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Workforcenow solution overview

  1. 1. ADP Workforce Now Solution Overview GuideHR. Payroll. Benefits. ADP ®
  2. 2. Contents ADP Workforce Now ® Overview 2 Employee Relations & Communications 3 HR 5 Benefits Administration 6 Talent Management 9 Payroll 12 Time & Attendance 14 Reporting 161
  3. 3. ADP Workforce Now Overview ®It’s a fresh new approach to managing your most important asset — your people.Imagine a workforce management system designed around your needs, one that combines industry-leading HR, payroll and benefits support into a single web-based system. No more redundant tasks,no more duplicate data entry, just hours gained to work on the growth of your business.ADP Workforce Now works the way you work, giving you a convenient way to manage your peoplefrom recruitment to retirement. Best of all, it’s built on the industry-leading technology trusted byHR pros worldwide, and backed by the level of service only ADP can deliver.One access point, one phone number, and one central point of contact give you the tools you need to:Do more with less. Stay out of trouble.*How can you be more productive without From managing employee separations toboosting your headcount or budget? improving the accuracy and timelinessADP Workforce Now has the tools to optimize of your tax payments, ADP’s flexible supportproductivity across the full spectrum of workforce system helps minimize both administrativemanagement, from HR ,talent and benefits burdens and the risks associated with costlyadministration to payroll, tax, and time & attendance. compliance violations.Improve your bottom line. Find, grow, and keepBy integrating everything you need for workforce great into one comprehensive system, ADP Workforce Now lets you focus onADP Workforce Now saves you time and money — people, not paperwork in attracting,giving you the tools you need to effectively manage developing and managing talent to yourHR-related expenses and make smarter decisions best possible advantage.based on timely, accurate data.ADP Workforce Now is your direct path to optimizing your workforce: • Having the tools to handle diverse HR challenges without adding to headcount • ontrolling labor and benefits costs while eliminating the financial and C technical headaches of integrating multiple applications • ncreasing employee engagement and self-sufficiency with on-demand access I to routinely requested information • Leveraging information-rich reporting to help you evaluate and execute growth strategies • ntegrated recruiting and performance management so your new hires hit the ground running IADP Workforce Now is the ultimate productivity tool, giving you a single system that bringstogether everything you need to maximize your labor investment and increase efficiency acrossyour organization. For more information, visit 2*ADP is not engaged in the business of rendering legal services. If legal advice is required, the service of an attorney should be sought.
  4. 4. Employee Relations Communications ADP Workforce Now is not just your one-stop access point for ADP Payroll, Time Attendance and HR and Benefits modules; it also acts as your employee portal for communicating accurate, timely information to your employees and managers while reinforcing your corporate brand. Add your company logo and color palette, then use the content management tool to post important documents: • Company mission statement • News and announcements • ompany policies and handbook, with trackable acknowledgement feature C The system’s Security Access feature allows you to create groups and post targeted content for secure viewing by designated groups. Customized manager and employee workflows can be designed to meet the unique demands of your business. Employee Self-Service Research by Gallup1 has shown a direct correlation between increased employee engagement and key business metrics. For example, companies with engaged employees have two and a half times the earnings per share growth rate than their peers. ADP Workforce Now onboards employees with ease and empowers them to: • Enroll in or change benefits information • Make changes related to life events such as moving or having a baby • View pay statements and W-2 information • Change W-4 tax information • Set up direct deposit • Manage their 401(k) account • View the company directory • Use online tools such as retirement planners or payroll calculators • View approvals and notifications3 1 Employee Engagement: What’s Your Engagement Ratio? Gallup Consulting 2008.
  5. 5. These automated self-service tools do more than increase employee engagement and satisfaction.They also free up HR staff to focus on strategic initiatives rather than administrative tasks. Whenemployees need help with self-service functions, detailed online support and task assistance arealways available.Manager Self-ServiceSimilar to employee self-service tools, ADP Workforce Now automates routine processesfor managers so they can spend more time helping you build your business. For example,Workforce Now Manager Self-Service empowers your managers to: • Conduct performance reviews • Approve employee vacation requests • isseminate vital information and eliminate repetitive tasks such as data re-keying D 4
  6. 6. HR ADP Workforce Now’s suite of leading edge HR tools strengthen how important HR functions are managed and delivered: • llow employees to make online inquiries and receive immediate responses concerning A their benefits, company policies and other employment-related information. • ustomize to fit the way you work and your existing hiring process C • eceive on-demand access to HR compliance reports R The HR module in ADP Workforce Now helps you gain back valuable time while reining in compensation and labor costs. Effectively Manage the Employee Life Cycle RECRUITMENT New laws, changing regulations, and the ON BOARDING need to provide timely information to your employees — and to the government — can SUCCESSION place tremendous demands on your staff SKILLS GOALS time and resources. TRAINING ADP Workforce Now helps you stay COMPENSATION compliant across the employee life cycle, PERFORMANCE putting you in control from HR to payroll to employer-related compliance administration. With full integration with payroll and time and attendance, you can: • ccess, manage, and analyze sensitive or complex HR information, like salaries A and pay grades for performance reviews • Improve employee recordkeeping • upport work-life balance by seamlessly managing requests for personal time off S • ain convenient access to standard reports that help you maintain compliance with G government regulations concerning COBRA and EEO administration as well as OSHA events Gain Convenient Access to HR Data With ADP Workforce Now, you get convenient access to both payroll and HR files. The integration of HR and payroll enhances data integrity and eliminates duplicate data entry, so you can confidently access data online and format information to fit your needs. This helps to improve the speed and accuracy of data that may affect your key business processes and decisions.5
  7. 7. Benefits AdministrationADP’s HR and Benefits module is a full-featured human resources and benefits administrationsystem that gives you increased control over HR and benefits processes: • ontrols benefits costs by avoiding unnecessary benefit and premium payments, while C also reducing the cost of benefits administration and communication • educes labor costs by empowering employees to make benefit changes as a result R of life changes or during open enrollment • elps to ensure tax and regulatory compliance with easy-to-generate HIPAA certificates H and Employee Summary reports • rotects your organization against premium leakage with electronic carrier connections P and invoicesOther key features to note: • Insurance carrier connectivity • Vendor invoice reconciliation tools • Access to informative audit trailsEnrollment ToolsThe HR and Benefits module simplifies the open enrollment process. You’ll enjoy reduced laborcosts when employees can make their own benefit elections during open enrollment, and changeelections whenever a life event occurs. You can also customize the open enrollment experiencebased on the specific requirements of your employees and your organization.Benefits ReportingThe system’s pre-defined report templates — both point-in-time data and analytical reports — giveyou a multidimensional view of your HR and benefits data. For more customized reporting, usethe system’s user-friendly ad hoc reporting tool to assist with timely and accurate compliance,decision-making and forecasting. 6
  8. 8. Additional Benefits Services Available Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) Administration — Flexible Spending Accounts enable eligible employees to pay for certain medical and dependent care expenses with pre-tax dollars. Contributions are deducted from participants’ paychecks each pay period before calculation of federal income and Social Security taxes. As a result, employees’ income taxes are reduced, they benefit from increased take-home pay, and pay no taxes on FSA reimbursements. ADP Workforce Now offers complete FSA administrative services: • ayroll integration — Participant contributions are deducted and deposited as part P of ADP’s payroll processing service. • nrollment support — ADP provides standard enrollment and claims forms, plus E enrollment brochures and welcome materials for new participants. • aily claims processing — Once a claim has been approved, the request for payment is D processed the same day. • lexible payment options — Reimbursements may be paid by check, direct deposit, or F stored value card. • uarterly participant statements — ADP provides quarterly participant account summary Q statements with customizable messages. • lan activity reports — You’ll receive comprehensive summary account statements and P annual forfeiture reports. • elf-service website — Both you and your participating employees can access pertinent S account information online. Commuter Benefits Administration — ADP helps you implement, administer and support a qualified pre-tax commuter benefits plan, including: • Your choice of manual processing or an online commuter benefits service • Automated payroll deductions • Web access to ADP service and support • Secure access to plan participant information 401(k) Administration — One of today’s most valued employee benefits is a 401(k) plan. ADP’s comprehensive defined contribution plan offers diversified investment options, professional trustee services, comprehensive record keeping, and up-to-the-minute employee communication. The ADP 401(k) plan is a comprehensive package, from initial plan design and enrollment through investment options, recordkeeping and testing. Features of the plan and its administrative services include: • ayroll integration — Participant contributions are deducted and deposited as part of P ADP’s payroll processing service. • nrollment materials and support — ADP provides customized enrollment materials to E eligible employees and on-site enrollment specialists where needed. Enrollment kits are available in English and Spanish. • nvestment options — Choose from two distinct investment portfolios, each of which offers I investment options from conservative to aggressive.7
  9. 9. • articipant communications — Participants have access to a toll-free interactive voice P response system and secure website for account updates and a variety of retirement planning tools and resources. • uarterly participant statements — Participants receive personalized quarterly statements Q with account balances and transaction details. • lan activity reports — These monthly reports summarize all 401(k) plan activity. PCOBRA AdministrationADP Workforce Now’s COBRA administration helps lessen your risk of COBRA noncompliance.You no longer have to commit time, personnel and other valuable resources to maintain COBRApaperwork and understand its complex, challenging — and changing — administrative procedures.COBRA notification services are provided to the employees and qualified beneficiaries identified byyou who meet qualifying event requirements under COBRA.ADP COBRA manages notice requirements, participant elections, premium payments, andassociated grace periods. In addition, ADP also provides HIPAA certificates of creditable coverageadministration for COBRA participants.Regulatory ComplianceStaying current with constantly changing laws and regulations, meeting strict governmentdeadlines, and avoiding costly fines and penalties can be an administrative burden for anycompany. Let ADP Workforce Now lighten the load by: • roviding access to systems that help to establish and consistently administer compliance P in your organization • roviding access to an online HR Library with alerts, forms and policies, a knowledge base P with HR topics overviews, and an HR encyclopediaNew Hire and SeparationNew Hires — ADP ensures that relevant personal information for new hires is captured in thePayroll and HR and Benefits modules and that timely new hire reports are submitted to theappropriate state agencies. Employees can be automatically prompted to confirm the accuracy oftheir personal data and complete their profiles.Separation – When an employee is terminated, ADP removes that employee from the payrollsystem on the termination effective date you’ve specified. COBRA qualified events that are enteredin the HR and Benefits module will initiate COBRA services. 8
  10. 10. Talent Management ADP’s Talent Management module gives you the tools you need to more effectively manage top talent right from the start — without having to invest in the purchase, integration and learning curve of a stand-alone system. With the necessary data all in one place, you gain a holistic view of every employee — tenure with the company, development path, performance evaluation results, and more — and can identify opportunities for managing your human capital to best advantage. Recruiting and Staffing A recent ADP study showed that recruiting is the #1 talent management challenge facing HR executives. While the competition for talent may have cooled in the current economy, the flip side presents an even greater challenge — wading through piles of applications to uncover the best candidates and streamline the onboarding process. How can ADP Workforce Now help to relieve the administrative burden? Powerful search tools — Hiring managers can search for specific keywords from applicants’ résumés or responses to specific prescreening questions posed in the job posting. Talent acquisition — Use the Recruiting module to efficiently track applicants through the hiring cycle. Engage your managers with interactive workflows that free up time to spend on recruiting strategies, reduce the cost of hire, and improve time to hire by cutting down on “administrivia” such as shuffling résumés and updating spreadsheets.9
  11. 11. Background checks and drug screening — This additional service completely integrates with theHR and Benefits module to avoid re-keying into multiple systems. You’ll benefit from a completearray of background checks, including identity validation, educational and professional credentials,past employment, government and criminal records, and drug testing.OnboardingOnboarding is the systematic, comprehensive approach to orienting new employees so they quicklyacclimate to new surroundings and become productive, contributing members of the workgroup.There’s no doubt that the process of onboarding new hires represents significant investments intime and money, especially for companies that are still handling each task manually.ADP’s Talent Management module offers dual productivity gains — getting employees up to speedas quickly as possible, while freeing managers from repetitive information gathering so they canconcentrate on more strategic tasks. Customizable onboarding wizards streamline the process of: • Configuring new hire workflow to accommodate your new hire process • Gathering and storing the hire’s personal information • Disseminating company policies, schedules, and benefits information • Engaging new employees in learningLearningIn recent ADP research, 20% of HR professionals surveyed ranked learning and training astheir most pressing talent challenge — not only implementing cost-efficient programs, butalso determining if training investments are producing tangible returns, such as increased salesor greater productivity. 10
  12. 12. The HR and Benefits module gives you the power to: • Align individual development goals with those of your organization • Track completed training courses • Identify particular employee skill sets Training departments are also frequently tasked with meeting complex industry compliance and certification requirements — and avoiding costly penalties by tracking and fulfilling all the necessary federal, state and regional reporting requirements. Use the customized talent management functionality of the HR and Benefits module to track general learning as well as the certification requirements that are unique to your industry. Engagement The Talent Management module brings together relevant data to provide a historical perspective of performance, help you spot positive and negative performance trends, and identify candidates for further development or timely intervention. You’ll benefit from convenient, cohesive access to the information you need to gauge performance, both individually and across the organization: • Results of performance reviews • Progress toward individual and organizational goals • Compensation planning • Succession planning By making vital learning and performance data more accessible, ADP Workforce Now allows you to associate an employee’s talents and goals with performance reviews as part of a highly effective career development plan.11
  13. 13. PayrollWith 60 years in the payroll processing business, ADP knows that details make the difference.From keeping you up to speed on tax rate and filing changes to answering specific payrollquestions, ADP Workforce Now’s Payroll module allows you to: • anage the entire payroll process, from customizing pay grids and reports to accessing key M payroll functions, with a flexible system that is easy to learn and accessible from anywhere. • asily import data from your current time attendance software. E • eel confident with strong encryption and state-of-the-art security that delivers F multi-level protection.Checks and Direct DepositEmployees’ paychecks are delivered to your workplace ready for distribution — signed andinserted into individual envelopes — according to your specified schedule. Alternatively, youcan choose timesaving direct deposit, an electronic payment option that deposits employees’pay directly into their bank accounts. 12
  14. 14. Tax Administration and Filing ADP prepares, files, and deposits federal, state, and local taxes, while also issuing the required monthly reporting to relevant tax authorities. ADP also responds to associated inquiries from any tax agency. Year-End Processing ADP handles your company’s year-end requirements, including direct reporting to the proper tax authorities and statements of deposits and filings made on your behalf. Wage Garnishments Processing Let ADP address the complex calculations on court-ordered garnishments, levies and child support payments and make the necessary payments to appropriate agencies. General Ledger Use ADP’s popular InfoLink General Ledger Interface to create an import-ready file that brings all your payroll journal entries into your general ledger software package. Avoid manual journal entries and the expense of developing custom interfaces to connect your payroll and general ledger. You’ll automatically receive a file every payroll period that contains the expense information to be entered into your general accounting program. Payroll and Tax Support ADP provides you with the resources to keep you up to speed on tax rate and filing changes and answer your payroll questions. Payroll Reports Use the Payroll module to print reports that help you verify data entry hours and earnings before you submit your payroll, and analyze ongoing payroll totals, employee deductions, personnel changes, and quarterly tax reports. Use a combination of standard and user-defined reports to meet all of your payroll and tax needs. Workers’ Compensation Pay-by-Pay® is available to assist with workers compensation administration. Pay-by-Pay helps improve your cash flow by eliminating hefty up-front annual premium deposits and by basing premium payments on your actual payrolls and carrier rates rather than estimates. Convenient online reporting helps you better manage workers’ compensation claims.13
  15. 15. Time AttendanceIncrease the Efficiency and Accuracy of Payroll PreparationNow there’s no need to fill out timesheets, punch messy timecards or spend countless hourson repetitive time and attendance data entry, timecard corrections and reporting.   Workforce Now Time Attendance automates the time collection process, applies your payrollpolicies regarding rounding and overtime, and then instantly calculates the hourly totals.Automated messaging and workflow notifications notify employees and managers of time offrequests, as well as system messages from ADP, attendance notifications, timecard approvals,reports, and exceptions that require action. By focusing on transactions that require immediateattention, you dramatically streamline the payroll preparation process and free up yoursupervisors to address attendance and scheduling issues before they negatively impact yourwork environment.Avoid Costly Compliance ViolationsWorkforce Now Time Attendance provides an indisputable record of hours worked alongwith any audits made to the timecards. The system stores years of time and attendance datain easy-to-access electronic form, providing the information needed for federal wage and hourcompliance reports and helping you avoid costly compliance violations.Manage Labor More EffectivelyWorkforce Now Time Attendance provides valuable management reports so you can easilyanalyze labor costs and make better decisions. Standard reports can be scheduled in advanceand include: • imecard Reports: Review in and out times, as well as daily totals for each employee T (supervisors and payroll administrators) • ayroll Reports: Verify payroll totals by reviewing each employee’s hours for the pay period P • ttendance Reports: Analyze absences and late punches for evaluations and A performance reviews • chedule Reports: Helps ensure that you have appropriate coverage for each shift SYou also have the ability to create ad hoc reports as you need them. Track Time in a Manner That Fits Your Company’s NeedsADP understands that you have a diverse workforce. We offer a broad range of data collectionoptions to meet your needs, including badge card timeclocks, biometric timeclocks, webtimesheets, telephone and mobile devices. In addition, employees can quickly and easily clock inand out at ADP’s Web clocking kiosk without having to log into Workforce Now Time Attendance.If you’re using a spreadsheet or point-of-sale (POS), call center, scheduling, or other in-housesystem to collect data, you’ll be able to easily transfer in/out punches into Workforce NowTime Attendance. 14
  16. 16. Streamline the Scheduling Process Workforce Now Time Attendance makes it easier for you to ensure adequate staffing coverage. By automating the scheduling process you can: • Prevent unauthorized work • Highlight attendance issues before they impact morale and profitability • Manage groups that work rotating or variable shifts more easily • Identify and correct potential over and understaffing issues In addition, ADP can provide you with advanced scheduling tools such mobile scheduling, self- scheduling and shift swapping. Increase Productivity with Self Service  “Why was I paid less this week? How many vacation and sick days do I have left? Who’s working the second shift?” You probably spend hours looking up answers to such questions. With Workforce Now Time Attendance, employees and supervisors can get the answers themselves. Authorized users will be able to view hours worked, schedules and paid time off balances online 24 hours a day. Supervisors and managers can access their own information, as well as that of employees who report to them. In addition, with online help and easy-to-use online training tutorials at your fingertips, you and your employees can get answers to questions in minutes and quickly take advantage of new features as they become available.15
  17. 17. ReportingADP Workforce Now includes an extensive library of standard reports for payroll, HR and benefits,and time attendance. Based upon the modules you select, you’ll be able to choose from a rangeof 55 to more than 300 reports.These preconfigured reports are simple to run — simply enter your selection criteria, and you’ll beable to: • Preview reports right on your screen • Print reports • Export to a file or a software application • Email your reportsStandard reporting in ADP Workforce Now makes it easy to access the data you need, and to shareit with others across your organization. 16
  18. 18. Extend your Options with Custom Reporting ADP Workforce Now also features a robust report writer that enables you to create user-defined reports and gain valuable insights across multiple workforce management functions. This online reporting tool makes it easy to create a wide range of reports using current and cumulative data from your payroll, HR and benefits, or time attendance modules. Use it when you want answers that go beyond the extensive reporting capabilities standard to ADP Workforce Now. Creating a custom report is fast easy and flexible — simply log on to access a report setup wizard that guides you step by step. Select from a wide array of data fields, sorting criteria, totaling and formatting options, plus the ability to create robust calculations. Then, choose to view your finished report online, save it, print it and/or distribute it via email just like our standard reports. Mix and Match from any ADP Workforce Now Module Mix and match reporting data from a wide range of categories within your ADP Workforce Now database: • mployee paycheck data, deductions E • Employee development or other information • Employee enrollments • Current payroll • COBRA events • YTD accumulators or tax information • Wage garnishment • Paid time off • Workers compensation/policies • Timecards • Benefit provider information • Employee schedules • Benefit cost • Attendance • Beneficiaries, and more • EEO and other statutory information As a result, you can explore virtually every aspect of your HR and payroll costs, and engage in detailed “what-if” projections to better manage your workforce.17
  19. 19. Your Web Communications PipelineADP Workforce Now‘s comprehensive reporting makes it easy to communicate critical informationto other users within your organization. Distribute reports electronically, or provide access forteam members to run their own reports. You can also export report data to other applications orspreadsheets for the utmost in analytical flexibility.Use ADP Workforce Now advanced reporting tools to: • Improve user adoption with an easy-to-use report wizard • Respond to inquiries more fully, accurately and efficiently • Automate report distributionBy leveraging current, cumulative data across your HR, time attendance, and payroll functions,you’ll reduce the time spent gathering the information necessary for more accurate and informedorganizational decision-making. To learn more about ADP Workforce Now’s integrated approach to workforce management, visit 18
  20. 20. ADP Workforce Now — Everything you need for workforce management in one convenient, comprehensive system. For more information: 1.800.CALL.ADP ADP ®The ADP logo and ADP are registered trademarks of ADP, Inc. ADP Workforce Now is a trademark of ADP, Inc. In the business of your success is a service mark of ADP, Inc. © 2011. All other trademarks and service marks are the property of their respective owners.