Cordial sphere


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Cordial sphere

  1. 1. A New Way Of Keeping In Touch
  2. 2. Cordial Sphere isn’t just another socialnetwork, Here are some of the extras thatothers don’t offer. Such as:  Internet Radio  Multiplayer Games  Videos  Auction Service  Customizable Groups  Wiki  Forums  Ask  And Coming Soon Video Chat
  3. 3. Internet RadioThis outstanding Internet Radio has over 30 various genre channels withmultiple stations in each channel. So you could just relax and enjoy while jamming to hours of hits.
  4. 4. GamesWhat makes the games so special on Cordial Sphere is they aren’t just fun and addictive, But they are also Multiplayer. So have fun while playing head to head with other people.
  5. 5. VideosNow with videos, Cordial Sphere lets you post personal videos or share movies from You Tube, Meta Café, or Daily Motion.
  6. 6. Auction ServiceYou can auction your unwanted items here to all the other members to make some extra money. Best of all there is no fees at all for this service unlike competitors like Ebay, Amazon, ect.
  7. 7. Customizable GroupsYou can join various groups, or unlike others like Facebook or Myspace youcan start your own group for any kind of reason, cause, or thing.
  8. 8. WikiDo you ever go to Wikipedia to learn new things or post knowledgeable material that you know. Well now you can do that on Cordial Sphere with all your friends and other members.
  9. 9. ForumsNow you can read or post any intriguing information onto this forum. Plus receive input about any topic. Best of all you don’t have to worry about any BS or Drama because its only seen by members.
  10. 10. AskAsk is a specific section where you can get input from others about any question or situation you have or run into.
  11. 11. Video ChatSoon to be available is Video Chat. Video Chat is the new way of socializing so you can see the other parties you are speaking with.
  12. 12. So lets do a comparison toFacebook.
  13. 13. Compare the ExtrasCordial Sphere Facebook Internet Radio Multiplayer Games  Single Player Games Videos  Videos Auctions Customizable Groups  Groups upon approval Wiki Forums Ask Video Chat (Coming Soon)  Text Chat
  14. 14. Conclusion Cordial Sphere is the choice to go because it more than doubles the competitions extras. Plus at CordialSphere all the Extras and Additives are personal and customizable.
  15. 15. So I just wanted to point out some of the great features of the new social network Cordial Sphere.
  16. 16. So Check it out at Then signup either by typing your information, or using your Facebook login, and invite some friends. Enjoy!
  17. 17. Thanks For Viewing