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Kalon Culture


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Kalon Culture Deck

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Kalon Culture

  1. 1. Kalon Culture
  2. 2. Every Organization Has a Culture • Either you proactively create it, nurture it, and improve it, • Or you do nothing and a culture by default appears
  3. 3. At Kalon, We Proactively Create, Nurture, and Improve our Culture • Because we are Vision and Mission driven
  4. 4. Our Vision and Our Mission • Our Vision: We aspire to be a firm whom our clients trust will listen to them, advocate for them, and deliver for them, and where our employees find purpose, mastery, and autonomy. • Our Mission: Serving the interests of our clients by addressing their legal challenges and opportunities so they can achieve their objectives.
  5. 5. We Created Our Culture Beginning With Our Clients’ Interests • And from there we built a culture for our people.
  6. 6. Traditional Law Firms • Are partner-owned, profit-driven, and conservative.
  7. 7. At Kalon • We think these approaches encourage silo-thinking, a conflict with clients, and decay
  8. 8. At Kalon • We understand we serve our clients’ interests and seek to help them achieve their goals.
  9. 9. Our People • We know our employees are amazing people who seek purpose, mastery, and autonomy in what they do here.
  10. 10. Design Thinking • To achieve our mission, we use design thinking. • We listen; we frame the issue; we ideate; we prototype; we test; and then we repeat the process.
  11. 11. At Kalon • We think about the user (client) experience and how to improve it.
  12. 12. At Kalon • We create a strategy that best meets the client’s objective.
  13. 13. At Kalon • We pursue that strategy as a team, so a client gets more than a lawyer; she gets the firm.
  14. 14. Therefore • At Kalon, our people are purpose driven.
  15. 15. At Kalon • We also know that people seek mastery.
  16. 16. At Kalon • So we offer them a learning process that that teaches them the Kalon Core Skills: • Emotional Intelligence • Getting Things Done • Communication
  17. 17. At Kalon • We help our people create a DIY professional development plan.
  18. 18. At Kalon • We serve as mentors and mentees to each other.
  19. 19. At Kalon • Even though we work in teams, we encourage our people to be autonomous, so they can chose how they work, be personally responsible, and grow.
  20. 20. At Kalon • What does this mean for our culture?
  21. 21. It Means at Kalon: • We have a beginner’s mind, open to listening and finding new ways of thinking; • We are humble, because we realize no one of us has all of the answers; • We are always growing; • We take risks, because we know that is part of growth;
  22. 22. It Means at Kalon • We are adaptable, because growth brings positive change; • If we fall, we get up with everyone’s support; • Each of us is accountable; • We are ethical;
  23. 23. It Means at Kalon • We pursue excellence; • We are transparent; • We have a flat hierarchy, and while not everyone has a vote in every important decision, everyone has a voice; • We get that life is short. We help you live it.