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JuneJeffreyWands (1)

  1. 1. P R O F I L E S P R O F I L E S The sun is glistening off the harbor as I drive along the gold coast. It’s early in the afternoon, when I finally arrive in front of a charming home that has been converted into an office. The residense is tucked away on a side street in the heart of Port Wash- ington’s dynamic town. Excited for my meeting with internation- ally acclaimed psychic medium, Jeffrey Wands, I gather my note- book and purse and quickly get out of my car. In the distance I see a variety of colorful birds perched on the neatly landscaped trees in the front yard. The ambiance is delightful on this beautiful spring day and I stop to admire the picturesque property. I was surprised to learn that Jeffrey Wands would meet with me on a Saturday considering his hectic schedule. Known for his unique ability to communicate with the dead, Jeffrey cur- rently hosts his own radio show, Psychic Sundays,” on WALK 97.5 FM. He is the author of numerous bestselling books such as, Knock and the Door Will Open, On Death and Grieving, America’s Most Ghostly Places - New York State, and Dream Interpre- tations. Jeffrey’s list of clients is enormous and expands world- wide. In fact, because of Jeffrey’s extraordinary capabilities and accuracy of his predictions, his clients will wait up to one year for an appointment with him. As I approach the entrance of Jeffrey’s house, I notice a sign attached to the door instructing me to quietly step inside. When I softly open the door, I am immediately greeted by the THE SUPERNATURAL TALENT OF JEFFREY WANDS By Christine Montanti receptionist. “Christine, take a seat in the waiting room we are running a little behind,” she says. I sit down in the private room adjacent to the receptionist area. It feels as if only a few minutes pass by when Jeffrey Wands appears in the doorway. “Christine,” Jeffrey makes eye contact with me; he pauses for a moment and says: “Come into my office.” As I follow Jeffrey into his office, I can’t help but get an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace. When I walk along side Jeffrey I think to myself what a re- markable person he is. Jeffrey first recognized his extraordi- nary gift as a young child. His paranormal ability enables him to predict information and events about people he knows nothing about. I was impressed to learn that Jeffrey began of- fering psychic readings in college while attending St. John’s University. It became apparent to him at this time that his des- tiny was to help others. Upon completion of college, Jeffrey made the decision to become a professional psychic medium. Inside Jeffrey’s office the ambiance is soothing. We sit down at his desk and Jeffery instructs me to write my contact infor- mation on a piece of paper. No sooner did I begin writing, than Jeffrey blurts out, “Your grandmother is here.” I redirect my attention to Jeffrey. He looks at me and says: “She is very proud of you. She wants you to know she is your big- gest fan.” Surprised to hear my late grandmother, Gigi, was in the room with us, I quickly glance around. Jeffrey contin- ues to speak more about Gigi. “You are a survivor like your grandmother,” Jeffrey explains. “She says you are exactly like her and you have acquired all of your traits from her. Your Grandmother had an extremely hard life just like you.” The information came out of Jeffrey’s mouth faster than I could process it. It was compelling to me. I couldn’t respond I just listened intently. I have so many loving memories of Gigi. She was an incredibly smart woman; she was always upbeat and her aura was undeniably luminous. As the tears began to fill up in my eyes, Jeffrey continued to spew out more detailed information. “Your baby is here. He is with your grandmother.” I ask Jef- frey if he was referring to my beloved dog, Max, that passed away four years ago. “Yes, he’s doing great. He’s run- ning around,” Jeffrey responds. Max’s passing left me heartbroken. He was sixteen when he died and it was a huge loss for me. Feeling nostalgic I reach for the tissue box conveniently located on Jeffrey’s desk. Jeffrey goes on to tell me more about Max. He explains to me in ex- plicit detail his physical ailments that were the cause of his passing. His accuracy was uncanny. “He is here with two other dogs,” Jeffrey tells me. “There is no other dog like him to you. He was like your soul mate.” Its true I thought to myself. Max was such a devoted companion. I unlock my eyes with Jeffrey and look away as I reflect on the past. It is amazing how attached we get to our pets. I am completely overwhelmed with emotion. I don’t have a minute to fully digest the information that Jeffrey has provided me with as he has already moved on to discuss my career. He reveals names and in-depth descrip- tions of clients that I will be assigned to in the future. He then speaks about projects I am currently working on. “The client you entertained for dinner last night is going to sign the contract,” Jeffrey explains. “He really likes you and wants to collaborate with you.” I look at Jeffrey and smile. I am amazed that Jeffrey knew I was out to dinner the night before with a client. Jeffrey then gives a detailed description of this individ- ual and incidentally, his interpretation was right on the money. Jeffrey speaks to me very quickly with such an abundance of knowledge; it seems as if there isn’t any thought process involved. It appears the facts are be- ing telepathically received by him. Throughout our entire conversation, Jeffrey provides accurate time frames for particular events that have oc- curred in my life. For instance, he tells me the precise number of years I held my previous job to the month. He also forecasts the length of time be- fore future dealings will occur in my personal life. Curious about Jeffrey’s psychic knowledge, and having read so many books about death and the possibility that life exists on the other side, I ask Jeffrey a few questions. “What is it like on the other side?” He looks at me and says, “It’s limitless.” Wondering if limitless was a good or bad thing I ask, “Are you afraid to die?” Jeffrey leans toward me and responds, “No, not at all. I get to see my loved ones that passed away every day; therefore, I know life exists after death.” Time has gone by so quickly, and knowing there is a room full of people waiting outside of Jeffery’s office, we decide to conclude our meeting. Needless to say, I am very impressed with Jeffrey Wands. This experience was like no other I have encountered. His accuracy in his predictions proves his au- thenticity. If given the opportunity, I would highly recom- mend trying to obtain an appointment with him. For information on Jeffrey Wands, visit JeffreyWands  Social Life 