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Team Building Secrets of Master Project Leaders

  1. TEAM BUILDING SECRETS OF MASTER PROJECT LEADERS C h r i s t o p h e r A v e r y , P h D
  2. Think about it As a leader… Knowing how to get more done with others may be your most important skill. Do you have a proven and repeatable process for building any team any time? Do you lead in such a way that people want to share responsibility with you to get the project done? © 2015 Partnerwerks Inc. All Rights Reserved
  3. Every day I see smart, ambitious 
 —responsible— professionals stuck in lives and jobs they don’t want and think they can’t change.
  4. Team Orientation Process
  5. CHRISTOPHER AVERY, PHD The Responsibility Process guy
  6. You are responsible for the quality of your relationships at work. 
 (Yet most don’t realize this.)
  7. Step 0. Take 100% Responsibility Only one person can ensure you have a great team experience. Take Responsibility for: • being on a great team • deserving to be on a great team • knowing how teams get built (and how they don’t)
  9. JUSTIFY LAY BLAME SHAME RESPONSIBILITY OBLIGATION FEELING / TONE “I am free (so are you)” “I have to” “I deserve this” “It’s the circumstances” “It’s them”
  10. No Results DOWNLOAD YOUR 
  11. No Results Unsatisfying Results Results that Matter
  12. WHY PRACTICE RESPONSIBILITY? Be a better leader Take charge of your life Overcome problems Pursue a greater purpose Generate more impact Be more fulfilled Be more authentic Enjoy better relationships Freedom, Choice, & Power
  13. 1. The TASK is the reason Facilitate shared clarity about the team’s task, purpose, or assignment: • Ask the team’s sponsor what is wanted and expected of the team • Dialog with team members until they reach complete shared clarity about what group output (not individual output) is expected.
  14. What must we do together that is •bigger than any of us •requires all of us, and •none of us can claim individual victory with out it? How? Discuss to shared clarity
  15. Dynamics shift when in the same boat together Geez… Their side is sinking
  16. 2. Surface Member MOTIVATION Align individual and team outcomes: • Ask each team member to clarify what is in it for them (beyond a paycheck) • Acknowledge that unique personal outcomes are held by each team member • Explore potential competing loyalties or commitments between the role on this team and other responsibilities • Invite the group to commit to support each member in getting their individual outcomes.
  17. CONCERN: My investment won’t be matched. TRUTH: Teams perform to the level of the least invested co-worker WHY?
  18. What’s in it for you — beyond a paycheck — to be on this team this time? Probe a bit deeper for real energy/inspiration. How? Discuss to shared clarity
  19. 3. Promote Team AGREEMENTS Make and keep agreements: • With the team, develop 5 to 9 behavioral (i.e., observable) agreements team members vow to abide by in dealings with each other • Consider meeting frequency, procedures, and roles; workload distribution; communication policy; problem solving policy; conflict resolution policy; etc.
  20. Tag Team Tic Tac Tow This slide intentionally removed as we do not share the instructions to this game. Tag Team Tic Tac Tow is Copyrighted 1995-2018 by Christopher Avery and Partnerwerks. All rights reserved. Please honor our intellectual property. Challenge yourself to invent your own game. You can! Search for other “Prisoner’s Dilemma” games where the game is neither win/win nor win/lose until the players play.
  21. 4. Clear and Elevating Goal To craft a clear and elevating goal: • Understand the TASK is what must be done; the GOAL is what makes it worth doing • Listen for the emergence of a stretch goal that energizes the team to complete the task AND delivers on each of the individual outcomes • Such a goal will often emerge from the storming phase
  22. 5. Discover what PEOPLE bring Inventory team members: • Ask each team member to discuss what they can bring to this team in terms of skill, experience, contacts, expertise, etc. • Reinforce how each member’s gifts can bring value
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