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BI in the Cloud - Microsoft Power BI Overview and Demo


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RDX Insights Series Presentation focusing on Microsoft Power BI in the cloud. We begin with a high-level overview of the Microsoft BI product suite and discuss the SSIS/SSAS/SSRS tech stack and Power BI. The webinar continues with a deep dive into Power BI and includes instructions on how to use the product to capture, model, analyze and visualize business data. We end the webinar with a Power BI demo highlighting some of its most beneficial and interesting features.

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BI in the Cloud - Microsoft Power BI Overview and Demo

  1. 1. INSIGHTS Presentation Series Jeremy “BI” Frye – BI Product Team Manager Chris Foot, VP Technologies and Strategies Microsoft Business Intelligence Offerings Power BI, SSIS/SSAS/SSRS BI POWER BI Webinar Video Inside
  2. 2. www. .com Who We Are The Largest Pure Play Provider of Managed Data Infrastructure Services 20 YEARS OF SERVICE DELIVERY EXPERIENCE Database Platforms SQL Server Oracle PostgreSQL* DB2 MongoDB* MySQL* Operating Systems Unix/Linux*Windows Edge Technologies SQL Server BI Oracle EBS SharePoint Exchange Environment 450+ Customers 10,000 Servers 200+ DBAs Fortune 100s Startups All Verticals Cloud Systems Amazon AWS/RDS Oracle Cloud DB DBPaaS Msoft Azure IaaS Hybrid Cloud * All distributions
  3. 3. www. .com Microsoft Business Intelligence Analysis Services Reporting Services Integration Services
  4. 4. www. .com • Robust functionality • Low initial cost entry point • A complete product stack that includes all components needed to create a full-featured, robust BI environment • No third party tools required • Compatibility • Tight integration with the SQL Server database engine • Toolset provides client and driver software to integrate with other RDBMS/Non-RDBMS data stores • Integrates with SharePoint, Excel and most major Microsoft tools • Support • Support provided by one, single vendor. No “finger pointing” between vendors Microsoft Business Intelligence Advantages
  5. 5. www. .com SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services • Extraction - Captures data from disparate data sources • Transformation - Translates different data formats into a common format • Loading – Loads data into SQL Server for additional processing INTEGRATION SERVICES OTHER DATABASE SOURCES CUBE ANALYSIS SERVICES • Integration Wizards captures data from any heterogeneous data source • Oracle, Teradata, DB2, ODBC, text files • Change Data Capture (high volume) • Automated Workflows • Schedule integration jobs • Schedule transformation jobs • Provides Auto-Transformations • Data Conversions • Union-All • Sorts • Aggregation • Row Sampling • Pivot • Data Mining Model Training • Derived Columns • Lookups • Merge joins • ……. (and many more) Operational Data Sources
  7. 7. www. .com SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services
  8. 8. www. .com Design Mobile Publisher Visual Studio Report Builder Data Sources SSRS – Architecture Display Browsers Power BI Mobile Custom Apps Report Server Web Portal Web APIs Processing & Rendering Engine Scheduling REPORT SERVER DATABASE Data Store OTHER DATABASE SOURCES ANALYSIS SERVICES OLE DB/ODBCCustom Destinations Power BI SharePoint File Share Custom
  9. 9. www. .com Microsoft Power BI
  10. 10. www. .com Power BI Service Power BI Architecture Other Cloud Systems Dashboards Reports Datasets OTHER DATABASE SOURCES ANALYSIS SERVICES Files Power BI Gateway Provides access to on-premises data 1 GIG LIMIT Power BI Content Packs Jumpstart BI process Publish visualizations and data to Power BI Cloud Power BI Desktop Power BI Mobile Power BI Desktop Power BI Web Dashboards Power BI IPAD
  11. 11. www. .com Power BI Dashboards and Reports Power BI Report Dataset Power BI Report Dataset Power BI Report Dataset • One page • Graphical displays • Multiple data sources • Not available in BI Desktop • Can’t filter or slice • Able to set alerts • Can’t change visualization type • Add widgets for visualization Dashboards • Multi-page • Graphical displays • Single data sources • Create/view reports in BI Desktop • Can filter and slice • No alerting function • Can change visualization type • Many different ways of visualization Reports Power BI Dashboard
  12. 12. www. .com Power BI and Microsoft Excel Power Pivot Power Query Power View Data Access Analyze Display Power BI Desktop Power BI Service
  13. 13. www. .com Power BI Service Data Sources
  14. 14. www. .com Power BI Content Packs
  15. 15. www. .com Power BI Content Pack Default Dashboards
  16. 16. www. .com Power BI Apps vs Organizational Content Packs
  17. 17. www. .com Power BI Desktop Data Sources
  18. 18. www. .com Power BI Desktop Data Modeling Creating Additional Data Relationships
  19. 19. www. .com Power BI Desktop Data Manipulation
  20. 20. www. .com Power BI Desktop Visualization Design
  21. 21. www. .com Power BI Desktop Publishing
  22. 22. www. .com Power BI Desktop Report Optimization Phones
  23. 23. www. .com Power BI Service Report Creation
  24. 24. www. .com Power BI Service Report Editor
  25. 25. www. .com Power BI Service Dashboard Editor
  26. 26. www. .com Power BI Service Q&A
  27. 27. www. .com Power BI Service Quick Insights
  28. 28. www. .com Power BI Desktop Report Insights Providing Power BI Desktop with Power BI Service Quick Insight “like” capabilities Allows users to click on bar in bar chart and identify what caused increase or decrease from the previous bar
  29. 29. www. .com Embedding Power BI
  30. 30. www. .com Microsoft BI Future Roadmap Analysis Services Complementary Functionality Overlapping Functionality Integrating Functionality Enhancing Functionality
  31. 31. www. .com Demo View Power BI Demo on YouTube
  32. 32. www. .com Questions and Additional Information Next Month’s Presentation – Microsoft SQL Azure Overview and Demo The RDX Report Secrets for Successful Regulatory Compliance Projects, Docker Containers, the Rise of Multi-Cloud Architectures, Ransomware Recovery and Azure Optimization Utilities LinkedIn Selecting Cloud DBMS, NoSQL Architectures, Database Security Series, Improving Customer Service 20YEARS OF SERVICE DELIVERY EXPERIENCE Video recording of this presentation can be found on RDX’s YouTube Channel: