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From Classroom to Museum: Creating Experiences Educators Love


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Learn how to create educational programs at your museum that educators love. Tips on how to build education programs for diverse learners, engage young visitors, and collaborate with K-12 educators and higher education faculty. Create museum programs teachers and students love, for repeat visits! Presentation from NEMA 2014

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From Classroom to Museum: Creating Experiences Educators Love

  1. 1. From Classroom to Museum CHRISTINA INGE, THOUGHTLIGHT
  2. 2. Engaging the K-12 Classroom
  3. 3. What Makes a Good Program? (in a nutshell?)  Engages kids of different learning styles  Makes life easy for teachers  Connects to the curriculum  Cost-effective
  4. 4. Importance of Engaging Docents  Primary reason for repeat visits!  Anecdotes & Storytelling  Participation  Hands-on activities
  5. 5. Helping Your Docents Engage Students  Video-based training  Shadowing  Sharing best practices
  6. 6. Common Core  Often a requirement  Know how it’s being used in your state
  7. 7. Addressing Learning Theories  Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences  Blended Learning:  Using in-person and digital hybrid  Ideal for the “reverse field trip”  Technology is a familiar learning tool:  iPads, interactive displays
  8. 8. Multiple Intelligences  Address different learning styles  MFA: visual, tactile, verbal, and kinetic
  9. 9. Logistics Are Important!  Food/allergies: Is there a place to get lunch?  Coats  Quiet  Parking
  10. 10. Thank you!    @christinainge