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Video for good 2017 participatory video session


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This presentation is on participatory video, and how charities can use the method to engage both supported people and staff in a creative process exploring issues of shared importance.

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Video for good 2017 participatory video session

  1. 1. We Made a Film: Participatory Video Christoph Warrack FRSA CEO Open Cinema #videoforgood @weareopencinema
  2. 2. Participatory Video Session • 0 – 10mins: Welcome and Introduction to PV • 10 – 15mins: Q&A and intro to small groups • 15 – 35mins: Small Groups: Develop and Pitch • Most Significant Change: Strategic, Beneficiaries or Both • Participants: Staff, Beneficiaries or Both • Audiences: Staff, Beneficiaries, Peers, Public, Policy Makers, Supporters • 35 – 40mins: Small Groups feed back • 40 – 45mins: Closing Remarks and Next Steps
  3. 3. The Open Cinema Mission: To enable any individual or community to move from exclusion to participation
  4. 4. Filmmakers
  5. 5. Organisations
  6. 6. 9 Commissions
  7. 7. What is participatory video in a nutshell? • Participants (of any category) rapidly learn to use video equipment through creative workshops • Supervisors help groups identify important issues in their community • Short films are produced by the participants • Resulting films are presented to the wider community at interactive events • A dynamic process of community-led learning is set in motion.
  8. 8. Me / We
  9. 9. What can we do with it? • Life Skills: Improved confidence, wellbeing, teamwork, and goal-focus • Media Skills: media approaches integrated • Media Assets and Capabilities: infrastructure and equipment enhanced • Advocacy: Awareness raising and campaigns, knowledge and innovation sharing
  10. 10. What can PV offer? • PV: – engages – empowers – clarifies – amplifies – catalyses – is inclusive and flexible – is accessible – equips people with skills and positive attitudes – disseminates good practice.
  11. 11. Open Cinema’s PV Programmes – Creative Film Programme – Advocacy Film – Impact Film Series – Enterprise Film Programme – Apprenticeship Film Programme – Industry Film Programme – Event Film – Peer Mentoring Film Programme
  12. 12. PV Films • ”Windows” • “Passmores House” • “Macmillan Good Together” (Premiering 25 September, BFI Southbank)
  13. 13. Charity Educators Employers Other Community Activities Relationships / Housing Cluster Builder
  14. 14. Your Film 21
  15. 15. Develop and Pitch • Get into two groups of six. • In each group, choose two people to be commissioners and four people to be staff members. • The commissioners leave the room. • The staff members decide what kind of issues the charity faces and what kind of role they would the film to play in addressing them. • The commissioners return and decide which issue they’d like to address and who is going to do what. • Commissioners work with participants and: – Agree on the issue; agree the creative approach (genre) – draw a storyboard. • Participants pitch the resulting project to commissioners
  16. 16. Thank you for being here. #videoforgood @weareopencinema