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Limit Google AdWords Exposure By Region Tutorial

Only show your Google ads to potential clients that live within your businesses geographic region. In this tutorial we will show you how to configure Adwords to ensure your ads are shown to well qualified leads based on their location. We are using Google's newest version of Adwords for 2018.

We use lots of images to depict the process. You can also comment or send us an e-mail for follow up questions.

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Limit Google AdWords Exposure By Region Tutorial

  2. 2. WHY LIMIT GEOGRAPHIC EXPOSURE?  You ONLY want people seeing your ads if they live in a geographic region where you provide products and services  Otherwise, you’re throwing money away
  3. 3. ADD A CAMPAIGN  Click the “Campaigns” menu option  Click on the blue + button  Select “New campaign”
  4. 4. SELECT A CAMPAIGN GOAL  This example will use SALES > Search > Website visits
  5. 5. TARGETING & AUDIENCES  Answer the “General Settings” to fit your needs  Let’s focus on “TARGETING AND AUDIENCES” heading  Click on the “Advanced Search” link
  6. 6. ADVANCED SEARCH LINK  Enter the name of a city, state or country in the location input
  7. 7. FIND YOUR REGION  We typed, “united states” ...
  8. 8. SAVE THE REGION  Click “Save”  You will see the following:
  9. 9. RINSE AND REPEAT  For more regions, click “Advanced search” and follow the same process  We added a couple more as seen below...
  10. 10. EXAMPLE OF A LOCAL REGION  You can also select local areas around where your business operates if you are not an international company
  11. 11. EDITING AN EXISTING CAMPAIGN  Click on the campaign you want to edit  Choose “Locations” from the sub-menu  Click the blue pencil icon
  12. 12. ADD OR DELETE LOCATIONS  Add or delete locations and click “SAVE” when you are done
  13. 13. CONCLUSION  Limiting your Google AdWords by geographic region or location is that easy  If you have any follow up questions or concerns, feel free to send us an e-mail or comment below if you are reading this from our news section