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Using long tailed keywords

How to locate long-tailed keywords for planning your Google Adwards campaign. Manual approach and automatic approaches discussed. Updated using Googles new Keyword Planner tool 2018.

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Using long tailed keywords

  1. 1. USING LONG-TAILED KEYWORDS What are long-tailed keywords and how do I find them?
  2. 2. FINDING LONG-TAILED KEYWORDS  There are a number of ways to find long-tailed keywords. You can: 1. Use a manual approach 2. Use an automated approach 3. Pay someone to do it for you
  3. 3. MANUAL APPROACH (PART 1)  Go to a search engine like Google and type in a keyword like, “math tutor.”  The results are shown below.  Results that are 3 or more words are considered long-tailed keywords.
  4. 4. MANUAL APPROACH (PART 2)  Go to a search engine like Google and type in a keyword like, “math tutor,” and hit ENTER  Scroll to the bottom of the page  Here are a list of some more long-tailed keywords
  5. 5. MANUAL APPROACH (PART 3)  Rinse and repeat!  Try Part 1 and 2 with following keywords:  In home tutor  Hire a tutor  English tutor  Science tutor  Grade 12 tutor  Tutors in <NAME OF YOUR CITY>  Best tutors in <NAME OF YOUR CITY>  Use your imagination.  This process can be time consuming
  6. 6. AUTOMATED APPROACH (PART 1)  Automated approaches uses software to do the time consuming work for you. 2 examples are: 1. Google Keyword Planner 2. Scrape Box
  7. 7. AUTOMATED APPROACH (PART 2)  Google Keyword Planner  Create an Adwords account with Google  Go to Tools from the top navigation  Type “math tutor” into the input  Select “find keywords” Keyword Planner Tutorial
  8. 8. Watch YouTube Video AUTOMATED APPROACH (PART 3)  Scrape Box  Purchase Scrape Box at  Cost is $97 USD  This is a good route if you plan to do a lot more SEO than just identifying long-tailed keywords
  9. 9. PAY SOMEONE  If you are someone who would likely pay someone to do this for you, you probably wouldn’t take the time to read an article of this type.  A simple web-search will discover countless SEO companies who would be more than willing to help.