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Christine_Letter of reference


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Christine_Letter of reference

  1. 1. • • • • • June 15, 2013 Reference Letter: Christine O’Connor Christine O’Connor came to work for Navarre Press as a reporter on July 18, 2008 and physically left us when her husband was transferred in October of 2011. Christine continued to help us edit, post stories to our website, write stories and compile briefs from New Jersey through July of 2012. Christine has an insatiable appetite for news and she cares about her craft which is a very rare to find in today’s market. In fact, I’ve yet to find a replacement comparable to Christine’s contribution of drive and determination in the newsroom. Her energy is infectious and inspired others try to keep up with her. Christine was not afraid to dig in especially if it was a great story. For example, she took on a very volatile story during her time with us and researched it very thoroughly winning an investigative story award from the Florida Press Association. Our County Sheriff called to compliment Christine on the fairness of the story even though it wasn’t totally positive regarding the sheriff’s department. Christine didn’t just write the stories that she wanted to write and conveniently forget about assignments, which I’ve seen other reporter/editors do. We found Christine to have good news judgment proactive in news gathering. The difference between Christine and reporters I’ve seen before and after her is that she loves what she does and she is good at it. Christine doesn’t consider journalism as a means to a paycheck; it is her passion. She also strives to be better and wants to learn. She has a good head on her shoulders and makes good decisions once she learns the parameters. I’d much rather have to pull back the reins on an employee than have to kick them in the rear (figuratively) to get stuff done – and Christine was one of the rare ones that needed the reins pulled in – now and then. Christine also brought her broadcast journalism skills with her and used them to enhance our news coverage with videos and voiceovers. I would recommend her for any newsroom and we would welcome her back in ours in a heartbeat. Whoever ends up with Christine on their staff is very fortunate. Best Regards, Publisher, Navarre Press