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2018.04.24 Sedona Co-creative Harvest - About Human Beings


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What do we love about human beings? What frustrates us the most about human beings? What brings out the best in human beings? Eleven magical beings with a world of perspectives shared their thoughts in Sedona, Arizona

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2018.04.24 Sedona Co-creative Harvest - About Human Beings

  1. 1. Co-c e ve H s : “Abo H an s” @ Sedona, AZ 24 April 2018 With Christina Jordan
  2. 2. Our An e t Apache Bosnian British Cherokee Croatian French German Hungarian Irish Italian Middle Eastern North American Norwegian Polish Russian Scotch-Irish Slavick Swedish Welsh Apache Appalachian Australian aboriginie Balinese Bolivian Bollywood Buddhist East Indian East European French German Goddesses Grateful Dead Hippies Hindu India Irish Italian Italian-American Our C ra I f u c Lakota-Sioux Love culture Malay Mexican New Age Nomadic North American Peruvian Prison Rituals Silk Road Ski cluture Spirituality Thai Ugandan US West Coast US East Coast Warrior/military Wicca 11 ma l e g + a w d pe p ve ab um
  3. 3. Wha we mo ab um be s? Ourmanypackages Compassion-Kindness Cultures-Art-Music-Math Love-Shapeshifting-Invention Abilitytogrow,change& learn 7senses-Communication Abilitytoevolve& awaken connecttoeachother Laughter-Freewill Introspection Valuelearning Infinitepossibilities Multi-dim ensionality Unexpectability Adaptability Diversity Vision Gratitude Connect to spirit Connect to nature All emotions Laughter Service - Sharing Bring spirit into form Ability to create community Ideas - Teaching - Creativity Curiosity - Love - Laughter Opposable thumbs Mirror neurons Twinkling eyes Dancing & music Sex & all its friends Chocolate & cheesecake All the ways we communicate Learning through struggles Individuality/uniqueness Perspectives Senses - Touch - Sm iles - Love Dreams Visions Children & watching kids grow Bodies - all sizes, shapes colors Passion to explore universe & minutia All the different books we’ve written All the myriad of things created
  4. 4. Enslavement Sloppiness Perversion Negativity Disregard Prejudice Racism Lying Domination Entitlement Impatience Meanness Ignorance Laziness Stupidity Hatred War - Fear - Greed Laziness - Complacency Control - Projection - Judgement Abuse of animals, earth, each other Religious dogma - Lack of respect Unconsciousness - Inflexibility No compassion - Disrespect Poor taste - Drama loops glass half empty Sheeple The ability to destroy Malicious intent to harm Lack of respect for nature Playing by-default patterns Not believing in possibilities Lack of personal sovereignty Closed - Mindedness Closed-Heartedness us m ab Wha r r e hu b i s? Warringnature-Inflexibility--Poorcommunication Notaccepting-Noboundaries-Mentalillness - All types of wars - Don’t like change - Inability to love - Unrealistic demands - Lack of compassion Poweratanycost-Intellectualatexpenseoftheheart Turningpowerovertoothers-Controllingpeople Lack of responsibility - Lack of spatial awareness - Lack of clarity - Lack of understanding
  5. 5. Wha b i g o t be n hu be s? Connection to self Feeling worthy/valued enough Hugs - Touch - Tribe - Support Faith - Belief - Acceptance Food - Sex - Chocolate Going through tough times together Chocolate - Sex - Cake Support in a crisis Connection to others Clear communication co-creating communities good internet connection Being cared about Love - Giving - Sharing Food - The arts - Music - Dancing Snow storms on Christmas eve Animals (pets, not grizzlies!) Professional/personal development Co-creating Acts of kindness Sunsets Tragedy Love Charity Beds Connection to spirit, source & others Trust Music Art Dance Respect Church The ocean Service Celebrations Compassion Candle light Shared vision creativity Shared trauma Spiritual connection Babies Births Learning/evolving Gardening Travel Good food Deaths Gratitude Abundance Opportunities Prosperity Love Necessity Humor TendernessJoy Unconditional acceptance Ceremony Rituals sense of belonging family/friends Positive parenting Peace Fresh air Clean water Being in nature feeling safety space to grow Creativity Helping others Self-Realisation Natural disasters Music & song Being in service Streaming Shared transformational experiences
  6. 6. Wor t c i t ag s a d et Love Unifying Authenticity Perfect timing Heart expansion Hope & gratitude Perspective changing Reweaving the web Sweet connection Global harmony Deep gratitude Connection Openness Love “BuildingConnectionstoUnite” An he , t e wa n g. An c o l e ….
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