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Introducing Gate Three's Daily Site Report

Weather, Site Notes, Subtrade's headcounts and activities are when and where they happen -on the jobsite.

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Introducing Gate Three's Daily Site Report

  1. 1. Weather, Site Activity, and Subtrades headcounts and activities are all organized in an easy to use format ideal for onsite reporting. Daily Site Reporting Simplified | @gatethree
  2. 2. Current and forecasted conditions are presented automatically upon starting a Daily Site Report. All you have to do is enter any comments, if necessary. Weather Can’t Be Predicted. But It Can Be Recorded. | @gatethree
  3. 3. Delays can have a significant impact to a project’s schedule and bottom line. Accurately and Instantly Capture All Project Impacts | @gatethree
  4. 4. Capture all onsite issues where they happen as they happen. Empowering Project Leaders | @gatethree
  5. 5. Concrete is the foundation of every project and accurate cost tracking does not happen by accident. Concrete Pour Reporting | @gatethree
  6. 6. Daily Site Report | @gatethree