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Kendall wood epicure presentation final


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Kendall wood epicure presentation final

  1. 1. The Social CustomerEpicure, Social Media + You
  2. 2. Epicure is a social business
  3. 3. Social media is about relationships
  4. 4. State of social in 2011!h#p://!
  5. 5. It’s inour DNA
  6. 6. Shortened attention spans•  up to our eyeballs in info•  12 minutes to 5 seconds•  27x
  7. 7. Canada is among the top 10
  8. 8. Women more active in social media
  9. 9. We are all social customers•  We share our thoughts, likes +dislikes•  On the web, our voices carrybeyond our kitchen table•  Now, we go online to learn aboutproducts + services•  Trust like-minded people withcommon interests + experiences•  Synthesize manydifferent ideas
  10. 10. Your brand is your promise•  Each conversation as an opportunityto share your journey•  People don’t want the hard sell•  Take the time to build trust + relationships•  Your success is your story•  Whoever has the best story wins
  11. 11. Use your head + heart•  We believe our friends more than polishedbrands + sales pitches•  We require others to share their opinions,hobbies + life•  Lead with your ears, not your message•  It’s about empathy + rapport
  12. 12. Business is humanBe generous, helpful + share knowledge:–  What are your values–  What are you offering–  What makes you unique–  What inspires you–  What you do better than anyone–  Who loves to associate with you
  13. 13. What we want•  service•  insights•  rewards for loyalty•  exclusive content•  provide feedback•  community•  honest info + reviews•  no-fuss purchases
  14. 14. E-mail is your digital glueOver 1 billion e-mails sent each 24 hours:•  more important than ever•  drives traffic to websites, blogs + other sites•  embed videos, photos, podcasts•  targeted content produces results
  15. 15. From subject line to signatureMake every word, image + link count :•  Balance of personable + professional•  Provide value•  Be human, authentic, helpful•  Keep it short•  Get consent
  16. 16. Facebook dominates social media•  Reaches more than half of the world’s global audience•  3 out of every 4 minutes spent on social media•  1 in every 7 minutes spent online!!
  17. 17. No longer a nice to havemake it your virtual kitchen table:•  it’s not build it + they will come•  customer service + great content•  be real, not polished•  photos, more photos + videos•  inspiration•  motivation
  18. 18. 5 things to keep in mind!  focus on building community + not justproducts!  asking people to like your updates works!!  questions tend to flat!  50% of clicks happen within first hour!  weekends are magic
  19. 19. Messaging ≠ content
  20. 20. Each 60 seconds•  600+ new videos•  35 hours of content•  YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest searchengine•  Find + share great content•  Epicure 2.0 is about bringing your storiesto life
  21. 21. Reaches 1 in 10 people worldwide•  easy, digestible bites•  perfect listening + business intelligencetool•  your photo + description lends credibility•  new customer service•  reputation management•  canary in the coalmine
  22. 22. Storytelling for blog posts is keyBlog is your brand story headquarters:•  best place to have conversations•  relationships + community building•  be passionate + excited online•  listening, responding + helping•  it’s not about SELL, SELL, SELL
  23. 23. Make your journey count
  24. 24. Learn from two of the best!Sco#!Monty!–!!!Jen!Fong!–!!!
  25. 25. What’s next?
  26. 26. Epicure’s story has multiple voices
  27. 27. Strategies for successSocial business do’s:•  be generous, helpful + authentic•  check Epicure’s Facebook + Twitter daily•  encourage others + lead by example•  keep up on what’s happening•  subscribe to Epicure’s blogs
  28. 28. Epicure + You = social contractSocial Business don’ts:•  spam your friends•  engage in arguments•  use logo as your profile picture•  strong political or religious views•  offensive language•  share company secrets
  29. 29. The way forward•  take time to review handout•  explore online resources•  social media toolkit + guidelines•  training modules•  consultant suite•  all about co-creation + collaboration
  30. 30.!@chicken_scratch!/!!