Alternate e safety ppt for year 7


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Alternate e safety ppt for year 7

  1. 1. Daryl47: I’m 22 likeon like What and my Daryl47: IASL?I do you go Carolbabe69:to go to like dates andDaryl to stay up name is I Ilike I’m 20/f to shows, read Carol? Carolbabe69: Francisco late, I live in San collect magazines and like to go from da UK,the INice to Carolbabe69: Haight and hang on MSN me CarolBabe69: vintage clothes. your back and I’ll make name to shows IDaryl, my meet you read Carolbabe69: Maybe I can Daryl47: I like tocollect I magazines and skate, day… is carol visit? play bass guitar but am vintage clothes. not that I’m 22 and mylike Daryl47:great domaybe Daryl47: errrrrr… you Daryl47: What name is Daryl you should wait! Carol?
  2. 2. Carolbabe69: to really Daryl47: I likeI'm goI on a See well have secret too, I have kids 20, forty-seven,like to reallyand dates and II’m not stay up I’m really in a wife I weightI 22 stone and late, I live 32.San Francisco only have one leg and like to I really hate I the Haight and hang onmy life. sniff glue. Carolbabe69: Maybe I can Carolbabe69: ARE YOU SERIOUS! lied to me Daryl47: You visit? Carol! Daryl47: errrrrr… maybe Daryl47: Yes Carolbabe69: Well you lied you should wait! to me too!
  3. 3. People may not be who They say they are on-line! For example: That 14 year old boy you’ve seen may not be 14 at all! Or may not even be a boy!
  4. 4. Tips for staying Safe! Put everything behind password protected walls, where only friends can see • Protect your password and make sure you really know who someone is before you allow them onto your friends list
  5. 5. Tips for staying Safe! •Blur or morph your photos a bit so they won't be abused by cyberbullies or predators. •Don't post anything you wouldn’t want your parents, teacher’s or a predator to see.
  6. 6. She thought social Lauren lovedher bebo As a result her bebo started getting account waslot great networkingaon the hits! loads got a of profileof comments way to get internet.! attention •Some friendly From more people than from boys and even she was actually •Some abusive make the other girls at hoping! But Lauren was a little school jealous. •Some perverse! to irresponsible. She kept her profile It fact, it was hard for public and posted Lauren to keep on top pictures of herself on- of her account. line that she probably should have kept private.
  7. 7. Lauren was bullied at school! People who were jealous and didn’t like her copied her pictures, emailed them to friends and embarrassed her. She had become an easy target.
  8. 8. She even thought she was being followed home from school!
  9. 9. She eventually found that people who had become obsessed with her pictures were stalking her and making unreasonable gestures…
  10. 10. Tips for staying Safe! •What you post online stays Check what your friends online - forever!!!! So are posting/saying about thinkb4uClick! are you. Even if you Don’t upload photos or be and of careful, they may not videos yourself that will embarrass you may inbe putting you at risk. the future.
  11. 11. Tips for staying Don’t ever say anything on-line that Safe! you wouldn’t do in real life! For info Never Give out your On Cyberbulling address, phone number any or CLICK HERE personal details
  12. 12. Click on each news article to read more… discuss as a class these issues could effect our school?
  13. 13. Are you a cyberbully? Often, people who are victims are also bullies. Before you feel too bad for yourself, take the quiz below to find if you, too, are part of the cyberbullying problem! Rate yourself on the following point scale according to if, and how many times, you have done the below activities. Give yourself 0 points if you’ve never done it, 1 point if you have done it 1 or 2 times, 2 points if you have done it 3-5 times, 3 points if you have done it more than 5 times •Signed on with someone else’s screen name to gather info? •Sent an e-mail or online greeting card from someone’s account? •Impersonated someone over IM or online? •Teased or frightened someone over IM? •Not told someone who you really are online, telling them to “guess”? •Forwarded a private IM conversation or e-mail without the permission of the other person? •Changed your profile or away message designed to embarrass or frighten someone? •Posted pictures or information about someone on a Web site without their consent? •Created an Internet poll, either over IM or on a Web site, about someone without their consent? •Used information found online to follow, tease, embarrass or harass someone in person? •Sent rude or scary things to someone, even if you were just joking? •Used bad language online? •Signed someone else up for something online without their permission? •Used an IM or e-mail address that looked like someone else’s? •Used someone else’s password for any reason without their permission? •Hacked into someone else’s computer or sent a virus or Trojan horse to them? •Insulted someone in an interactive game room? •Posted rude things or lies about someone online? •Voted at an online bashing poll or posted to a guestbook saying rude or mean things?
  14. 14. By Ratcliffe