Kwc client marketing plan lynchburg


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Kwc client marketing plan lynchburg

  1. 1. 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124(314) 206-4600Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.When you engage KW Commercial Lynchburg Team, you arent simply hiring abroker; you are hiring an entire company and a network of dedicatedcommercial real estate professionals across North America.SignageOur standard sign is designed to generate the maximum volume of inquiries regardingthe subject. We place sign(s) which include KW Commercials telephone number,website and the text “AVAILABLE” in a strategic location which maximizes visibility. Ourstandard sign is a 4 x 8 horizontal sign positioned to achieve maximum publicexposure. However, all signs are subject to local municipal restrictions.Brochure/FlyersWe will create a color brochure highlighting the features and benefits of theproperty. The brochure includes applicable property photos, building highlights, locationdescription, aerial photographs, demographics and/or proposed development plans, andcontact information.KW Commercial is flexible and we will adapt to that which is most comfortable with you.Direct Mail & Cold CallsAs evidenced in this proposal, KW Commercial is constantly involved in various leaseand sale transactions which allows us to keep a pulse on the market and to implementcold calling and network programs. KW Commercials extensive resources provide theability to effectively track, target, contact and pursue prospects.We will create a marketing packet for the project and deliver packets to all interestedprospects upon request or inquiry. We will utilize our resources to develop a targetmarket, contact them and follow up on a regular basis if there is any interest.With some listings, the receipt of confidential information is required in order for aprospective buyer to make an educated decision. In these cases, any information whichis considered confidential and not public record will require the execution of aconfidentiality agreement prior to receipt of classified materials.Direct Mail to BrokersThe project marketing materials are e-mailed to the brokerage community monthly orwhen changes are made to the listing.Properties are also placed on our local/national website, Thissite is available to principals, property owners, investors, brokers and prospective ten-ants searching the internet for commercial real estate.LoopNet, a national website visited by real estate professionals and investors around thecountry and to which KW Commercial subscribes, provides another internet-based ave-nue for informing anyone of available properties. Their marketing information statesMARKETING PLAN
  2. 2. 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124(314) 206-4600Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.Brokerage InteractionIt is our philosophy to treat the real estate brokers as clients. We solicit and encouragetheir participation in bringing buyers into negotiations with the seller.Networking Through Professional OrganizationsKW Commercial is very active in numerous professional organizations numerous localchambers of commerce, not to mention the countless organizations that our brokers areactively involved in on a personal level throughout the community and the 1,300+ KWCommercial brokers across North America. We utilize our participation to network andpromote the properties which we are marketing.Property Tours / Site VisitsWe personally introduce the property to each interested prospect. We will meet withprospects and their brokers on-site to gain a better understanding of the topogra-phy of the site. Our strategy is two-fold: first, we present the positive aspects of theproperty, such as the location, visibility, frontage, etc.; second, we use this face-to-face opportunity to learn as much as we can about the prospect and obtain any insight-ful information. When conducting a site visit for an interested prospect, we ensure thatthe prospect understands the positive characteristics of the project and any eco-nomic advantages to be achieved due to the physical features the project may have tooffer.Internet-Based Marketing InformationKW Commercial subscribes to and inputs listing information into databases such asLoopNet, CoStar, Catylist, Property Line, Commercial Source, and theCommercial Information Exchange (CIE), the Lynchburg Association of Realtors —Commercial Source which is a multi-listing service for commercial properties. Anybroker searching for office, industrial or retail properties for sale or lease will see yourproperty in this database. This database is also on-line for the public to view. Additional-ly, CIE offers a broadcast e-mail system where any broker may send out an e-mail toall brokers that are members of the (local) Association of Realtors advising of propertiesthey have listed or property / space they need for a client.MARKETING PLAN
  3. 3. 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124(314) 206-4600Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.“The LoopNet listing service provides 700,000 members with an inventory of saleproperties of $1.1 billion and 27 million square feet available for lease. LoopNet isthe leading information services provider to the commercial real estate industry.” Anyprospective buyer or investor can receive a brochure and property information via e-mail upon request.Information on the project will be submitted to CoStar for input into their database,which is accessed by many commercial real estate brokers worldwide. CoStar is a na-tional platform and comprehensive list of office, retail, industrial and other select useproperties in Lynchburg, the surrounding counties and all of Virginia. The database in-cludes detailed information on area properties on the market, including tenants, own-ers, property specifications, sale price and contacts. Information in CoStar is revisedon an ongoing basis and checked for accuracy regularly through their research ana-lysts.KW Commercial DistributionIn addition to the standard Internet-Based databases, KW Commercial brokers havedeveloped specialized distribution lists of prospective tenants, buyers and businessentities throughout the years. This list is expanded daily and used for all listings.AdvertisingWe will explore the cost of advertising in area publications with our PR firm and discussthe costs and benefits with you for your consideration.BudgetIf marketing outside of the standard commercial real estate marketing programs arenecessary, a marketing budget will be developed for your review and approval.ReportingA formal report will be provided on a monthly basis or in a timeframe agreed to byboth parties. In this report, we will detail our marketing efforts, developments inthe submarket which affect your property, status of negotiations, tours, interestedparties and all other marketing details.MARKETING PLAN
  4. 4. 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124(314) 206-4600Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.The following are general timelines for marketing actions that are beingimplemented, which will be governed by market conditions:1 to 15 Days: Order “AVAILABLE” sign(s), subject to municipality signage permits and processes Prepare a competitive property profile to leverage our knowledgeon competing properties Enter property information on internet-based marketing services including:- Costar, LoopNet, Catylist (CIE’s) and KW Commercial website Generate property flyer and e-brochure for prospect market andreal estate community Develop first tier target prospect market Send property flyer and e-brochure to prospect market and real estate community15 to 30 Days: Complete first tier prospect market direct mail Resend e-brochure to prospect market and real estate community Cold call follow-up on first tier prospect mailing30 to 60 Days: Develop second tier target prospect market Complete second tier prospect market direct mail Cold call follow-up on second tier prospect mailing Resend e-brochure to prospect market and real estate community60 to 120 Days: Develop third tier target prospect market Complete third tier prospect market direct mail Follow-up on first and second tier prospects Resend e-brochure to prospect market and real estate community Review marketing feedback120 to 180 Days: Discuss progress with ownership Reassess marketing plan (if necessary)MARKETING TIMELINE
  5. 5. 8820 Ladue Road, Suite 200, St. Louis, MO 63124(314) 206-4600Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.MARKETING PLAN SUMMARYExecutive Summary Maximum exposure in minimum time Brochure and marketing material development Mass marketing Inform, send and communicate with brokerage community—prospects Internet-Based marketing services— local, national and international exposure Advertising Marketing updates Regular activity reports Professional organizations Broker marketingWhen KW Commercial accepts a marketing assignment we feel it is our responsibility toprovide exposure of our client’s needs and wants to the maximum amount of potentialPurchasers or Tenants in a minimum amount of time.It is our further responsibility to provide our client with Market Updates and ActivityReports on a regular basis.We accomplish this marketing efforts by blending old, established methods with thenewest technology. After discussion and agreement with our clients, we will makedecisions regarding how to utilize signage, mass marketing, advertising and use of theInternet.KW Commercial shares information with the entire [city/location] Metropolitan Broker-age community. We network with the brokerage community and view outside brokersas our partners in marketing efforts, not as competition.KW Commercial subscribes to many Internet-Based Marketing Services which providelocal, national and international exposure. Some of our subscriptions may appear to beredundant. However, we believe that maximum exposure is critical.In addition to the typical marketing, KW Commercial also values the expertise of thebroker. The KW Commercial real estate broker is experienced, thinks “outside thebox”; is well respected in the business and commercial real estate community; and is aconsummate “Networker”, which is essential in this economic and commercial realestate environment.In summary—the KW Commercial process is structures to meet clients objectives.