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2018.04.14 Camano Island (WA) co-creative harvest: What is Co-creation?


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What is co-creation? What would co-creating with people of different cultures ask of me, and offer me? What would we love to see people of different cultures co-creating together? Fifteen magical beings with a world of cultural perspectives shared their thoughts in Camano Island, WA.

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2018.04.14 Camano Island (WA) co-creative harvest: What is Co-creation?

  1. 1. Mul -cu r Ma c i g H s “Wha C -c e on?” @ Camano Island, WA 14 April 2018 With Christina Jordan
  2. 2. Welsh Scottish Swiss Russian Russian Jewish Norwegian Indian Hmong Hawaiian German German Jewish Ethiopian Eritrean Dutch Cherokee Costa Rican Black Irish Basque American Amish Bhutan Buddhism China Christianity Ethiopia France Hawaii Hinduism India Lakota Latin America Netherlands Scottish/Celtic Thailand Uganda US East Coast US Midwest US Pacific Northwest Vietnam Our s y Our t a n en 15 ma l e g 1 ma l o l
  3. 3. Q: Wha s “co-c e on” me ? Collectiveness Collaborativeness Something from nothing Emergent versus predictive (scary for funders) Realizing actions toward something bigger Spark → rhythm → outcome Impact → influence Letting go Lacking ownership Work with others & their ideas Losing reluctance of sharing Conducting not controlling Full hand vs fingers Trust Synergy Dancing Bringing together materials to cocreate with Always same (process) vs always unique (outcome) Each has our own universe - accepting each other Life energy spiraling outward God manifesting from the matrix Let go of individual aspirations Give in to the collective co-creative process Validating each others’ experiences Co-creation is the purpose of life Building on overlapping ideas.
  4. 4. Q: Wha l o-c e n it pe of f e t t e f me, an k e? Diverse possibilities Complimenting abilities Wear any hat you want Be a light for others Mirrors: one --> all Get out of personal rut Learn a similar language Let the living have precedence Opportunity to become open-minded Social learning: opportunity to learn from others’ experience Meet sad w/empathy not rationalization, Don’t meet anger with anger Learn how community appreciates me vs space of only madness (self perspective) Leaves you to see your own part; Be pulled toward where you feel your own truth Curiosity & self-confidence Compassion & caring Patience & listening Open & brave Ownership Share space Show restraint Let go of our own ideas Identify fertile concepts Seeing the underlying value Accept fluidity See & understand own values & morals Not assuming you have all the answers Knowing there is no 1 right answer Learn how to commute obstacles Overcoming our own fears Instinct patterns w/timing Use all of our senses Let go of destination go with the flow of the collective Come together and allow the flow to move (never in a straight line) Find the balance of being part of the co-creation while also letting go and trusting in the collective Brings new perspectives; helps you know yourself better
  5. 5. Q: Wha l I ov to e p o d re cu r o-c e n to h ? True respect - True empathy - Compassion - Love - Listening - Knowledge - Peace - Trust in each other - Honesty - Enjoyment - Understanding - Love - Play - Joy LoveCompassion Inclusive community Redefine scope, empower & uplift Tear down white supremacy (co-destroy!) Global strategies to find healing and harmony Un-cocreate (co-destroy!) the collective fear-mind Recognizewhat wehave incommonand ourdifferences.UNLOCKTHE ONEH E A R T. Save our planet Good childhoods for all Ecology & seeking balance Housing with minimal footprint Understanding forces of nature Sharing ideas and technologies Life of inherent value (sufficiency) More equal distribution of resources Your life is valuable; Life is valuable! Nature co-creating us (Everything composts!) Natural flow (indigenous communities surrender to it) Fertilize consciousness, play, love, compassion, acceptance Peace councils. Spaces of wisdom - sharing. Healing & spirit based practices. Ritual and celebration. Global sacred language.
  6. 6. Wor t c i w a w re to h ... Warm - Home Intention - Trust circle Fun - Inspired - Presence Impact - Delicate deliberation Skillful collective - Connection Openness - Chicken soup C o-c r e a t i o n
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