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WATC Brochure - electronic edit

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WATC Brochure - electronic edit

  1. 1. wealthadvisorstrustcompany
  2. 2. 1 We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. We believe in freeing beneficiaries and advisors giving them the power to choose. We believe in your freedom. The way we challenge the status quo is by breaking down the traditional rigid trust company barriers and create a system of checks and balances, giving families a voice in the administration of their financial affairs. This revolutionizes the advisor and client relationship. Our trust services are efficient, non-interruptive and easy to use. We just happen to not compete against advisors, we go where you go (custodian neutral), we operate in the state named the top trust jurisdiction over the last decade and we have been named the second best company in America for trustee services. Why don’t we work together? Everything we do...
  3. 3. 2 Wealth Advisors Trust Company was established to free advisors and trust beneficiaries offering all the services of a traditional trust company. We are custodian neutral and do not manage investment assets. Because each trust is structured with your clients’ specific goals in mind, our administration services can be catered to make sure that those goals are achieved. Services include performing trustee and administration functions for a range of different trusts. We have experience in all types of personal trusts, including living trusts (also called revocable trusts), trusts under Wills (also called testamentary trusts), charitable trusts, special needs trusts, dynasty trusts, accumulation trusts (also called gifting trusts), life insurance trusts and asset protection trusts. Coordination with attorneys, accountants and financial advisors Collection of income Integrate workflow between professional advisors Review and processing of requested discretionary distributions Provide detailed tax information Fulfill fiduciary duties as outlined in the trust document Regular remittances Quarterly trust accounting statements (monthly, if required) Remainder distributions Trust tax return preparation • • • • • • • • • • Our services can include any of the following:
  4. 4. 4 Challenging the status quo begins with the idea that the corporate trust company is no longer the primary advisor. Now you are the primary manager of the relationship. No matter if, when, how or where you move, we go where you go. Creating a system of checks and balances requires a team of outstanding professionals. Wealth Advisors Trust Company (“WATC”) recognizes that a client’s trusted advisor is an integral part of the wealth management team. We work with the advisor to ensure that our solutions are centered around their client’s needs. In fact, Wealth Advisors Trust Company, is the only trust company to offer its Non-Compete Guarantee™ giving advisors confidence that WATC will not compete with the advisor for asset management. While many custodians, broker-dealers and brokerage firms are associated with “independent” trust companies, independent does not automatically mean independence. An advisor changing to a new custodian/broker-dealer may find the previous in-house trust company does offer trust portability. Many valuable relationships have been lost because of this. Attorneys and Advisors
  5. 5. 5 LAW Benefits of South Dakota South Dakota has been recognized as a leader in trust law and a top ranked state by Trusts & Estates magazine over the last decade. Wealth Advisors Trust Company was organized in South Dakota to provide clients with the many advantages afforded trusts under South Dakota law, such as: • No state income tax • No capital gains tax • Unlimited duration trusts • Self-settled asset protection trust • Simplified trust decanting and modification Wealth Advisors Trust Company can generally serve as trustee or co-trustee of trusts from any state, even if the grantor and beneficiaries do not reside in South Dakota. We can work with professional advisors who custody assets at almost any custodian across the country.
  6. 6. 3 a sophisticated planning tool in a simple, cost-effective format More than half of Americans believe that their children and grandchildren will have a lower standard of living compared to their parents. We see a much brighter future for the coming generations. We believe one of the greatest gifts you can leave your children and grandchildren are the same financial advantages that the “Pension Generation” has enjoyed. Wealth Advisors Trust Company has created the SmartIRA™; a revolutionary process which converts IRA’s and ROTH IRA’s into accounts that can replace the impact of pensions and even Social Security. It is tremendously sophisticated but surprisingly cost-effective and simple to implement. SmartIRA™ is the first custodian neutral trusteed IRA ever available to advisors. While many families have used the SmartIRA™ to replace the impact pensions for their heirs others have used it to prevent unintentional disinheritance, asset protection, distribution control and to avoid high attorney fees. The SmartIRA™ is the most powerful planning tool since the ROTH IRA.
  7. 7. Includes self-settled asset protection trusts, gifting trusts, grantor trusts, revocable trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, QPRT’s, charitable remainder trust and charitable lead trusts. Fees for extraordinary or non-standard services will be charged based on a time and expense basis for all personal and charitable trust services. Our Fees Administrative Services for ILITs First $2 million 0.60% Next $3 million 0.50% Annual Fee $1,500 + $500 for each additional policy $750 one time (charged only if accepted) Next $5 million 0.40% Next $10 million Negotiable Fee Minimum $5,000 annually Setup and Review Fee $750 one time (charged only if accepted) SmartIRA™ Setup Fee $250 per IRA account Administrative Services for Personal and Charitable Trusts* Setup, Trust and Policy Review Fee 6 Agency Trust Services Discount to published fee schedule
  8. 8. Address 330 South Poplar Avenue Suite 103 Pierre, South Dakota 57501 Tel (605) 776-7012 Fax (605) 224-4307 Send Us an Email wealthadvisorstrustcompany

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