Poetry In Rockford Public Schools


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A PowerPoint highlighting what a poet and community involved person can bring to a local school district and the arts.

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Poetry In Rockford Public Schools

  1. 1. Poetry in Rockford Public Schools Why It Is Effective and Useful
  2. 2. Poetry In Rockford Schools
  3. 3. Where Poetry is Effective • Spectrum School: focusing on poetry in curriculum, inviting poets to work with students in education, annual poetry Slam hosted by a local poet. • Auburn High School: CAPA program invites poets from the community to work with youth with poetry. Workshops have been held. Field trips have been arranged to an annual youth writers workshop. Christopher D. Sims and local poet Justin Saichek has worked with their CAPA program. • Christopher D. Sims has been invited to Auburn High School to present for high school students. Has showed them connection of poetry to rap music. • Rockford Area Arts Council and the Illinois Arts Council hosts annually “Poetry Out Loud.” The annual nationwide competition where high school students compete regionally to get to Washington D.C. for the grand prize of a $10, 000 scholarship. • Open Mike Night at Katie’s Cup welcomes and encourages youth to come and share their original poetry. Students from Auburn High and Spectrum School have participated.
  4. 4. Poetry Is Captivating
  5. 5. Poetry As A Tool to Educate • Teachers are finding that poetry heard is a great tool to stimulate students. • Spoken word is engaging students, especially the “artsy” type, or those who learn through literary means. • Teachers are using poetry curriculums in schools to inspire their youth. • The Rockford Area Arts Council through “Poetry Out Loud” encourages this, and funds curriculum for teachers.
  6. 6. Poetry Involves Youth, and Others
  7. 7. Poetry Is About Education
  8. 8. A Place for Student Participation
  9. 9. Students Shine through Poetry
  10. 10. Ideas for Poetry In District 205 • Hire and/or fund two poets to trek the District to run bi- weekly workshops at three schools: Auburn High, Ellis Arts Academy, and Guilford High School. • Encourage English teachers to use poetry in their regular curriculum. They could do something as simple as leading a “Who Am I” poem during one school week. • Ask teachers to attend poetry readings/open mikes at Katie’s Cup or other local events. • Partner with the Rockford Area Arts Council and the Illinois Arts Council to promote Poetry Out Loud and help them get students and teachers involved.
  11. 11. The People’s Poet: Christopher D. Sims