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  1. 1. Ancillary Task
  2. 2. The title is at the bottom The background of the of the page which I think Name of the main actor in bold and poster is a scene from is not ideal but it is in the the other actors in a smaller font the movie . This gives brightest font which underneath . This is to get the the audience a hint as immediately attracts the attention of the target audience as to what they should attention of the reader . they have a high interest in the film expect to see in the movie TitleThe colour of the title is red and This is the slogan for the film it catches your attention as and its short and catchy. Thesoon as you look at the poster. slogan targets the minds of the The colour red suggests. Red audience causing them to think brings text and images to the The photograph is a unique one as foreground such cant be portrayed in real life. Instead of telling the audience The picture leaves the audience to come and watch the film it asking questions about it and the says ‘experience it’ indicating to picture also links in with the slogan the audience that its something Tagline and Credits that’s not to be missed
  3. 3. The actors posture indicates to the audience that he is a man who The title of the magazine An image of the main has some serious business to takeThe fact that the title is in character in the film care of . Leonardo Dicaprio is thecapitals immediately main character of the film whichcaptures the audiences indicates his importance as an A-attention and so does the list actor.brightness The name of The tile of the film INCEPTION’s being promoted director. This is done to promote the film The gun gives the Barcode audience a clue of what the genre is The success of this film is being used to promote Inception
  4. 4. The trailer is a teaser which means not a lot of narrative isrevealed. These shots (background)were taken from the first20 seconds of the film . After a eleven seconds into thetrailer we hear a voice over which was recorded by the maincharacter Leonardo Dicaprio which says ‘ theres one thingyou should know about me I specialise in a very specifictype of security …….. SUBCONSCIENCE SECURITY . Themusic then becomes louder . One of the first characters wesee in the trailer is Leonardo Dicaprio, and we are told hisname. This is because Dicaprio is a well known A-list actor.An audience will immediately recognize him, and want towatch the film along with the trailer because he is starring init.
  5. 5. Inception consists of four genres but thriller is the main one andthe others are action, adventure and sci-fi. The conventions thatmake it clear to us that this trailer falls under the thriller categoryis that they take place in ordinary suburbs /cities, terrorism, stalkers , innocent victims and overlappingmystery stories . The music used in thrillers is usually tense. Themusic will start off slow and then the pace will quicker andbecome more dramatic at the climax of the shot. Props are usuallyin form of clues, murder weapons or guns used by agents in thethriller trailer.
  6. 6. All the titles appeared on a black backgroundand the front was in silver and to make it standout they were also in capitals. The maincharacter was the only one whose nameappeared in this trailer. This goes to show theimportance and significance of the character.During the trailer there was a shot which said‘your mind’, I believe this was done so that theaudience would be able to indicate the filmrevolved around works of the mind.
  7. 7. Inception appeared on over 273 critics lists of the top tenfilms of 2010, being picked as No.1 on 55 of those lists. It wasthe second most mentioned film behind The Social Network.The film won many awards in technical categories, such asAcademy Awards for Best Cinematography, Best SoundEditing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects, and theBritish Academy Film Awards for Best Production Design,Best Special Visual Effects and Best Sound. In most of itsartistic nominations, such as Film, Director and Screenplay atthe Oscars, BAFTAs and Golden Globes, the film wasdefeated by The Social Network and The Kings Speech.
  8. 8. There are jump cuts in this trailer and this is becausemultiple things are happening that we are unaware ofan the jump cuts fill us in, they also allow us as theaudience to make assumptions .Tracking and panning shots are commonly used in thebeginning and throughout thriller films, especially acertain person (in the film) we should be interested inas an audience for example Leonardo Dicaprio. Highangle shots are also portrayed. There seems to be amain character in the beginning who seems to have alot of power in the film and these are shown throughcamera shots.
  9. 9. There was non diegetic music playing whichcreates a sound bridge to create a certainatmosphere . There is a lot of diegetic and nondiegetic speech. This non-diegetic dialogue inthe opening 30 seconds of the trailer isessential because they are the first words thatthe audience hear which helps give theaudience an idea of what the film is about.