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  1. The network to connect and amplify communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment in vocational education
  2. 1. Check-in and introductions 2. What is AmplifyFE? 3. Reflecting on digital pedagogies 4. Overcoming the challenges 5. Imagining the future + getting involved Welcome 🗣 📱
  3. ACTIVITY: Check-In on Mentimeter
  4. ACTIVITY: FE community on Padlet
  5. The AmplifyFE network is led by the Association for Learning Technology (ALT) in partnership with Ufi VocTech Trust. AmplifyFE launched in October 2020 and already connects 1000+ professionals in Further Education and Vocational Education, providing a strong networking community for them to share, collaborate and learn.
  6. Welcome to this year’s update to our Sector Audit The initial audit identified close to 100 Communities of Practice (CoP) in total. The CoPs we audited include online community groups and networks around a common theme or interest set up by sector bodies and technology companies as well as independent groups run by individuals or groups of practitioners. The data we collected include key indicators such as levels of activity, number of members involved, subject focus such as functional skills, governance, and platforms and tools used. In this year’s update, we have focused on: ● Communities that have stopped or started their activities; ● Important changes to the sector landscape; ● Tracking where the conversation is moving on social media.
  7. Welcome | We are the leading professional body for Learning Technology in the UK. We support a collaborative community for individuals and organisations from all sectors including Vocational, Further and Higher Education and industry and provide professional recognition and development. Membership is open to all with a professional interest in using digital technologies for learning, teaching and assessment.
  8. How we can help you We connect a community of 3,500 individuals and organisations from all sectors including Vocational. Further and Higher Education and industry and provide professional recognition and development. ● Subscribe to our mailing list for news about CPD opportunities, events and more. ● Join ALT from £30 a year as an individual Member or £209 for the whole organisation and connect to our community established in 1993. ● Get access to new research in Learning Technology at events and via our publications. Find out more at or email Follow us on social media @A_L_T Association for Learning Technology
  9. Connect, communicate,
  10. Sector Audit Report September 2021 30% Having checked and updated the 100 communities from the 2020 audit, the total number increased from the original 100 to 130 for the 2021 audit. There are a number of different combinations of platforms being used across the different communities, with most using at least two. There is also a notable decline in some communities using Jisc mailing lists. Most notable in the communities that have ceased to exist is the closure of the TES communities, including all 74 individual forums including those dedicated to FE and Vocational Education. Twitter remains the most popular platform with a total of 96 Twitter handles reviewed and 17 new hashtags added to the community map. There were many new additions to the community landscape, making the audit a more comprehensive map of the sector landscape. This year we added: 36 new communities COVID- 19 Microsoft Teams and Zoom have also grown in usage, with the shift to online meetings due to the impact of the pandemic. 9,823 Tweets Since the last audit, #AmplifyFE is used across Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram by community members, generating a total number of: Get the audit Follow the conversation #amplifyFE
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  12. Read the full article in this month’s InTuition
  13. How we can help you If you are looking to share news about your work, find experts to collaborate with or learn more about specific subject areas, then the AmplifyFE network can help. @amplifyFE @AmplifyFE AmplifyFE @amplifyfe_communityofpractice ● Tag your posts #amplifyFE on social media, and we will help you spread the word. ● Sign up to our mailing list to keep informed and get involved. ● Visit our website to learn more about how to get started, find the right networks for you and join in the right conversations with our guide to hashtags. Head over to our website and listen to this episode of the VocTech Podcast to find out more about AmplifyFE. AmplifyFE is a network to connect and amplify communities of practice for digital learning, teaching and assessment in vocational education.
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  16. ● Share and learn from each other, increasing access to learning technology expertise, digital pedagogy and professional development opportunities ● Champion the use of accessible, inclusive learning technology ● Engage with FE groups and communities of practice and researchers ● Work across the whole Further Education and Training sector in its widest terms ● To amplify the voice of professionals in strategic developments across the sector Introducing the #AmplifyFEspace Connection not competition
  17. JoyFE magazine Issue #22 @JoyfulFE #JoyFE ➡️
  18. ACTIVITY: Digital Pedagogies word cloud
  19. ACTIVITY: challenges + imagining on Jamboard
  20. Getting involved 1. Twice termly meetings with spotlight 2. Blog 3. Podcast 4. Webinars 5. Twitter chats @AmplifyFE #AmplifyFEspace
  21. Digital Badges @AmplifyFE #AmplifyFEspace
  22. Dates for your Diary ● Community Launch event: Friday May 6th @1pm ● #UKFEchat: Thursday 23rd June @8pm ● Meeting 2: Friday 1st July @1pm ● Meeting 3: Friday 14th October @1pm ● Meeting 4: Friday 2nd December @1pm ● Meeting 5: Friday TBC January 2023 @1pm ● Meeting 6: Friday TBC March 2023 @1pm @AmplifyFE #AmplifyFEspace
  23. ACTIVITY: Opp Scales on Mentimeter
  24. ACTIVITY: Opps Open Q on Mentimeter Let us know on twitter by including the hashtag #AmplifyFEspace in your tweet