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Inclusive customer experience: leveraging the power of edge case users


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Open inclusion's presentation to the Customer Experience Strategy Forum (September 2018).

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Inclusive customer experience: leveraging the power of edge case users

  1. 1. Inclusive customer experience Leveraging the power of edge case users CX Strategy Forum 2018
  2. 2. Designing a better world for all Open Inclusion is an accessibility, research and innovation consultancy. We provide: • Usability testing and insight • Market research • Inclusion-led innovation • Universal design solutions • Workplace inclusion open.inclusion open.insights open.access open.minds open.ability open.value
  3. 3. Inclusive customer experience 1. Map out customer journeys 2. Identify core user types 3. Usability testing with real users Molly Watt DeafBlind Entrepreneur Member of the Open’s Research Panel
  4. 4. The Open Research Panel – our 350+ person advantage Physical Mobility Manual dexterity Balance Speech impediment Sensory Blind Partially sighted Colour blind Deaf/deaf Hard of hearing Usher Neurodiversity Mental health Dyslexia/dyspraxia Learning difficulties Cognitive impairment Speech impairment Autism Other Just older No smell/taste Under 4’ 11” Over 6’ 3” Dysphasia Multiple Sclerosis Cerebral Palsy Chronic pain Demographics Ages: 18 - 85 White Asian Black Mixed
  5. 5. Panel demographics UK-wide • 104 London • 46 South East England • 37 North West England • 31 West Midlands • 23 East of England • 27 South West England • 25 Yorkshire and Humber • 23 East Midlands • 21 Scotland • 6 Wales • 3 Northern Ireland • 2 North East England
  6. 6. Whole brand experience, Broadly reviewed • Full brand experience / all channels • Pan-disability + multi-disability • UK-wide (urban, rural and regional) • Multi cultural, ages, socio-economic groups • Varied adaptation approaches / assistive tech
  7. 7. Capturing experience for specific needs segments Customer experience – interaction points In store Online- web Online – app Call centre Hybrid (e.g. in-store digital) Marketing Search Purchase Service/ enquiry Service/ post sales Experience captureChannel Journey type Smooth Friction Barrier Alternative available No equivalent alternative Need Experience alternative Cognitive Dexterity Mobility Sight Hearing Mental health Advanced age
  8. 8. Case study #1 CX review of real-time assistance functionality (prototype app) on transport journeys
  9. 9. Case study #2 – beyond accessible washrooms and step-free access Some recommendations to help improve retail journeys • Mannequins shown seated with stylish, appropriate clothing • Option to request item “grabber” • Longer online return times Mobility • Quiet times and quiet spaces • App based wayfinding support • Smart tags/ QR codes to all labels store-wide Cognitive • Working hearing loops • Connected apps (notifications; beacons/navigation) Hearing • Smart tags/ QR codes • Spaces/ services for guide dogs • App based wayfinding support • Voice control &/or haptic affordances in lifts Vision
  10. 10. Quotes from our research participants As a Deaf BSL user, I find it difficult to call banks because they have refused to talk to me as I needed a third party helping with the phone call. It makes me feel disempowered, annoyed and frustrated. I can’t do the things that my peers can do. As someone with post graduate qualifications, this is galling. Why can’t banks allow more than one communication channel? Not just phone. “
  11. 11. Quotes from our research participants Lately it has gotten better. My bank now enables online text based communication, which means I can communicate directly with them. They also have a contract with SignVideo - a video relay service. Increased accessibility is important as it makes me feel valued as a customer. My partner (who can hear) and I have switched providers for various things on the grounds of accessibility so that we can both deal with household matters on an equal basis. “
  12. 12. Quotes from our research participants As someone who is dyslexic, I sometimes find marketing materials hard to read. Like small white font on a red background or text over a picture - I’m not going to bother! If the marketing material isn’t right I probably won't be able to access the service or product they are selling either. They can miss out on my business. “
  13. 13. Quotes from our research participants Personally I am of the view that if something is not accessible to me, I won't waste my time struggling with it. I will find somebody who is doing the same thing in a way that works for me. “
  14. 14. The power of inclusive insight • Consistent quality customer experience • Lower cost to serve • Reduced liability and brand risk • Alignment to brand values • Inclusion-led innovation – major mainstream benefits
  15. 15. Maximise the value of inclusive CX insight Our power is people • Access to diverse customers with broad inclusive needs Inclusive insight • Pragmatic, actionable feedback and support High impact for effort • Right research method/s and blend for specific needs Curb cut effect • Valuable mainstream benefits of inclusive insights
  16. 16. Thanks for your time! For more information, please contact Christine Hemphill, Managing Director better experiences for all