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Book of positive psychology, gratitude, and crafts


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Book of positive psychology, gratitude, and crafts

  1. 1. Book of Positive Psychology,Gratitude,and Crafts By Lucy Karem
  2. 2. Book of Contents 3. My inspiration 4. Benefits of Gratitude 5. Start of Exercises 6. Vision Board 7. Positive reminiscence 8. Gratitude Jar 9. Stop and Smell the Roses 10. Write a Letter to Your Future Self 11. Day of Positivity 12. Crafts 13. Alternating Half Hitch Friendship Bracelet 14. Beaded Bracelet 15. 3D Hand 16. Clothespin Race Car 17. Clothespin Race Car 18. Simple Origami Fox
  3. 3. My inspiration My older sister Christina, who is now 20, suffered from childhood cancer. A few days after her 8th birthday, she was diagnosed with Leukemia, which is a cancer in the blood. It was very difficult for her mentally, physically, and socially. To pass the time and make herself better, she would do a lot of crafts. She always said they were fun and made her feel like a normal kid again. I did a lot of research and saw many connections between positive psychology practices, gratitude, and crafts. I decided to make this book full of practices and crafts to help kids just like my sister.
  4. 4. Benefits of Gratitude - Improves health - Improves sleep - Improves psychological health - Improves mental health - Increases empathy - Enhances self-esteem - Reduces aggression - More social connection
  6. 6. Vision Board - Take a poster board (and color you want) - Find photos of things you aspire to have, of friends, things that make you happy, and anything else you desire - Cut them out and glue them all over the poster board - Let the glue dry - Take modge podge on a paint brush and paint it all over the poster board - Let dry Steps: Materials: - Poster Board of desired size - Photos of choice - Glue - Paint Brush - Modge Podge
  7. 7. Positive Reminiscence - Think about a past positive experience - Visualize it in as much detail as possible - Focus on the positive feelings you were feeling during that event Steps:
  8. 8. Gratitude Jar - Each day, write down things that you are grateful for - Place these thoughts in a jar - When you are feeling down, you can go through the jar and read what you wrote down - Whether you are going back and reading what you wrote, or adding to the jar, take time to be positive and reflex on your life, yourself, and those around you Steps:
  9. 9. Stop and Smell The Roses - Take deep breaths - Focus on the good around you - Take time to really be in the moment - Notice the beauty and effort behind all the things around you - Focus on how these things impact you - Reflect and be thankful Steps:
  10. 10. Write a Letter to Your Future Self - Think about the struggles you are facing, your mindset, and outlook on life - Next focus on the goals and things you are looking forward to - Write about these as well as things you want to remember from that current moment - Put the date on the letter and put it in an envelope - Do this however often you want Steps:
  11. 11. Day of Positivity - Pick any day of the week - This day will be a day where you are dedicated to positive thoughts only - Try not to complain and think badly of situations - Try to say positive things and think of positive outcomes - Repeat this every week on they day you have chosen Steps:
  12. 12. CRAFTS
  13. 13. Friendship Bracelet : Alternating Half Hitch - Thread or Embroidery Floss - Tape - Scissors Materials: Steps: - Take two colors of desired thread or embroidery floss - Cut them at desired length - Tie them together to make a knot at the top - Tape down the string so you can have both hands to work - Have the strings hanging down - Make a 4 knot forward twice with your first color - Make a 4 knot backwards twice with your second color - Keep repeating this till at desired length
  14. 14. Beaded Bracelet - Craft Beads - Clear Elastic String - Tape - Scissors Materials: Steps: - Measure the elastic string around wrist and cut desired length - Tie a thick knot one one end so the beads do not fall off - Slide the beads on the string until is only a little bit of room let on the string showing - Tie both sides together
  15. 15. Drawing a 3D Hand - Paper - Markers - Pencil Materials: Steps: - Trace your hand lightly in pencil on a sheet of paper - Now take your marker and start on one side of your paper and draw a straight line until you hit where your hand was placed - Curve the line over the area of your hand - Once you reach the other side of your hand continue with your straight line - Continue to repeat this with as many colors you want until finished
  16. 16. Clothespin and Button Race Car Materials: - Glue - Two twist ties - Four buttons, preferably equal in size, and at least 1" in diameter. If you are using two different sizes, pick the larger ones for the back wheels so they are like real race cars. - One clothespin - 2 short bits of a not-too-narrow straw, just a little longer than the width of the clothespin - One small button - Staws - Scissors
  17. 17. Clothespin and Button Race Car Steps: - Thread one twist tie through a pair of buttons and a straw bit - Keep the twist tie relatively loose until both buttons are secured. Then rotate the buttons in opposite directions to tighten the ensemble. Be sure to ensure the twisted twist tie can still freely move inside the straw and that the buttons do not touch the ends of the straw. - Repeat for the other two buttons, twist tie and straw bit - Assemble the car - apply glue in the hole of the clothespin and clip it over the straw (axle) of the first pair of wheels. Insert the small button between the jaws of the clothespin so that the straw is not squashed. This in turn will allow the twist tie to move unimpeded within the straw. - Apply glue between the pinchy arms of the other end of the clothespin and insert the other straw-axle. Do not push it in too deeply so as not to squish the straw. - Let the glue dry
  18. 18. Simple Fox Origami Materials: - Origami paper - Black maker Steps: - Start with a square piece of origami paper - Fold paper in half by folding the top corner to the bottom corner. - Let's make a line in the center. Fold in half again by folding left corner to right corner, then unfold. - Let's make a line in the center. Fold in half again by folding left corner to right corner, then unfold. - Turn the figure over and draw on the face.