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Online Fundraising


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Presentation from CFNPS on how nonprofits can use social media and other digital channels for fundraising.

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Online Fundraising

  1. 1. ONLINE FUNDRAISING101 Christina Inge
  2. 2. Is Your Website AttractingDonors? SEO Advertising Linking Print Email Social media
  3. 3. Is Your Website Donor-Friendly? Usability  Clear navigation  Clear calls to action  Minimize scrolling Communication  Convey mission  Why people should care  Demonstrate impact Branding  Establish strong identity  Allow donors to identify with cause  Show what’s special about your org
  4. 4. Is Your Website Staff-Friendly? CMS system Clear operational guidelines Workflows Break down silos between marketing and development
  5. 5. Is Your Website ConvertingVisitors? Again, that call to action:  Donate now button  Sign up now button  Any other action you need people to take Make It Easy to Convert:  Online forms  Fundraiser event signup  Social share buttons Long-term and Microconversions:  Email signups  Social media follows/likes  Mailing list signups
  6. 6. Keep It Simple
  7. 7. Website Eliminate paper as part of the process Secure area where donors can download materials:  Pre-donation  Donation  Post-donation
  8. 8. A Holistic Approach Fundraising is a process The web can facilitate all of itTargeting Approach Evaluation Donation Maintenance• Identify • Narrow to best • Ball is in donor’s • Makes decision • Keeping in touch prospects prospects court to donate • Wants to see• Develop • Initiate contact • Looking for • Formal results message • Make case fit, benefits relationship begins
  9. 9. Major Gifts, Sponsorships, andGrants
  10. 10. Using LinkedIn Identify the most likely person at a target organization Find potential connections Get insights in Groups
  11. 11. Best Uses of LinkedIn Make sure everyone in your organization looks at target companies—you never know who might share a connection:  Staff  Board  Volunteers  Allied organizations
  12. 12. Best Uses of LinkedIn Tastefully post interesting programs, appeals, and events Create a LinkedIn event and invite connections Post links to event registration, post- event photos
  13. 13. Facebook Same as LinkedIn: you can use it to discover connections with potential organizations/allies Be cautious, respectful of privacy:  Many executives won’t friend professional contacts  Make sure this person really is a friend  Don’t push
  14. 14. Best Uses for Facebook Honor people who help  Again, respect privacy. Don’t tag a donor in photos unless they agree Show the impact Post events; encourage people to share Add photos of events to show success of major donations  Can even be made part of the donor’s “package” of ways you’ll acknowledge help  For named gifts, consider a dedicated Facebook page. Not too many nonprofits do—sets an organization apart.
  15. 15. Twitter Event promotion Keeping the buzz going during and after major fundraisers Expanding the reach of your organization through the networks of existing supporters Educating donors, public, stakeholders
  16. 16. Best Uses for Twitter Promote fundraisers Promote keynote speakers Encourage tweeting on hashtag, retweets by donors, participants Ask them to say why they donate Post and tweet photos after the event—keep the buzz going Share content related your mission:  Reports  News
  17. 17. All Social Media Incorporate social media acknowledgement into all gifts Sponsorships are where your nonprofit’s strong social media presence can really attract gifts Add social media support to all sponsorship packages, within the bounds of what you feel comfortable with: PR around donation Acknowledgement includes Co- on all channels video, photos on promotion/marketing social media
  18. 18.  Respect donors’ privacy Honor their contributions Educate about your mission Find like-minded donors Amplify the impact of your message through existing donors Create a sense of community
  19. 19. Christina Inge Email: Thank Twitter: @christinainge LinkedIn: You!