10-Step Strategy to Sail Through a Crisis Thanks to Social Media


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This is the presentation I delivered at the 'Reputational Risk Management in the Financial Sector' event (Hong Kong, 19-21 Jan 2011).

I invite you to check my post (including the links to the initiatives mentioned) directly on Visible Banking: http://www.bit.ly/e2IzH6

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10-Step Strategy to Sail Through a Crisis Thanks to Social Media

  1. 1. 10-Step Strategy to Sail Through a Crisis Thanks to Social Media ‘ Reputation Risk Management for the Financial Sector’ Hong Kong – 19/01/2011
  2. 2. Evangelizing SM in Financial Services Since 07 BV VB http://Bazaarvoice.com Improve your Business with UGC Sales Director EMEA, Financial Services * 5 workshops in Europe & Asia * 100+ video interviews * 2,400+ initiatives tracked in 70 countries * 1,000+ brands worldwide * 30,000+ reviews in banking & insurance * 170 billion conversations served http://Visible-Banking.com Understand & Leverage Social Media Blogger / Speaker / Event Organizer
  3. 3. What was Your Compelling Event? 2009 * 2 videos * 850,000 views 2007 * 2 months * 4,000+ members 2005 * 1 blog post * 500+ comments
  4. 4. And What Was Your Response?
  5. 5. Don’t Know Where to Start: L.I.E. to Me! LISTEN IDENTIFY ENGAGE 01. 02. 03.
  6. 6. 10 -Step Strategy
  7. 7. Learn from the Best & Worst Practices in FS 01. 720+ pages, groups, apps in 69 countries Content (syntax, frequency, call to action)? 1,355 accounts in 71 countries Fans (volume vs quality)? Activity? Reputation Management Teams Reputation Management Accounts
  8. 8. Listen to Online Conversations (e-Reputation) 02. RESPONSE Make Informed Decisions Tools Challenges NOISE
  9. 9. Build Relationships with your Influencers 03. Know Your Followers (KYF) content / following / REWARD strategies Know Your Fans (KYF) content / contest strategies ? KYF Competitors Employees Clients Journalists Consultants Bloggers Prospects
  10. 10. Build a Presence Where Your Customers Are 04. Ownership vs Content Help your customer to drive advocacy Customer Support Boring is better than nothing Start Now! Give your social media presence visibility Promote it
  11. 11. Create a Platform for Swift & Engaging Comms 05. Australian banks promptly reached out to their customers during the floods (Jan 11) Real-Time Communications Blogging Videos
  12. 12. Make Your Comms Action/Share/Search-able 06. So far we’ve listed between 10-15 social media newsrooms / “PR 2.0” sections in FS. Social Media Newsroom Your content must be sharable in 1-click! CALL TO ACTION: where do you plan to redirect your influencers? Host & Distribute Your Content Online Make the life of journalists & bloggers easy, and drive more traffic to your PR/Comms assets. Help the Bloggers... and Yourself
  13. 13. Protect Yourself & Minimize Your Risk 07. Different social media initiatives, varying levels of risk. If you can’t control what people are saying on their own social media assets or social networks, you can make sure conversations on your SM assets are relevant . 30% of the pages we are tracking let their fans post directly on the wall. User Contribution on Facebook We’ve listed 40+ user guidelines on facebook, online communities, blogs. (Jan 2011) Training & Guidelines
  14. 14. Urge Your Customers to Express Themselves 08. * Capture * Moderation * Insights & ROI * Leverage insights internally * Leverage feedback externally * Multichannel distribution * Innovation Challenges UGC: adopt holistic & agnostic approach ( radio ) ROI Connect: social recommendations & emotions Customer Reviews / Q&As / Stories Turn your angry customers into brand advocates Keep the Conversation Open 90% negative feedback
  15. 15. Twitter is (not only) for Celebs
  16. 16. Be Transparent & Authentic 09. Senior Executives Mergers & Aquisitions Use of UGC
  17. 17. Your Company Must Adapt: Live & Learn! 10. Embracing social media is crucial . And it is not about technology or trends. The sooner you start engaging with your customers on any new communication channels, the quicker you ensure your agility as an organization and your ability to connect with your customers tomorrow whatever the future brings. Social Media Newsroom So Are You Ready?
  18. 18. 10-Step Strategy to Sail Through a Crisis Thanks to Social Media 1. Learn the Best & Worst Practices in FS 2. Listen to Online Conversations 3. Build Relationships with Your Influencers 4. Build a Presence Where Your Customers Are 5. Create a Platform for Swift & Engaging Comms 6. Make Your Comms Action/Share/Search-able 7. Protect Yourself & Minimize Your Risk 8. Urge Your Customers to Express Themselves 9. Be Transparent & Authentic 10. Your Company Must Adapt: Live & Learn!
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