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Lead Gen Plugins for WordPress


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Published in: Technology
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Lead Gen Plugins for WordPress

  1. 1. WordPress Plugins for Lead Generation CHRISTINA INGE, CEO, THOUGHTLIGHT SEPTEMBER 2014
  2. 2. Ready to Start Capturing Leads? ► Not ready to invest in full marketing automation software?
  3. 3. Elements of a Lead Gen Platform SEO, Social Attract Forms, Offers Capture Marketing Automation Nurture Analytics, Testing Optimize
  4. 4. Know Where to Start  Most plugins offer some of the lead gen functionalities  Install one at a time:  In case it breaks  Learning curve  Good opportunity to evaluate maturity of lead gen operations
  5. 5. Start with Capture  You need that in place before you Attract
  6. 6. Collecting the Right Data  Forms are easy—intelligent data is hard  Offer, offer, offer  Context, context, context  A little extra work up front = more closed sales
  7. 7. Total Package Plugins MARKETING AUTOMATION, CRM LITE
  8. 8. Lead In  Really nice, clean interface  Provides lots of data on individual leads, well-visualized  Strength is individual lead data, also offers analytics  Uses cookie tracking
  9. 9. Convertable  “Starter” Salesforce  Lead capture, tracking, revenue estimates
  10. 10. Jumplead  Full Inbound Marketing Automation for WordPress.  Activity streams and social media IDs  Live Chat  Forms, Email Marketing  Contact CRM and Analytics  Real-Time and Chat  Freemium
  11. 11. Fun with Forms CAPTURE AND ANALYZE LEADS
  12. 12. WP Leads  Simple shortcode forms  Easy to spin up  Export to Excel  Recommends using with Landing Pages—don’t  Transition between forms and more full CRM
  13. 13. Sometimes All You Need Is Jetpack and a Plan  If you anticipate 5-10 leads/month and mostly have an email list, MailChimp or Jetpack are fine  Start is to have a way for people to contact you
  15. 15. Automatic Lead Generator for WooCommerce  Somewhat of a misnomer  Socially-integrated coupon popups  Can be highly effective  Social integration is awesome, sophisticated  Works on any site, regardless of WooCommerce  At-a-glance analytics
  16. 16. Exit Monitor  “Jerk” “Are you sure?” popups  Decide very carefully if you want to use  Some contexts:  Abandoned shopping carts  Landing page abandons  Subscription abandons  In general, though, stay away
  17. 17. Rolling Out Automation  Start small and build  Have a plan:  Data management  Workflows  Training  Growth
  18. 18. Know When to Upgrade It’s time to upgrade Do you need stronger performance? Do you want to do sophisticated targeting/automation? Are you getting over 50 leads/month?
  19. 19. Thank You   T: @christinainge