Pandemonium e-Newsletter: February 2013


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Pandemonium e-Newsletter: February 2013

  1. 1. February 2013 Bleeding Heart Doves: Nature Plays CupidPandemonium with Color Needs One glimpse at the Bleeding Heart Dove, and it looks as though Cupid shot an arrow straight through itsPandemonium Runs on heart! With a stroke of scarlet uponVolunteer Power their white chest, they give newIf you are interested in meaning to term "heartthrob," yetvolunteering to help these birds are wallflowers, creatingpreserve these beautiful a challenge to learn their behavior.species, please checkour Volunteer page for When the male dove summons theways you can help. courage to flirt, it flaunts its most striking feature, cooing and chasingeBay Auctions Help the female with a puffed chest. Once coupled, these doves prefer to keep Luzon Bleeding Heart DovePandemonium their romance discreet behind foliage. Staying true to heart, mated doves are monogamous companions who share equally in caring for their young and may re-nest throughout the Some year. Beyond the nest, bleeding heart doves spend their day in flocks,eBay sellers donate all of scouting for food along the forest floor of their native Pacific islands. Theirpart of their sale to benefit daily routine of dispersing seeds enables the forest to flourish.our cause. Check this linkfor current auctions or Sadly, Bleeding Heart Doves are on the brink of endangerment due tosearch for us deforestation, pet trade and hunting. Pandemonium Aviaries has takenonMissionFish. If nothing strides to preserve the Bartlett (New Guinea) and Mindanao (Philippines)is currently listed, checkagain soon. species of Bleeding Heart Doves through breeding practices developed by the Avian Recovery for Conservation (ARC) program. Pandemonium isIf you are an eBay Seller, also expanding its focus to boost conservation efforts for doves native toand would like to sell Melanesia by creating a more intimate breeding space with nest boxes anditems to support abundant foliage.Pandemonium,contactLance Lawson. Much of ARCs success depends on generous donations to cover the cost of food, housing and veterinary care. This Valentines Day, celebrate your love of Natures precious gifts by sponsoring a Bleeding Heart Dove!In-Kind GiftsNon-cash donationsprovide supplies that we Visit the DONATE page for details of ways to not need to purchase.Examples of what we canuse are on our website.
  2. 2. Story References Message from Michele Dear Friends,New York Times articleon Tis the season for love, which is certainly in bloom at Pandemoniumpigeon evolution andbreeding. Aviaries! Romance is in the air as males strut, dance, preen, sing and coo to captivate their mate. But the elegant and brilliant displays of"Bleeding-heart affection are far from frivolous. Courtship is essential to the survival ofDove."Enjoy a Fun Day our birds species.out in Bristol Zoo. Bristol Zoo Gardens, n.d.Web. 09 Feb. 2013 Mother Nature wields her paintbrush to create the stunning colors and plumages that initiate companionships, yet successful breeding among threatened and endangered birds requires a little help from our team of aviculturists and volunteers. Friends of the RosamondGifford Zoo EducationVolunteers with assistance The advent of spring marks a time when we pamper our birds with afrom the State University different diet and more comfortable surroundings to ensure devotion toof New York. "Rosamond one another and healthy offspring. Birds trim down to more gracefulGifford Zoo." Rosamond figures with a decreased intake of carbohydrates, and feed is packedGifford Zoo with protein to promote egg production in females. "Honeymoon suites" are prepared with clean nest boxes that include fresh bedding, and signs akin to the "Do Not Disturb" door hangers are displayed to remind everyone to respect our birds privacy. We eagerly await the outcome of the kindled romances and nesting preparations that highlight spring, and anticipate sharing Baby News announcements in an upcoming issue. Wishing you a Valentines Day filled with love and wonder, Michele Raffin Save the Date - Mothers Day Weekend This Mothers Day Weekend, May 11 and 12, Pandemonium Aviaries will be hosting an Aviary and Garden Tour fundraiser. Mark your calendars now and look for more details soon. Pandemonium Aviaries P.O. Box 240 Los Altos, CA 94024 Copyright 2013 Pandemonium Aviaries