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Dnv gl smart cable guard xynteo v1.0


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DNV GL Smart Cable Guard. A medium voltage network that is monitored by a fully automated system which immediately gives a warning when problems arise. This is a dream long held by many grid operators. Part of this dream is now realized by Smart Cable Guard® (SCG). SCG is a unique monitoring system developed by DNV GL in cooperation with the Technology Foundation of the Dutch government and Dutch grid operators.

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Dnv gl smart cable guard xynteo v1.0

  1. 1. DNV GL © 2015 Thursday, November 16, 20171
  2. 2. DNV GL © 2015 Thursday, November 16, 2017 Remi Eriksen Group President & CEO, DNV GL Why does the project matter? People are relying on electricity and demand is growing Human society is depending more on energy than ever before Electrification is increasing and demand is growing Decentralized electricity production stresses the electricity cable networks Network assets are ageing Digitalization and new technologies push strategies to better manage present and upcoming demands and societal needs Governmental and regulatory bodies introduce mechanisms to increase the security of supply
  3. 3. DNV GL © 2015 Thursday, November 16, 2017 How does it work? Smart Cable Guard combines advanced technology with the endless opportunities from digitalization Unique Patented 2 in 1 monitoring Detecting mechanisms leading to outages Monitors cable sections end-to- end to detect risk of failures Locates location of potential risk or failure Combines sensors, signal patterns and digital technology 3 Smart grid & Digitalization Smart Cable Guard creates “eyes and ears” Smart Cable Guard generates data sessions to help understand and enable Analytics & Machine Learning
  4. 4. DNV GL © 2015 Thursday, November 16, 2017 Implementing new technologies Excellent network management Using new digital opportunities Reliable uninterupted power supply What will it accomplish? Smart Cable Guard helps to secure and improve security of supply Insight and control Proactive – prevent before failure Reactive – reduce outage time Commercial return Reduction of unplanned repair Faster restoring Utilise network assets Optimize investment scheme Human Reliability of energy supply Safety in city centre's Better control
  5. 5. DNV GL © 2015 Thursday, November 16, 2017 What does the project require to be scaled? The more cables are monitored globally, the better we can prepare to manage failures before they happen Challenges and Drivers Financial risk (penalty's systems for network owners, cost industrial outages) Public safety (city centre public safety, industrial processes) Publicity and reputation (reputation damage or boost, negative or positive) 5 Customer cable networks monitored locally Remote monitoring supporting customers globally Global insight Smart Cable Guard acts on its own, but the digital nature of the system will improve its value the more systems are monitored Industry and Utilities that foster and support a digital strategy and smarter operations Safeguarding your electricity supply
  6. 6. DNV GL © 2015 Thursday, November 16, 20176 How can you get involved? You can get involved and start using Smart Cable Guard If you want to realise a condition based operations and avoid negative publicity If you have customers depending on your electricity supply When you see electrification taking place and want to avoid black-outs If you have a cable network and want to reduce OPEX and CAPEX Contact DNV GL (CLICK HERE)
  7. 7. DNV GL © 2015 Thursday, November 16, 2017 SAFER, SMARTER, GREENER 7 Christopher Wiig +47 453 93 839