Personal Branding: Creating and Managing an Identity that Promotes Mission & Vision (BGIMGT566sx 2010 October Intensive Sunday)


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Personal Brand: Creating and Managing an Identity that Promotes Mission & Vision

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Personal Branding: Creating and Managing an Identity that Promotes Mission & Vision (BGIMGT566sx 2010 October Intensive Sunday)

  1. 1. Personal Branding Creating and Managing an Identity that Promotes Mission & Vision Sunday, October 10th, 9:15a Room 105
  2. 2. Create a Name Badge Welcome! Your Name “Christopher Allen” Your Tagline “Entrepreneur, Advisor & Technologist” Optionally, your Affiliation: “”
  3. 3. Give your elevator pitch Check In #1 Keep it brief — you only have a few floors! Your audience is current classmates, alums, faculty, staff and friends of BGI Remember, these people are also prospective employers, employees, or connections to professional opportunities!
  4. 4. Personal Brand “The Future You”
  5. 5. What is Personal Brand? A perception or emotion, maintained by someone other then you, that describes the total experience of having a relationship with you.
  6. 6. Your First Impression A first impression is usually made in less than 30 seconds Studies have shown it can take 21 new interactions to change that first impression
  7. 7. “Publication is a self-invasion of privacy.” Change Agent – Marshall McLuhan “In exchange for power, influence, command and a place in history, a president gives up the bulk of his privacy.” – Roger Mudd “You already have zero privacy – get over it” – Scott McNeally “I restore myself alone. A career is born in public — talent in privacy.” – Marilyn Monroe
  8. 8. Discussion of Readings “The Knowledge is in the Room”
  9. 9. What were your takeaways from Optional Readings? Takeaways
  11. 11. Personal Branding 101: Discover and Create your Creation • Business cards Discovery • Resume • Personal Process • Portfolio • Find your Passion • Blog • LinkedIn • Develop a Plan • facebook • Master your Niche • Twitter • Video Resume Self Impression = • Wardrobe How People See You • Email Address Your Personal Branding Toolkit
  12. 12. Control  Your   Personal  Brand Claim  Your  Google  Profile Reserve  Name  on  Social  Networks Establish  a  Personal  Hub Have  a  Reputation  Management  Strategy Promote  You Dan  Schwabel  (­‐personal-­‐brand/)
  13. 13. Personal  Branding  vs.  Self-­‐Promo4on Personal  Branding Self-­‐Promo4on Mutually  Beneficial  &  Sustainable It’s  about  ME! Collabora4ve But  Can  You  Help  ME?   Dale  Carnegie  once  said:  "You  can  make  more  friends  in  2  months  by  being  interested  in   other  people  than  you  can  in  2  years  trying  to  gets  others  to  be  interested  in  you.”
  14. 14. How  to  you  develop  a  successful  personal  brand?                                                    +                                                    +                                                    = Source:    Shah,  Salma  "Developing  A  Successful  Personal  Brand"  Women  Unlimited:  hQp://www.women-­‐­‐a-­‐successful-­‐ personal-­‐brand/
  15. 15. Your brand as a safety net
  16. 16. What color is Your Brand? Energy Mystery Ambition Power Passion Inspiration Desire Potency Wealth Royalty Determination Competition Energy Courage Spirituality Success Action Luxury Integrity Determination Love Magic Truth Trust Encouragement Force Peace Confidence Potency Vitality Loyalty Joy Luck Productivity Authority Strength Sunshine Nature Vision Energy Growth Youth Intellect Warmth Rebirth Optimism Happiness Light Fertility Healing Creativity Relaxation Warning Spring By Caleb Summers
  17. 17. What tunes FASCINATE others? Power Pres8ge Alarm Vice Trust Lust Mys8que
  18. 18. 18
  20. 20. “Brand  Phobia:  How  to  fight  your   personal  brand  demons  and  win”   Women’s  Myths  @  branding: Myth  #1:  If  I  Am  Good,  They   Will  Come Myth  #2:  Marke8ng  Myself  Is  a   Dirty  Business Myth  #3:  I  Can't  Control  What   Other  People  Think By  Lyn  Chamberlin  
  21. 21. Excuse ME! (defend your brand!) Especially: -subordinates -minorities -women n.carduner
  22. 22. Here’s  the  way  you  want  to  have  it! An  individual  consultant’s  model  –   personal  branding  –  is  being  sold  to   companies,  and  it  doesn’t  work  on  a   large  scale.  It  does  not  work  for   corporate  communica4ons  …
  23. 23. After the break, tell us: In 30 seconds, what is Check In #2 the one thing that you absolutely excel at, that above all else you are better at than almost anyone else?
  24. 24. Discover Your Brand “The Future You”
  25. 25. Tell us: In 30 seconds, what is Check In #2 the one thing that you absolutely excel at, that above all else you are better at than almost anyone else?
  26. 26. Your Personal Brand All that you are should support your personal brand You are a whole person, not just your profession Is your personal brand powerful to people to already know you? Does a clear, concise, positive idea come to mind when people think of you? Is your personal brand effective with people that don’t know you?
  27. 27. CEO of Your Own Brand You are the CEO of your own career What is a title for your career now that is likely to be true in 2 years? Mine now is “Entrepreneur, Advisor & Technologist” What is the best one sentence introduction of your professional self? “I am a long-time entrepreneur & technologist focused on the opportunities found in the social web, online trust and virtual communities, which I write about in my blog Life With Alacrity and teach in the sustainable MBA program at Bainbridge Graduate Institute.
  28. 28. A purpose Last weekend at intensive, we did a journaling exercise.We built up through the questions, "What do I consider my personal identity?" and "What are my core competencies?" to the ultimate question of, "What is my purpose?" Yes, that general. Purpose. By the time I go to that Beth question, I knew exactly what to write, so I quickly Breisnes wrote down my response and shut my notebook. "My purpose in life is to learn and to share."
  29. 29. A declaration Today I revisited the profile, and noticed, after our exercise in branding, that while accurate, it was still less than complete. Taking a deep breath, I added the declaration: I am a passionate, creative leader. Utterly true. Bonnie J Wallace
  30. 30. Joy “One of the major driving forces in my life is joy. I want lasting and long-term joy for myself and everyone. If you look at all the things that go into joy: humor, health, community, environment, etc. you get to the need for a more simple and sustainable life for humans on this planet. Melissa Therefore, I will often focus on happiness as Dingman the outcome of sustainability efforts.”
  31. 31. “Tag” yourself using separate post-it notes: Tag Self Write down three, short (2-3 word) phrases that you use to introduce yourself Describe the three things you are most passionate about Describe three thing unique about yourself
  32. 32. “Tag” everyone Wander quietly and “tag” Tag Others your fellow students on their back with post-it notes. Use a word or short phrase. Focus on what makes them unique Gift them by with an acknowledgment of something they are good at they may not know Write something you found most memorable about them
  33. 33. Find an opposite partner Pick a personal you know Tag Review the least, whom you were least able to tag They will be your brand buddy Take all of the tags off their back
  34. 34. Take turns and compare the lists of tags that you Tag Review wrote for yourself, and those that others wrote for you. Discuss how are they the same and how are they different. Ask your brand buddy to help you identify three key phrases that are most important and effective at evoking “the authentic you”
  35. 35. Share your 3 key phrases! Check In #3
  36. 36. Discover Your Brand “The Future You”
  37. 37. Our Goals Finalize your Personal Brand Know your keywords and key phrases Update your profiles Your Channel Profile one last time Then your Google Profile Get advice from Personal Brand Buddies Sign up for LinkedIn Add your fellow students Update your LinkedIn Profile
  38. 38. Given the important words from your tags: Related Keywords Use google suggest to find related words Are any of these two word phrases worthy of a blog name?
  39. 39. Google Search: Alacrity
  40. 40. Know Your Keywords Given the important words from your personal brand and identity exercises: What related words are possibly more evocative? Try Thesaurus, OED, roots What other words are often paired with those words.Try Google Suggest What adjectives or adverbs can you add to both make you more unique and more evocative? Is their any pairing of words worthy of a blog name?
  41. 41. I’ve mostly worked in entrepreneurial Initial words startups, so this was these were the first words I looked up
  42. 42. I right-clicked (option-clicked) the word Mac Dictionary “startup” to look it up in the Mac Dictionary
  43. 43. This is the definition of “startup” Mac Dictionary in the built-in Mac Dictionary.
  44. 44. Mac Dictionary The root word for “startup” is start
  45. 45. I looked up “start” using the Mac Thesaurus built-in Mac Thesaurus
  46. 46. I just grab any word that is evocative or has More words some emotional context attached to it
  47. 47. “eager” was the root of one of the more More words interesting words, so I looked that up further
  48. 48. “eager” had a latin root, so I looked up that Latin Dictionary in the Lewis-Short Latin/English Dictionary
  49. 49. These are the results of looking up Latin Dictionary the word “eager” in the online Lewis & Short English/Latin dictionary
  50. 50. alacritas looked familar, Latin Dictionary similar to the word alacrity
  51. 51. Mac Dictionary I liked the basic definition “cheerful readiness”
  52. 52. I liked the evocation of positive emotions Mac Thesaurus in almost all of these synonyms
  53. 53. Google Search: define:alacrity
  54. 54. I looked up the domain Domain Lookup
  55. 55. Unfortunately, was not Domain Lookup available, so I needed a longer domain name
  56. 56. Google Suggest is the feature where you begin Google Suggest words and google suggests the most common pairings. Useful for finding important pairs.
  57. 57. Google Suggest used to give numbers, but there Google Suggest #s are third party tools that still do:
  58. 58. Once I had some words, I tried pairing them in Pairing Words different ways, different combos, until one stuck
  59. 59. I can also be useful to check the username
  60. 60. What makes a word evocative? A word that brings to mind a Evocative memory, mood or image. The best evocative words have an emotional context. However, be very aware of emotional context, as it may not be what you think. Evocative does not mean provocative
  61. 61. It is possible to go too far. If there is a choice between Authentic an evocative word and authentic one, pick the authentic. However, humor can make a big difference: I was tired of the title “CEO & President”, so on one of my old game industry business cards I said instead “CEO & Herder of Cats”. It showed I was boss, but not stuffy, a useful image.
  62. 62. Create Your Brand “The Future You”
  63. 63. During the next two Create Your weeks, you will be Brand creating the first draft of your Personal Brand Unique Evocative Concise Memorable
  64. 64. You should: Find a second Brand Brand Buddy Buddy, someone who knows you well The pair of someone who doesn’t know you well plus someone who does, works best Share your drafts with them
  65. 65. Consistency Be consistent Try to have one consistent personality (or message) in lots of different places, not a different personality (or message) in each place Because the world is small and the people who meet you in one place, you will meet in another place also
  66. 66. Avatar Ideally a closeup of your face People have a much larger ability to remember faces then names Put your face anywhere people may need to remember you My face is on the back of my business card If you have privacy concerns, consider commissioning a unique caricature
  67. 67. Your Brand Name Decide what kind of name to use A unique personal name or moniker ChristopherRayAllen – my full name ChristopherA – my preferred moniker A meaningful word or phrase you can claim Alacrity – “cheerful promptitude” is my core word Life With Alacrity – my blog and typical first contact Alacrity Management, Alacrity Ventures, Alacrity Ventures are sub-brands A nym (a pseudonym) Tenebrass (only 339 google results) vs Tenebras (1m+)
  68. 68. Account Best Practices Use same account name, spelling, upper case, nicknames, and logins across all platforms. Max 15 characters No punctuation Avoid numbers Use & Try to own the domain even if you don’t use it Use CamelCase when first registering Have a backup nickname Close as possible to preferred nickname
  69. 69. Password Management Have at least two passwords Create a “non-secure” password for non-financial websites Pick a memorable long word or short phrase, e.g.““amber waves”, “perspicacious” Shorten it to 7 characters “ambrwvs”, “prspccus” Convert a letter other then first to number O=0, L=1, E=3, S=5 e.g. “ambrwv5” or “pr5pccus” Use letter from domain name for last char, and capitalize it e.g. second o from google “ambrwv5O” or “pr5pccusO” Same technique but longer word for financial or use supergenpass bookmarklet
  70. 70. Consistent Style Same personal avatar image on all public platforms Same or similar description and keywords When possible, use similar fonts, colors, artistic style, etc. I use nicely kerned elegant serifed font for logo I elegant san-serif fonts in body copy Gill Sans in presentations Trebuchet in web pages Colors largely the same on blog, business card, presentations, even my shirt for important conferences
  71. 71. Update Your Profiles Starting with your Channel profile, update your profiles to your new Personal Brand Ask colleagues and friends for their impressions – it is difficult to judge your profile yourself Think about your profile’s audience: The Channel: fellow students, teachers LinkedIn: future professional colleagues Google Profile: generic Blogger Profile: your blog audience
  72. 72. Don’t Fill Out Everything Just because a website asks you a question, you don’t have to answer Why answer “My superpower” or “Something I can’t find on Google” or “Where I grew up”? Answer only those questions that support your Personal Brand Interests is often useful profile field Keep a text file with your standard profile answers
  73. 73. Reflecting on Your Brand “The Authentic You”
  74. 74. Assign role Speaker Echo Exercise Listener/Echoer Observer Swap
  75. 75. Refining Your Brand “The Authentic You”
  76. 76. Defining your Personal Brand Understand your SWOT Strengths – personal attributes that help you Weaknesses – personal attributes that hinder you Opportunities – external conditions that you can leverage and exploit Threats – external conditions that hold you back or may hurt you
  77. 77. Strengths & Weaknesses What are your personal strengths? What do you offer that your market finds relevant? What other strengths do you have that are not part of what you think offer? What passions? What values do you hold and how do you demonstrate them? How can you better leverage your strengths? What are your personal weaknesses? What habits and limitations get in your way? What weaknesses can you change? What weaknesses can you integrate?
  78. 78. Opportunities & Threats What are your opportunities? What is changing in the world that you want to be a part of? What is changing in your life? What are your threats? What external factors are holding you back? How can you mitigate those challenges? PESTLE What is changing Politically, Economically, Socially, Technology, Legally, and Environmentally that will affect your future life?
  79. 79. Optionally, fill out your Personal Brand Personal Brand Worksheet Worksheet (in the google docs folder): Use it to help inform your thoughts, but don’t let it limit you Share your results with your Brand Buddies Refine and iterate “Perfection is the enemy of the good”
  80. 80. roots: your important life influences and beliefs Tree of Life trunk: your life structure, particularly those aspects that are quite firm and fixed branches: key relationships and connections, directions, interests, how you spend time leaves: your unique information and knowledge - and sources thereof buds: your ideas and hopes for the future, and their potential fruit: your achievements flowers: what makes you special, your strengths thorns: your sharp edges
  81. 81. Branding Assignments for next week (Wed August 13th 6pm): Assignments Discover your related keywords Update your Channel Profile (again!) Optionally: Share your problems & questions with class update your LinkedIn & Google profiles share your worksheet or tree of life with class
  82. 82. BGI Guides
  83. 83. BGI Guides What are your topics? Review your scope? Too broad? Too narrow?
  84. 84. Before you start blogging Start with Google Blog Search & Technorati to find interesting blogs about your field. Visit the blogs. Find ones that interest you. Comment when you have something to say. Establish Google Reader and then feed new posts from those blogs to it. Use the Reader instead of going to each site. Save useful websites in Delicious. Tag them with words that make sense to you. Share your Delicious favorites with your network. Get their favorites. Then visit those sites and add to your Reader using RSS feeds.
  85. 85. Building Blog Content Writing Purposeful Content consistent with continuity keyword rich remember to link and attribute Your content labels your blog be careful about names, tags, and keywords Build upon your body of work Write timeless content Blog passionately Give readers a reason to return Give readers a reason to blog about your blog Your comments in other blogs may better as posts
  86. 86. Blog on a schedule When you are beginning, ideally 2-3 posts a week Only one a week needs to be “serious” At least one a week should be a thoughtful response to someone else’s blog post One a week can just be a quick post of best from your delicious bookmarks
  87. 87. Finding Topics Search through your outbox Every Friday, reuse something you’ve already written Google Reader Read through the titles of posts Look for trends Star those that you want to read first Read stars Add labels Search Blogs Look for blogs using your keywords Comment or Trackback
  88. 88. When to Post Post just before your readers are ready Highest traffic is Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, and Saturday, between 6am–11am EST Most comments are Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday, between 7a–11am EST Be prepared after Schedule yourself time to promote Respond to comments swiftly Monitor your trackbacks and technorati
  89. 89. Know your Keywords Make sure every page you use has the important ones Make a list for yourself Look at words of your colleagues & competitors Look at search logs to see which are searched See which keywords are indexed more Use noun, adverb, adjective forms if possible Know the synonyms Be particularly careful with keywords in titles
  90. 90. Blog Assignments for next week (Sunday evening August Assignments 18th): Name your Blog Create your Blog Post about Water & on Blog Action Day (October 15th)
  91. 91. Questions? Feedback? Next session is Elluminate Session B October 13, 2010: 6pm PT