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Multi pocket travel vest for men and women

Kangaroo travel vests has been designed for both men and women. Our vests have 7 pockets to hold your necessities right at your fingertips.

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Multi pocket travel vest for men and women

  2. 2. Kangaroo vest is now providing you the lightweight , fashionable and affordable unisex multi pocket travel vest made up of 100% cotton .The vest has 7 pockets to hold necessary handy things at your finger tips .The 4 outer pockets can be used to keep mobile phone, book, glasses, camera and the inner 3 pockets can be used to keep tickets, passport. The vest is designed, keeping in mind the safety of your things while traveling .Your mobile, book, headphones, charger is all within easy reach. This is the ultimate travel vest for both men and women.
  3. 3. This multi pocket travel vest is very useful for women as instead of carrying purse they can use this vest to keep their necessary items which are easily accessible also .It will make their hands luggage free. You can wear this vest for other purposes also like sporting events and concerts .Now you don’t have to worry about the safety of your items while wearing this vest CONTACT US: