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Introduction to EngagementEmployee

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Engagement ppt's

  1. 1. The Engagement Challenge your pioneering change agents
  2. 2. What is engagement?The IES research showed that engaged employees demonstrate the following behaviours: belief in the organisation desire to work to make things better understanding of business context and the ‘bigger picture’ respectful of, and helpful to, colleagues willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ keeping up to date with developments in the field.Institute for Employment Studies Copyright gluetogether limited
  3. 3. the strongest driver of engagement is a sense of feeling valued and involved.Several key components: involvement in decision making the extent to which employees feel able to voice their ideas, and managers listen to these views, and value employees’ contributions the opportunities employees have to develop their jobs the extent to which the organisation is concerned for employees’ health and wellbeing.Institute for Employment Studies Copyright gluetogether limited
  4. 4. The business case for engagement Copyright gluetogether limited
  5. 5. Is engagement theanswer?NO! ENGAGEMENT IS THELEADER’S CHALLENGE Copyright gluetogether limited
  6. 6. Task and emotion Copyright gluetogether limited
  7. 7. Department for Business “There is a lack of understanding that trust works two ways and that not trusting your employees has a negative impact”. “Engagement matters because people matter – they are your only competitive edge. It is people, not machines that will make the difference and drive the business.” “Employee engagement is when the business values the employee and the employee values the business". Copyright gluetogether limited
  8. 8. LEADERSHIPfour enablers/drivers were cited as being critical to employee engagement.2. LEADERSHIP provides a strong strategic narrative which has widespread ownership and commitment from managers and employees at all levels. The narrative is a clearly expressed story about what the purpose of an organisation is, why it has the broad vision it has, and how an individual contributes to that purpose. Employees have a clear line of sight between their job and the narrative, and understand where their work fits in. Copyright gluetogether limited
  9. 9. Engaging Managersfour enablers/drivers were cited as being critical to employee engagement.2. ENGAGING MANAGERS are at the heart of this organisational culture– they facilitate and empower rather than control or restrict their staff; they treat their staff with appreciation and respect and show commitment to developing, increasing and rewarding the capabilities of those they manage. Copyright gluetogether limited
  10. 10. Voicefour enablers/drivers were cited as being critical to employee engagement.2. VOICE: An effective and empowered employee voice – employees’ views are sought out; they are listened to and see that their opinions count and make a difference. They speak out and challenge when appropriate. A strong sense of listening and of responsiveness permeates the organisation, enabled by effective communication. Copyright gluetogether limited
  11. 11. Integrityfour enablers/drivers were cited as being critical to employee engagement.3. INTEGRITY Behaviour throughout the organisation is consistent with stated values, leading to trust and a sense of integrity. Copyright gluetogether limited