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Optimize Your WordPress Site with Web Analytics and Testing


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Slides from WordCamp Boston 2013 session on site optimization using Google Analytics, SEO, A/B and multivariate testing, and heatmapping. Examines strategy. Recommends specific plugins

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Optimize Your WordPress Site with Web Analytics and Testing

  1. 1. Optimize Your WordPress Site with Analytics & Testing Christina Inge EdTrips WordCamp Boston 2013
  2. 2. What Is Optimization? • • • • Making sure your site meets business goals With data Real, usable data and the right tools
  3. 3. You Can Optimize for (Just About) Anything: • • • • • Getting more visitors Making your site easier to navigate Getting more people to buy/donate/sign up More blog posts, community posts, social engagement Scaring people away
  4. 4. Develop Goals • Improve usability • Increase conversions • Grow (the right kind of) traffic
  5. 5. Create KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) • What #’s let us know we’re succeeding? • Examples might include: • Visitor metrics • Type of visit • Number of actions • Source of traffic
  6. 6. Familiarize Yourself with Common Terms Conversion Visits • Any action you want people to take on the site: buy, download, register • Raw number of views of any page Unique Visitors • Separate IP addresses coming to site Referals • Links sending traffic to your site
  7. 7. Find the Right Tool for What You Need
  8. 8. Google Analytics • Most people skim the surface of the most powerful optimization tool. • Don’t just track visit volume. • Do track the details. • Five things your GA can answer: Does a mention in a niche trade pub do us more good than a short write-up in the Boston Globe? Do people who visit at night buy more often than those in the daytime? Did that paid search campaign coupled with a whitepaper lead to more sales? What is the best day – really- to send out an email, based on what people buy? Should we spend time on Google+?
  9. 9. GA Plugins • Just needs to be a basic part of every site • Choose the lightest, smallest • You don’t need to access GA from within WP or other elaborate add-ins • Often part of other optimization plugins, so check if you really need a separate one
  10. 10. SEO Plugins: A Must When You Test • More than just Google Search rankings • Allow you to tailor meta data to what is drawing the right traffic, optimizing your site • SEO is core to optimizationattracting traffic, structuring the site
  11. 11. Testing SEO Meta Data Works! Meta Description Visits Conversions EdTrips web platform for educational travel 8,000 240 EdTrips allows you to manage your educational trips with a simple online platform 6,000 540 EdTrips-Manage Educational Trips the Easy Way, with Payment Collection, Your Own Website, and More 7,000 900
  12. 12. Using an SEO Tool in WordPress • Configuration gets a lot donefast • Sets up to make your job easier, or enable client selfservice
  13. 13. Creating a Template For Basic SEO • Set up a standard process for <title>, <meta name=―description‖ > and other content for optimized SEO • Creates an optimized title automatically if properly configured
  14. 14. Optimize Each Page
  15. 15. Testing • You need to test for true optimization • Hunches, what you think works—the data is what really tells the story • Testing is so easy, there’s no reason not to do it • Involves the design team, the client • Really
  16. 16. What to Test Visuals Text Calls to action Layouts Entire themes if your site is new
  17. 17. How to Test Gather your data-observe Develop a hypothesisbased on your data Create variation(s) that are still onbrand, consisten t Give it more time than you think Go back and test again
  18. 18. Nelio A/B Testing Plugin
  19. 19. WordPress Landing Pages
  20. 20. SES Theme Split Test
  21. 21. Case Study: Using Analytics to Find the Best PR Sources
  22. 22. EdTrips
  23. 23. EdTrips • • • • Online platform for organizing learning trips Target audiences include teachers, scouts, adult ed, and venues WP custom theme Working with only two free tools in this example:
  24. 24. The Goal • Find the best sources of inbound traffic • Which websites are leading visitors to stay? • What referrals lead to conversions—in this case, checking out the app?
  25. 25. Referral Sources Alone are Really Useful
  26. 26. Referrals with Goal Completions are Even Better
  27. 27. One View Helps You Learn • Where to pitch • What topics interest real, buying customers • • • • Where to advertise What to advertise What your customers really want And it’s not this screen
  28. 28. Setting Up Goals-A Real-World ―Test‖
  29. 29. Google Analytics Channels
  30. 30. Implementing Testing and Analytics • • • • • It’s affordable and takes less time than you think Avoid ―plugin overload‖: you only need a few Focus on immediately actionable data Test only when you already have data Sometimes, you only need analytics to optimize, sometimes you need both testing and analytics—run lean • Have fun!
  31. 31. Thank You! • Christina Inge, VP of Marketing EdTrips, Adjunct Instructor, BU CDIA • •