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Gameplay and Ludology assignment

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. My Life as a Game By Christopher Conlan
  2. 2. Early Mornings Getting out of bed.... Have a lie-in? Be more rested!
  3. 3. Having breakfast.... Have breakfast? Less hunger! Skip breakfast? Extra lie-in!
  4. 4. Catching the bus.... Decisions affect your mood for the day! Choose both options? Run for the bus! Choose only one? Get there on time!
  5. 5. Time is Money Earning money costs valuable time!
  6. 6. Extra money is needed for socialising....
  7. 7. Extra time is needed for college... Find the right balance to win!
  8. 8. Girlfriend Happiness Keep her happy, or you lose!
  9. 9. Spending time and giving presents increases happiness....
  10. 10. Neglect and poorly chosen comments reduces happiness... ...which leads to dire consequences
  11. 11. Three dogs to be walked.... Take them all at the same time? Walking the dogs
  12. 12. Things to consider: Increased difficulty, but shorter walking time?
  13. 13. Possible hazards!
  14. 14. Career! Education or indie development? Weigh the pros and cons for the best end result!
  15. 15. Education – longer wait time, increased chance of success...
  16. 16. Indie Dev – Design straight away, but is there a risk?
  17. 17. Sources