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  1. 1. A BRIEF OVERVIEW OF BAKGÅRDS1 1 Bakgårds translates (roughly) to ‘the Back Alley’ Bakgårds will one day (in the future) be a café with a backyard where intimate concerts of indie/pop/acoustic/folk music will be held. The café will specialize on coffee but will also serve lunch from 11:00- 15:00. At night-time alcohol will be served and tickets for concerts will be 50-100 or 100-130NOK. The first time around concerts will fall on weekends. Until I get my hands on a venue, I have decided on doing this on the side with a blog to document it all (it will help to see how successful this idea would be if I put it into practice). My sister is a musician and lets me plan her concerts—perhaps I can get a hold of other musicians through her.
  2. 2. TABLE of CONTENTS 1. Executive Summary 2. Social Media Audit 3. Social Media Objectives 4. Online Brand Persona and Voice 5. Social Media Tools 6. Timing and Key Dates 7. Social Media Roles and Responsibilities 8. Social Media Behavior Guide 9. Measurement and Reporting Results
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The number one social media priority is to create an online platform: a home page with social media tools that will drive traffic to my website. The primary focus will be to share more engaging, relevant content to build relationships with my audience, but also to focus on creating an online atmosphere that will make the audience want to buy my product [read: buy tickets to concerts]. Three major social media strategies will support this objective: 1. An organized and well planed editorial calendar 2. Published content that provides an online experience for our audience 3. Take part in and encourage conversations and discoverability of content.
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT There is no data to collect. Competitor Assessment: I have looked into my competitors: there are no business quite like the kind I want to start—in other words: I will not have any major competitors as of this moment. They each have a website, some have a Facebook page as well, but they are not posting any content nor engaging on social media. Target Audience: 18-35 year olds interested in music, events in Oslo, looking for places to meet friends and hang out
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA OBJECTIVES The first step will be to create an online platform (a homepage and SoMe profiles). The primary focus will be to gain followers and take part in a larger conversation. To make this happen: I need to post relevant, consistent, and engaging content to engage with my audience— all in an attempt to build relationships with the audience/costumers. Some Specific Objectives Include: 1. 10 new followers a week on SoMe profiles 2. An increase of unique visitors to website 3. To increase the attendance number by 10% for each new event
  6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA OBJECTIVES continued KPIs: • The attendance-number of events. • Number of unique visitors to the website from Facebook and Twitter • Number of followers on each SoMe platform • How frequently others talk about my brand Key Messages: • An intimate LIVE music experience to share with your closest friends
  7. 7. ONLINE BRAND PERSONA & VOICE Adjectives that describe my brand: • Intimate/Personal • Positive • Happy • Friendly • Warm When interacting w/costumers I am: • Friendly • Encouraging • Authentic • Solution-oriented
  8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA TOOL • Website: • Unsure if it should be in English or Norwegian • Facebook • Use it as a Page/place where people can check in and post on my page (not excluding myself publishing content) • Instagram/Pinterest • To give a peek into what daily life looks like for one who works at Bakgårds • Twitter • Twitter is not very popular in Norway, but it could be a smart choice to add it to the list • Meerkat/Periscope (depending on which app ends up being more popular) • To be used during events, preparations, interviews with artists, talking to people standing in line/waiting for the show to start • YouTube • For weekly (or every 2nd week) vlogs with the same content as Meerkat/Periscope but organized and planned out Hashtags: #Bakgaardsmusikk as general hashtag, but also come up with individual hashtags for artists/events
  9. 9. TIMING AND KEY DATES Holiday Events: • Valentine’s Day • Fastelavn • Easter • 17th of May • St. Hans Aften • Advent • Christmas • Lille julaften, Julaften, • New Years Eve Reporting Dates: • Reporting should occur quarterly: the 1st of February, May, August, and November • The Social Media Strategy will be edited depending on new data
  10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA ROLES & RESPONSEBILITIES Social Media Manager • Christina Roise Social Media Coordinator • Christina Roise Supporting Social Media Team Members: • As of right now: no members • Could change in the future
  11. 11. SOCIAL MEDIA BEHAVIOR GUIDE • Be respectful • Always be polite, never rude or insensitive • Be nice, especially to strangers • Be helpful • Do NOT start arguments/discussions • Use common sense
  12. 12. MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING This will be filled out after first reporting takes place. All data collected on website traffic, social network data, and hashtag performance will be noted here. Proposed Action Items will be listed, as well as new KPIs. The Social Media Strategy will change according to on new data