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Project management for people who dread project management


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Project management is not most creative or development professionals’ favorite topic. You want to get through the administrative work and on to the fun of design and/or coding. But that administrative work is critical. Not only is it key to the success of most gigs, but it’s also key to growing your career.

Perspectives from a veteran project manager will help creatives and dev stop dreading the “project management” part of projects. We’ll learn strategies for managing clients, setting timelines, and managing people. We’ll share our favorite tools (hint: not spreadsheets) and great ways to make management more egalitarian. We’ll even prove project management can be fun!

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Project management for people who dread project management

  1. 1. Project Management for People Who Dread Projects Christina Inge WordCamp Boston 2014
  2. 2. Why Do You Dread Projects? The Work Goals of the Work The Stuff Around the Work What you love What you manage
  3. 3. The Pieces Resources Timelines Expectations
  4. 4. What Project Management Is Managing the pieces And the people Towards the goal
  5. 5. Keeping Projects on Track You Are the Boss Now
  6. 6. Know Your Hurdles • Over-optimism • Competing priorities • Team expectations • Corgis
  7. 7. Beat Those Hurdles! • Be prepared • Anticipate, don’t react
  8. 8. Over-Optimism • Take the time you think it will take • Triple it • No really • Don’t be afraid to say “This is the time it takes to do it right” • Shyness often masquerades as over-optimism: you don’t want to be the person to say it will take time • But that’s your responsibility as a leader
  9. 9. Competing Priorities • Prioritize • Evaluate • Build consensus • Decide
  10. 10. Team Expectations • Communication • Benchmarks • Checkins • Morale
  11. 11. Corgis • Totally random things always happen • Often at the last minute
  12. 12. Tactics & the Practical Aka The Nitty Gritty
  13. 13. Tactics Team •Communicate more • Listen •Keep everyone informed of (mostly) everything—there’s no such thing as “need to know basis” Technology • Use project management tools • Be willing to train Time • Delegate wisely •Manage scope • Done is better than perfecct
  14. 14. Project Management Tools • Needs to something you, your team, and your client will actually use • Nothing is sadder than an empty project platform Factors Choose something you’ll actually use
  15. 15. Some Favorites
  16. 16. Remote Teams • Regular communication, not just tactical but emotional • Reduce the issues around timezones or needless burnout ensues • Build a sense of camaraderie • Use collaboration tools
  17. 17. The Emotional Or, Zen and the Art of Project Management
  18. 18. From Geek to Manager • Confidence • Identity • Communication
  19. 19. Multiple Loci of Power
  20. 20. Extroversion & Introversion in Leadership
  21. 21. Thank You! • • Twitter: @christinainge • LinkedIn: