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Rixxo 360 Report


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In 2017 Rixxo underwent an independent survey of our clients. Here are the results.

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Rixxo 360 Report

  1. 1. Rixxo 360° Feedback | 2017 360° Feedback SPRING 2017
  2. 2. Rixxo 360° Feedback | 2017 In 2017 as part of a branding and messaging exercise Kiwi Gray were instructed to undertake confidential and unbiased interviews of our clients, team and suppliers. Each interviewee was given the option to speak openly and honestly to an independent party. The results were presented to us without indication of the source of the feedback. Whilst the contents of this report are in the majority positive we accept that we are not perfect and are constantly learning, innovating and improving. True to our style we have set to work addressing some of the minor administrative issues that were highlighted and continue to look to our clients, as partners, to continue to feedback where we can improve and show they truly valued. We are very proud to present these results and thank the clients who took part wholeheartedly for the openness, critical feedback, and kind words. Introduction
  3. 3. Rixxo 360° Feedback | 2017 What do you know about our culture & philosophy? Philosophy Our team said Our People The team gets very invested in the client succeeding. The team on ‘Approachable, friendly, knowledgeable.’ ‘Forward thinking, energetic, commercially focused.’ ‘The aim is to problem solve and be as creative as possible within the brief.’ ‘There is a sense of friendship between colleagues.’ ‘No exclusions, no-one misses out.’ ‘Relaxed, but professional with clients.’ ‘They care about the people who work for them them. They don’t see you as an employee. They see you as people.’ ‘Friendly, organised, committed to be successful.’ ‘True and straight talking.’ ‘They are very open.’ ‘Friendly.’ ‘Friendly, open and they have loads of ideas.’ ‘We can throw them any question and they always gather a quick response.’ Culture Outcomes ‘Their ideas are thought provoking – they seem to have an ideas philosophy and then look to turning it into work.’ ‘They totally understand the market-place for us as a Brand.’ ‘What they build is better than would be typical.’ ‘They are intuitive and understand the audience. They are great at user experience.’ ‘Personable. Ready to rally to get the job done.’
  4. 4. Rixxo 360° Feedback | 2017 How do you feel working with the agency? Yay!Understood Ahead What the team said: ‘They are the people I want to work with. They get me.’ ‘Understood – they get I have budgets and deadlines.’ ‘Confident. I know they’ll deliver on time and on budget.’ ‘Validated – they confirm our own ideas.’ They are very realistic – they provide your must haves, like to haves and the magic. ‘They make us feel like we are ahead of the game.’ ‘I enjoy the big picture conversations I have with them.’ ‘Great – they keep us ahead of the game.’ ‘We get to do some pretty cool stuff.’ ‘There is always motion, we are always moving forward, we are always in development.’ ‘They are more sophisticated than most of our agency users.’ ‘Their enthusiasm is infectious.’ ‘I look forward to our conversations.’ ‘The work is five stars.’ ‘Of all of the agencies I work with they are the most highly satisfying.’ Rixxo 360° Feedback | 2017
  5. 5. Rixxo 360° Feedback | 2017 Why do you buy from the agency? Expertise Understanding Enjoyment Offering ‘They always make what we brief better.’ ‘Rich and Chris. They are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.’ They are experts...they are better than 80% of our own employees. They know it top to bottom and inside out. ‘They provide an easy to understand structure and process for my team to follow.’ They make me feel understood. ‘Their enthusiasm. They have lots of great ideas. What we do ourselves isn’t exciting, but the projects we do with them are. So they have to be more ‘The quality of their work.’ ‘We have a closer and larger relationship with them now than we ever expected. They are very good relationship builders.’ ‘They are easy to work with and I enjoy working with them.’ ‘They do things differently. They think outside the box. Their people bring ideas.’ ‘We don’t work with many agencies as closely as we do with them … over time they have showed how much added value they bring.’
  6. 6. Rixxo 360° Feedback | 2017 What are the agency’s strengths? Quality Delivering Vision Helping ‘They are diligent at detail.’ ‘Their work ethic and the work they do is of a very high quality.’ ‘What they build works.’ ‘They inspire confidence.’ ‘They are an agency with two sides. Rich is creative and Chris is technical. It’s the first time I’ve seen that in an agency.’ ‘They have good UX expertise in-house.’ ‘They got that we are a brand with objectives and not just a website.’ ‘They are good on tight deadlines, it’s rare they can’t deliver to deadline.’ In the world of consumer-facing brands they have a future. They are one of the best agencies out there right now for engagement on websites. They are going to take off. ‘They get to the heart of the matter and offer suggestions that will make things better.’ ‘They are pleasant, approachable and good to work with. The kind of people you want to have on your side.’ ‘They don’t mess around.’ ‘They are never too technical and always take time to explain things to me properly.’ ‘They asked the right questions. That told me they were going to be good with our brand and delivering our objectives.’ ‘Ideas – they have lots of ideas.’ ‘Great resources.’