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Educate, empower, enrich


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Here’s how International Markets Live (IML), Christopher Terry can guide your ‘Forex’ trades

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Educate, empower, enrich

  1. 1. A Christopher Terry / iMarketsLive publication EDUCATE, EMPOWER, ENRICH Here’s how International Markets Live (IML), Christopher Terry can guide your ‘Forex’ trades  What is the foreign exchange market?  How can Christopher Terry and IML help educate customers?  What are some proprietary IML tools offerings? In this issue:
  2. 2.  The foreign exchange market (also known as Forex or FX) is a place where dollars, francs, and pounds are bought and sold. The global currency market allows knowledgeable stduents to stake a claim and hope that the currency of their choice is on the rise.  The skills and tools needed to make educated and worth-while trades rarely come without some insight. International Markets Live (IML) can help make happen. BETTER-INFORMED BETS
  3. 3.  Trades on the foreign exchange market go on around the clock. Here’s how to follow along. EDUCATOR’S CHOICE 1. Forex students know that there’s no regulating bodies that sign off on moves. As such, hedge your bets with informed trades from IML’s “harmonic scanner.” 2. The around-the-clock education is thanks, in part, to major markets in New York City, Tokyo, London and beyond. 3. Preferable leverage and high liquidity are two reasons why people get involved in the Forex market, as both aspects work to the student’s advantage.
  4. 4. CEO Christopher Terry and iMarkets Live brings Wall Street profits to Main Street. However, an educational undertaking is the first step.  Under their wing: Neither iMarketsLive nor Christopher Terry expect novice students to strike it rich on their first currency trades. This program aims to educate, empower and enrich students through thorough proprietary training courses.  In-the-know: Exclusive services are only available to IML members. This means that the decisions you make are based off knowledge that few Forex students have available to them. GET IN-THE-KNOW
  5. 5. Christopher Terry’s iMarkets Live delivers. Here’s how… UNPARALLELED EDUCATION Hand in the honey pot: The Bank for International Settlements reported than an average of $5.1 trillion changed hands daily on Forex in 2016. CEO Christopher Terry of iMarkets Live could help you share in those returns! Only from IML can you receive:  Live trading room guidance from a master Forex trader.  IML’s harmonic scanner tracks and displays Forex market patterns.  Market education via a library of videos, articles and webinars.
  6. 6. Christopher Terry, who is CEO of iMarketsLive, plans to educate 1 million customers by 2020. FOR MORE INFORMATION  IML is an educational company first and foremost. The knowledge and tools it shares with customers is intended to give them the skills required to make smart Forex purchases, sales or speculations.