Content Analysis of MCM Website


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Content Analysis of MCM Website

  1. 1. Web Analysis of the MCM Website<br />HaniaWarsi @27876<br />Christine Castillo @21466<br />WalaaYassien @29172<br />Maitha Ahmed @21308<br />I.M. Wiz Agency<br />
  2. 2. Content Analysis of MCM Website<br /><br />
  3. 3. INFORMATION INDEX:<br />There is a good amount of information available for the users to browse around that is dedicated about the Mass Communication Department.<br />INTERACTIVE INDEX:<br />The website only provides information about the traditional ways of interaction. There are no introduced social media contacts available.<br />NETWOKING INDEX:<br />There are no available hyperlinks on the website. <br />
  4. 4. FAB Matrix<br />Features:<br />- Variety of programs<br /><ul><li>The department offers a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication degree. Students may also specialize in one of the three professional concentrations: advertising, journalism or public relations.
  5. 5. The students may also select a double concentration. The department also offers a minor in Mass Communication.
  6. 6. Facilities
  7. 7. MCM uses high-end digital equipment for student instruction in broadcast journalism, web-based journalism and multimedia projects.
  8. 8. The department’s Mac–based lab offers students the use of intermediate and advanced multimedia editing software for web-based multimedia and video projects.
  9. 9. The MCM TV studio, a full-fledged professional operation, is a state-of-the-art video studio dedicated to the creation of student video, TV news production and multimedia skills. A variety of sets and audio environments can quickly be created for news and information formats, including a blue screen, a news set, an infinity sweep set, a limbo set and a reality set.
  10. 10. The MCM Department has an official approval, official recognition, and certification in the Gulf region and worldwide.</li></li></ul><li>Attributes<br /><ul><li>The department offers a variety of majors for the students to choose from to suite their interests and not limit their choices.
  11. 11. Facilities provide a platform for students to enhance and improve their media and communication skills.
  12. 12. With an excellent reputation regionally, nationally, internationally and worldwide; the graduated students will have more job opportunities in the most prestigious institutions and/or companies.
  13. 13. The students will graduate with a professional quality education and  they will have higher opportunities in working fields.</li></ul>Benefits<br />- Because the university provides an excellent standard of education that is recognized internationally by different organizations, the students will be well-prepared for the working life and therefore be qualified to achieve great opportunities.<br />
  14. 14. Recommendations and Web Marketing Plan<br />The online content of the website was well represented. The website represented the image/face of the company. Though anyone could navigate easily throughout the pages, the content should represent some creativity to fulfill the particular Elements of (Design and Aesthetics). This approach will portray the website on a professional level giving the visitors a chance to feel the co-creation of the website, which will represents the face of the company.<br />Therefore, we recommend the next stages that should be taken to be:1) Go through the external factors and try to use them in the website to targetour youth visitors.2) Filter the website every now and then to ensure the abstract content.3) Ensure more creativity within the abstract content we have to harmonize (FengShui) the website, ease the flow and creating a fast response.4) Balance between information and interactivity. <br />
  15. 15. THE END<br />Thank YOU. <br />