The Zombie Survival Guide


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A survival guide for the most important scenario on earth, zombies.

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  • Zombies. They are going to come one day or another, and you may as well be prepared for them.
  • That is why it is necessary to know the key points in surviving in a zombie-infested wasteland. There are a few key points that you should always know to avoid becoming a zombie’s appetizer.
  • This first section is about preparedness. The key to survival is to know what you are going to do before you are going to do it, and to have all the right tools.
  • What most people think about when they think about a zombie killer is some guy wandering through downtown Manhattan with a chainsaw in one hand and a beer in the other.
  • If anyone would like to use this mentality to survive zombie-geddon, I will hand you a pistol. It’s an easier way to die.
  • There are many problems with this view. Firstly, you want to steer clear of populated areas. The more people, the more zombies there are as the infection would spread quickly. This is why you should always have an emergency route planned, steering clear of populated cities and going to where you would think would be a safe haven. Another tip would be to choose you safe haven carefully. Where you would go first would be where everyone would go first. You want to avoid other people at all costs, so choose an out-of-the way safe haven.
  • Weaponry is another aspect of survival. Like I stated earlier, chainsaws would be useless, as they run on gas, are extremely loud, and would require you to go close to the zombie to do any damage. This is why a bolt-action hunting rifle would be you best bet. It was designed for killing things at a range, ammo would be readily available, they are very durable, and the bolt-action would make you conserve ammo, whether you consciously want to or not.
  • Melee weapons should be considered more as tools first.
  • and weapons second.
  • The machete and crowbar are both excellent choices for this, as they are outstanding tools and great melee weapons. You should also have a bag, ready to go and full of supplies, always at your disposal for when the dead begin to walk again.
  • On the other hand, your other enemy is yourself. Constantly hearing the moans of the undead can demoralize even the most stoic warrior. That is why I recommend earplugs.
  • You should also keep a journal, just to keep yourself sane by recording what is happening, as well to keep a record of your struggle.
  • If you could team up with people, do. They will provide assistance and company, and power in numbers in always preferable. Also, people will tend to flock to the guy with the gun who seems to know that he’s doing, not the preacher telling of our sins.
  • It is always imperative that you stay as human as possible while fighting the non-human. Though it may seem odd, play games. They will help to relieve stress and take you mind off the zombies for a moment. It may help, however, to go a little insane. To take some pleasure from your execution of zombies will help in aiding your survival, or to make a sport of zombie hunting would help you to stay sane.
  • Armor would also help. I don’t mean walk around in chain mail, this will simply be serving yourself up on a chain link platter. Instead, wear something maneuverable. Leather is perfect for this, as it is tough and very portable. Denim would also work well. A leather jacket, t-shirt, backpack, jeans, boots and gloves would be the perfect set-up without being military.
  • The Zombie Survival Guide