores. Leverage your customer data and our expertise Get everything you need to achieve greater visibility to get more from every marketing program dollar. in your store trade areas and drive higher store As a leader in applied database solutions, Vertis’ traffic on opening day – or any special day – with data professionals are experts at modeling, profiling, the Vertis Grand Opening Toolkit. Vertis will be your and analyzing customer information to fine tune marketing partner for everything from program every element of your marketing program from target planning through implementation, so you can plan and identification to media planning to creative design. execute store events smoothly and cost-effectively. We turn data into actionable information that will Vertis Communications starts by collaborating with help you achieve superior results from your direct you to understand store event strategy, objectives, mail marketing, out-of-home, advertising insert, and budget by location. Then, we examine potential and point-of-sale program investment. prospects within a precise radius around each store Our integrated data services include: and create a target profile based on demographics, lifestyle, purchasing behavior, and media habits. • Data Enhancements Through this, we can recommend effective ways to • Data Analytics reach your customers. This profile becomes the • Data Hygiene focus of a store-centric plan that includes: • List Services • Ethnic Data Encoding • Program messaging and offers. Resonate with each store’s local target audience. • Integrated media program. Defines the right mix of advertising inserts, direct mail marketing, door hangers, out-of-home advertising, and in-store signage to drive traffic to your doors.
  9. 9. HISPANIC MARKETING Reach 45 million potential customers easily and cost-effectively. Penetrating the Hispanic market requires culturally attuned messaging, in-language communications, and an understanding of cultural differences that influence the effectiveness of different media. Vertis has the marketing insight, media understanding, and delivery vehicles to make your offer resonate with Hispanic consumers. Our end-to-end program development capabilities include: • Vertis Customer Focus® Opiniones. Proprietary research from Vertis provides your company with important insights into Hispanic buying behavior and media usage across a wide variety of consumer categories. • Brand communications. Rely on us to culturally adapt and appropriately translate your brand positioning into language that will be relevant and compelling to Hispanic consumers. From target customer analysis to a full suite of creative services, we have the ability to define, design, and create the right execution for your product. • One-to-one marketing and targeted list development. As experts in one-to-one direct marketing, we source and optimize targeting data to create high quality mailing lists that address your marketing objectives and enable customization of communications to individual households based on language preferences, buying behavior, and other characteristics. • Media planning and placement. We combine micro-geographic targeting technology, media expertise, and understanding of Hispanic consumer behavior to define the precise mix of direct marketing, newspaper, advertising insert products, door-to-door, and other locally targeted media that will achieve your marketing objectives. (FPO)
  10. 10. home out-of- DELIVER BIGGER-THAN-LIFE IMPACT. Vertis has the proven We offer: project management expertise • A full range of advertising production capabilities. – from large to small promotions – Large format, grand format, and point-of-purchase (POP) and production capabilities across meet all your program requirements. a wide array of substrates and • Creative and premedia workflow solutions. Adapts your processes. We help you cost- creative concept to different applications and design effectively implement innovative materials for cost-effective production. out-of-home programs that deliver superior visual impact and engage • Program versioning. Addresses different target audiences, store consumers where they drive, area situations, regional requirements, and strategic objectives. travel, and shop. • Program management services. Allows you to focus on your business while our experts prepare, produce, and deliver your program materials to the right specifications and get you to market on schedule.
  11. 11. Headquartered in Baltimore, Vertis Communications has more than 100 locations nationwide. Our dedicated professionals support more than 3,000 clients, including retailers, manufacturers, newspapers, and advertising agencies. Vertis delivers marketing programs that create strategic value for clients by using creative services, color management technologies, proprietary research, customer targeting expertise, premedia and media services, combined with our world-class printing expertise.
  12. 12. Call 800.577.8371 to learn more. 250 West Pratt Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 | © 2008 Vertis, Inc. Vertis, Customer Focus and Enklav are registered marks of Vertis, Inc. Designed by Vertis Creative and produced at Vertis Print Solutions Vertis_Overview_B0803