Filtering BGIedu Channel posts


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Tips on how to manage email posts from BGIedu Channel to be able to use this tool more efficiently and effectively.

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Filtering BGIedu Channel posts

  1. 1. Filtering Channel Posts Tips on how to manage email posts from The BGI Channel to be able to use this tool more efficiently and effectively
  2. 2. In Settings: General, set Settings: General “Keyboard shortcuts on”
  3. 3. Settings: General Turn on “Show indicators” and “Show snippets”
  4. 4. Remove all extra webclips Settings: WebClips In Search box, add:
  5. 5. In the Settings for Labs there are a number of Settings: Labs lab tools to add
  6. 6. Labs: Advanced IMAP Enable Controls
  7. 7. Labs: Google Calendar Enable gadget
  8. 8. Enable Labs: Nested Labels
  9. 9. Enable Labs: Quicklinks
  10. 10. Settings: Labels For the “All Mail” label, turn off “Show in IMAP”
  11. 11. Log in to The Channel, and Channel Posts click on your profile link
  12. 12. Channel Posts Click on Edit Profile
  13. 13. Turn off Digest - single email per form post. Channel Posts Save. You will need wait a while to receive some new non-digest posts before you can continue.
  14. 14. Without filtering or So we have to filter out messages from digests, inbox is noisy The Channel and Label them with channel posts
  15. 15. Start with a single This one is from “Commons”, Channel message and “Renewable Energy”
  16. 16. Select “More actions” and then Filter this message “Filter messages like these”
  17. 17. Gmail will make a guess on Along with the post you selected, all the other how to filter this message posts to the same Channel Forum will be shown
  18. 18. However, for our first filter, we want all Channel Change filter to grab all posts to be grouped together. Change to BGI-Channel posts “list:(” and click Test to see result
  19. 19. Create a master filter for Select “Skip the Inbox”, all channel posts “Apply Label” and “New Label...”
  20. 20. Create a new label #BGI- Create New Label “#BGI-Channel” Channel and “OK”
  21. 21. Click on Create a new label #BGI- “Also apply filter to conversations below”, Channel and finally “Create Filter”
  22. 22. Your filter and label are now created
  23. 23. The #BGI-Channel label Your Inbox is cleared of Channel posts, and your has all your posts, not your #BGI-Channel label has them instead. inbox Now we will create individual forum labels
  24. 24. Go back to your single Note the name the forum that it came from. This Channel message one is from Commons, and Renewable Energy
  25. 25. Select “More actions” and then Filter this message “Filter messages like these”
  26. 26. You’ll see all posts to this same Channel View test results Forum will be filtered together. Click on “Next Step”.
  27. 27. Select “Skip the Inbox”, Create a new label “Apply Label” and “New Label...”
  28. 28. Create a new label #BGI- Create New Label “#BGI-Channel/Commons” Channel/Commons and “OK”
  29. 29. Select “Skip the Inbox”, Create a new label “Apply Label” and “New Label...”
  30. 30. Create Second Label Create a second label “#BGI-Channel/Commons/Renewable-Energy” and “OK”
  31. 31. Click on Create a filter for both “Also apply filter to conversations below”, labels and finally “Create Filter”
  32. 32. Your second filter is now Now your channel posts are created organized in a nested labels
  33. 33. You can “star” posts from Announcement forums, Another useful filter option or classes you are currently taking. This will mark is to “Star it” them for more attention until Unstarred.
  34. 34. Gmail Best Practices Other Topics: Labels are not Folders Archive is not Trash, instead it is NOT label Inbox Thus Archive button is = remove Inbox label All mail has every archived mail Move button removes current label and adds new label. Label button is safer, adds label to existing labels Special Labels !! ! @ # !!Highest and !High priority are sorted to top, use like “!Homework” @, useful for emails from a specif email account, will be sorted to top next #topic labels sorted above normal labels Useful to “Hide least-used Labels” using Settings:Labels To hide completely read Labels, enable the Lab