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Setting the Table for Open Source GIS


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This is the deck I used for a short 50-minute presentation at the 2011 ICT Winter Conference in San Francisco.

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Setting the Table for Open Source GIS

  1. 1. Free & Open Agenda Geospatial Revolution or Geospatial Education? Obstacles & Challenges When Teaching GIS Free Beer Live Software Demo Win A Free Map from Imus Geographics
  2. 2. Welcome Setting A Place At The Table For Open Source GIS
  3. 3. Christine Bush Ohlone College ICT Pathways Program [email_address] Phone: (415) 596 - 9915 @WebMaps Background: Radio -> Art School -> Web Developer -> XML -> Flash -> GIS
  4. 5.
  5. 6. Barriers To Entry Time Constrained Curriculum Technical skills
  6. 7. Challenges In The Arena Stereotyping Financial Justification Commercial Insinuation
  7. 9. Remember:
  8. 10. I just want to set a place a the table for Open Source GIS.
  9. 12. Open Standards for interoperability . Open Source for code transparency . Free AND Open is freedom to code, not free code .
  10. 13. So why all the fuss? <ul><ul><li>Commercial software can lead to low return on investment...financially and educationally.
  11. 14. Software piracy.
  12. 15. Copyright. </li></ul></ul>
  13. 16. Pyramid of Literacy English Geography Computer Skills Geospatial Mathematical
  14. 17. Live Demo