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Sugar babies


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Sugar babies

  1. 1. Sumner, WashingtonSugarBabies is a locallyowned and operatedchildren’s boutiquelocated in the heart ofSumner, Washington.With a wide variety ofoptions for children andmothers to be, we offereverything you need!
  2. 2. From a variety of toysfor the bath tub or outside,Toys you can findand some you can hide!
  3. 3. Blankets to keep warmso the little one doesn’t shiver,It is always hardto see their lip quiver.
  4. 4. Watching them playand running for a mile,Growing out of swimsuitsAnd keeping them in style
  5. 5. When she wants to be a cowgirldressed up from head to toe,We have what you needexcept for the backhoe.
  6. 6. We have sunglassesto cover their eyes,We also carry binkiesfor when the little one cries.
  7. 7. We also have free shippingfor orders over $99! Baby not included.
  8. 8. Come on on in and say hi, We promise you that you wont want to say bye!Address: 926 Main Street Suite 104 Sumner, Washington Phone Number: 253.299.6221