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Teaching with anime



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So you are an anime fan that has now grown up and is now a teacher. Is it possible for you to use anime in the classroom. The answer is yes and here I talk a little bit about how. These are my slides from my Otakon 2017 panel on Teaching with anime.

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Teaching with anime

  1. 1. Teaching with Anime Otakon 2017
  2. 2. Teaching
  3. 3. Anime • Japanese Animation • 1917 to today • Osamu Tezuka • 1980’s globalization
  4. 4. So how are you going to teach using anime • It depends • Make sure to keep the administration in the loop
  5. 5. So how are you going to teach using anime • Grade level • Elementary school vs. Middle school vs. High School • Just because you think it is appropriate doesn’t mean that it is
  6. 6. So how are you going to teach using anime • Class • English, History, Art, Music, Science, Languages, PE, computers, Home EC other
  7. 7. So how are you going to teach using anime • Students • Do your students like anime and which ones do they watch
  8. 8. Building personal connections • Students want to have a personal connection with their teachers • Sharing in their hobby is a good one • It also helps to know what they are talking about • AKA- how to get a student to do his work • Bodi
  9. 9. So how are you going to teach using anime • Lecture- You can insert a little anime tidbit or picture into the lecture segment of your lesson
  10. 10. Media Fail
  11. 11. Feeding the Beast • Energy • Nutrients • Proteins • Lipids • Carbohydrates • Water • Minerals • Vitamins
  12. 12. So how are you going to teach using anime • Homework- the sky is the limit, but I wouldn’t assign mandatory anime watching
  13. 13. Punnett Square • Monohybrid cross • Alleles for Fur color • B- black • b- yellow • What are the parent genotypes for a homozygous black pikachu and a hybrid black pikachu?
  14. 14. So how are you going to teach using anime • Activities/ projects- the sky is the limit
  15. 15. Inspired by anime • TeachingThe American School of UlaanbaatorScience 9Habitat design.docx
  16. 16. So how are you going to teach using anime • Labs- this is more limited as I just haven’t come across any good anime themed labs
  17. 17. Individual subjects
  18. 18. English • Reading and analyzing manga, and or light novels as part of a literature unit • students/ • Use of fanfiction for a creative writing unit • Use a Japanese version of an existing English work
  19. 19. History • Historical works could be used in some fashion during a unit on the period of history that particular work covers
  20. 20. Art
  21. 21. Home economics • Some will give recipes that you can use
  22. 22. Economics
  24. 24. Specific Biology topics and examples • Memory and amnesia • The Promised Neverland • Memory formation • Childhood amnesia • Eidetic memory • The Memorandum of Kyoko Okitegami • Retrograde amnesia
  25. 25. Specific Biology topics and examples • Digestion and Metabolism • Any Shounen hero
  26. 26. Specific Biology topics and examples • Anime hair color • Genetics • Pigmentation • Evolution • Anime eye color • Genetics • Pigmentation • Evolution
  27. 27. Specific Biology topics and examples • Any action oriented show • Blood formation • Blood loss • Cardiac function
  28. 28. Specific Biology topics and examples • Food safety, Food poisoning • Naruto • Along with many others
  29. 29. Specific Biology topics and examples • Cell Division • Mitosis • Haylfick limit • Regeneration vs. repair
  30. 30. Specific Biology topics and examples • Evolution • Neogenesis Evagenlion • Primordial soup • Gundam • Human evolution • Speciation • Dragon Ball and all the sequels • Hybrids • Cross breeding
  31. 31. Specific Biology topics and examples • Bioluminescence • Pretty much any shounen or related show
  32. 32. Specific Biology topics and examples • Pokemon • Evolution • Cross breeding • Species • Growth and development • Metamorphosis
  33. 33. Specific Biology topics and examples • Fight or flight response • Naruto- Rock Lee • Any angry tsundere
  34. 34. Specific Biology topics and examples • Genetic engineering • UC Gundam • Gundam Seed
  35. 35. Specific Biology topics and examples • Chromosomal abnormalities • Any show with other worldly significant others
  36. 36. Specific Biology topics and examples • Cells at Work • Follows the daily life of a red blood cell • Focuses more on immunology/ cytology • Highschool to intro college level
  37. 37. Specific chemistry topics • The chemistry behind Full Metal Alchemist
  38. 38. Specific physics topics • Newtonian physics • Black Lagoon • Ballistics
  39. 39. Specific physics topics • Air pressure and volume • Fairy Tail
  40. 40. Specific Physics topics • Entropy and Enthalpy • Madoka Magica • El Cazador De La Bruja
  41. 41. Specific Physics topics • Aerodynamics • Any mecha show
  42. 42. Specific Earth and Space topics • Star formation • Heroic Age • Black Holes/ End of the Universe • Gurren Lagann
  43. 43. Other ideas • Sometimes it can be completely random • Virus reproduction and Naruto • Sound in space • Cybernetics • Various weird things that show up in anime • Ugh Zombies • Old ball conditions that show up in anime (Shishio Makoto)
  44. 44. Contact information • •
  45. 45. Questions

Editor's Notes

  • Intro slide- give brief background
    If we’ve got any teachers out here feel free to chime in
  • What teaching really is- transfer of information and skills, how we do that is the real trick
  • Highlight the fact that today’s students will have some degree of familiarity with anime
  • This varies depending on how involved you are getting
  • ES- not my wheel house but I’ve seen it done with non curricular elements
    MS- extra curricular and curricular elements, an ES and MS anime convention
    HS- extra curricular and curricular elements, I’ve used anime in science classes
  • Each will have advantages or disadvantages depending on the subject matter
    Sadly I won’t be to much help for you outside of the sciences
  • What your students watch might just surprise you
    Be careful with your recomendations
  • Tell the story of how I would talk anime with Bodi only after he did all of his work
  • Blood unit
  • Digestive system unit
  • Genetics unit
  • Earth and Space unit
  • Just ideas that I think might actually work
  • An expansion of something I had to do as a high school student where I had to analyze a period movie (1492). I have also heard of Hetalia being used in classroom but I’ve never seen it myself.
  • I’ve even seen an analysis of character designs of sailor moon and how it helps to portray their character. It can be frowned upon because you need to develop your own style over time and not just copy another.
  • Seeing as I’m a science teacher things are going to get a bit technical but I won’t go into detail on each one
  • The shows did not come up but many of the topics did when I covered the nervous system
  • This is always a fun one that will generate questions on stomach ruptures the anime is optional.
  • I’ve had hair color come up several times and its what started my anime science blog.
  • This is another one that always comes up usually in reference to Hollywood movies but anime as well
  • I’ve never used anime in this way, but it is a possible avenue worth exploring
  • My students loved the Naruto references
  • Be careful when using or referencing certain anime as they might not be age appropriate.
  • FYI- 90% of aquatic organisms will bioluminesce and some one will mention an organism you have never heard of before
  • I use it as an example of popular culture doing it wrong
  • I have used this in the classroom before and it went over fairly well. The students will find this one interesting and get confused on the sympathetic and parasympathetic
  • Not something I used directly, but it could make a great homework assignment or project.
  • I haven’t used this one, but I’m not a physics teacher.
  • I don’t teach these topics, but it could be used as a homework assignment or project.
  • I don’t teach the topics and the anime might be questionable.
  • Not something I teach, but it might make for an interesting project
  • MS/ HS student will struggle with the abstractness of these concepts
  • ×