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Organization and the Research Process: Helpful tools for researchers


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Presented at the 2018 Department of History Student Graduate Student Association Colloquium. It is critical to take good notes and keep track of your references in order to bring one's research together once one is finally ready to write. Citation Managers might come to the forefront at the end of this process with fancy writing tools & bibliography generators, but to be most effective they need to be present throughout the journey. Librarian Christopher M. Jimenez discusses the role of note taking and citation management while showing off some of these tools in this presentation.

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Organization and the Research Process: Helpful tools for researchers

  1. 1. Organization and the Research Process Helpful Tools for Researchers
  2. 2. Librarians Christopher Jimenez History & Web Services Librarian Stephanie Brenenson Graduate Studies & Scholarly Communications Librarian
  3. 3. The Researcher’s Journey Topic Brainstorm Database Evaluate [Repeat]
  4. 4. Note Taking
  5. 5. Note Taking Apps: Platforms Bear Evernote Google Drive One Note
  6. 6. Note Taking Apps: Bear ● Multiple themes ● Advanced markup editor ● Smart data recognition ● Web clipper ● Mac & iOS only ● No sharing features ● Notes sync requires BearPro
  7. 7. Note Taking Apps: Evernote ● Write, record, or capture images ● OCR features ● Share notes or folders ● Sync between 2 devices ● 60 MB monthly limit ● Unlimited sync requires upgrade ● Can feel cluttered
  8. 8. Note Taking Apps: Google Drive ● Native notes or upload files ● Share notes or folders ● Export from Library ● 15 GB Storage ● UX is not as clean as a dedicated mobile app
  9. 9. Note Taking Apps: OneNote ● Write, record, or capture images ● OCR features ● Share notes or folders ● Sync across devices ● 5 GB Free Storage
  10. 10. Note Taking Apps: IFTTT
  11. 11. Citation Management
  12. 12. Citation Managers EndNote From Clarivate Mendeley From Elsevier RefWorks From ProQuest Zotero Open Source
  13. 13. Citation Management: Platforms RefWorks EndNote Mendeley Zotero
  14. 14. You can change your mind.
  15. 15. Citation Management: Features RefWorks EndNote Mendeley Zotero
  16. 16. Always check your citations!
  17. 17. Citation Management: Features RefWorks EndNote Mendeley Zotero
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  19. 19. Demonstration