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Microstation SS4 Corridor Modeler Vs. Autodesk Civil3D


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An objective and brief comparison of the 3D modeling software created by Bentley and Autodesk. Major items of comparison are general interface, alignment creation and visualization, corridor settings, and template editing/ creation. Often both software perform the same functions, but use different terminology.

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Microstation SS4 Corridor Modeler Vs. Autodesk Civil3D

  1. 1. Microstation SS4 Corridor Modeler: AutoDesk Civil3D A brief comparison By: Chris Chatfield, P.E.
  2. 2. Outline 1. General Interface 2. Alignment Creation and Visualization 3. Corridor Settings 4. Template Editing and Creation
  3. 3. General Interface 1. Layers 2. Layer State 3. Blocks 4. Overlay(xref) 5. Attached(xref) 1. Levels 2. Save settings 3. Cells 4. Reference with nesting depth of 0 5. Reference with nesting depth of >1 EQUIVALENT TO:
  4. 4. Alignment Creation and Visualization(1) 1. Civil 3D Styles 2. Profile view 3. Profile station from plan with profile 4. Create alignment from object 5. Graphical editing of alignments with 'grip points' 1. Feature definition 2. Profile view 3. When alignment activated, ca see the progress in plan & profile 4. Complex by element 5. Graphical editing of alignments by selection of end nodes EQUIVALENT TO:
  5. 5. Alignment Creation and Visualization(2) 1. Profile is child to alignment 2. Intersection objects 3. Superimpose profile 4. No equivalent 5. Offset alignments 1. Profile is child to alignment 2. Type of civil cell 3. No equivalent 4. Project profile to element a. Automatic adjustment 5. Offset alignments EQUIVALENT TO:
  6. 6. Corridor Settings 1. Corridor 2. Masked area 3. Alignment/profile is coridor baseline 4. Corridor target (surface, horiz, vert) 5. Surface 1. Corridor 2. Clip corridor 3. Alignment/profile is coridor baseline 4. Point control or end condition 5. Terrain model or surface EQUIVALENT TO:
  7. 7. Corridor Settings(2) 1. Corridor Surface 2. Superelevation a. An attribute set in the element b. Defined by creating alignments on the edges of pavement 3. Rebuild automatic option 4. Section editor a. Allows edit to cross section 1. Corridor displays as a dynamic surface 2. Superelevation a. Seperate shape element associated with the alignment 3. Unlock corridor rule 4. Cross section viewer a. Does not allow cross section edit EQUIVALENT TO:
  8. 8. Template Editing and Creation 1. Assemblies 2. Subassemblies 3. Link 4. Frequency 5. Conditional subassemblies 6. Marker point 1. Template 2. Parts of a template 3. Template line 4. Template drop interval 5. Display rules 6. Template point EQUIVALENT TO:
  9. 9. Template Editing and Creation(2) 1. Marker point 2. Tool palette 3. Region 4. Stock subassemblies a. References external codes for point, links, and shapes 1. Template point 2. Template library 3. Template drop 4. No equivalent EQUIVALENT TO:
  10. 10. Sources