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Unleash your artistic side and become a better tester


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Creativity is usually characterised by the ability to perceive things in new ways, finding hidden patterns, and making connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena.

It is sometimes thought that only certain people can be creative, and in order to be creative you need a special talent. This is far from the truth; everyone expresses creativity in their own unique way.

I love to express creativity though drawing and illustrations. Drawing has, in fact, enabled me to become a better tester and communicator, and as a result I have used this skill to learn the importance of collaboration and conversations within my development teams.

In this talk I will share with you my story of the how I have used drawing as a crucial element of software testing, particularly where discovery and collaboration are the ultimate outcome for ‘building the right thing’. I will also share how I have succeeded in enabling my own growth as a coach and facilitator and opened the doors to the next step in my career.

Creativity stems creativity - how will you unleash your creative side?

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Unleash your artistic side and become a better tester

  1. 1. Unleash your artistic side and become a better tester Christina Ohanian @ctohanian
  2. 2. A Quick Story...
  3. 3. I work at…
  4. 4. When i started…
  5. 5. I tried something…
  6. 6. My Realisation! There’s no point being in a collaborative team if we’re not speaking the same language. Drawing is very powerful and necessary! It’s really hard to prove testers and needed earlier…this might be one way.
  7. 7. Why is this important?
  8. 8. Building Ideas
  9. 9. Eliminating Bugs
  10. 10. Sailing Away
  11. 11. Social Power
  12. 12. Drawing is Communication, Communication is Tops!
  13. 13. You might ask yourself... When can I use this tool? What’s in it for me? But I can’t draw!
  14. 14. “When can I use this tool?”
  15. 15. Pairing
  16. 16. Pairing - Tablet Newspaper
  17. 17. Huddles
  18. 18. Huddles - Train Travel
  19. 19. Facilitation
  20. 20. Facilitation - Lego Serious Play
  21. 21. “What’s in it for me?”
  22. 22. Bridges the gap
  23. 23. Reduces stress
  24. 24. Open the doors to…
  25. 25. “I Can’t Draw!”
  26. 26. How I started…
  27. 27. Resources I used
  28. 28. Remember what’s important!
  29. 29. Starting Point
  30. 30. Buy a notepad
  31. 31. Replace your laptop
  32. 32. Pin up your thoughts
  33. 33. Give it a go!
  34. 34. Thank you! Christina Ohanian @ctohanian