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Digital Marketing for Small Business 101


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To grow your impact, you need to grow the reach of your message.
Around the world, digital tools have empowered individuals, grass roots organizations and communities to implement their missions. From Twitter to Instagram, email newsletters to your website, digital marketing channels are the fastest way to reach bigger and bigger audiences.
Come have brunch and get an overview of the latest and most cost effective digital marketing methods you can implement for your small business or nonprofit.

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Digital Marketing for Small Business 101

  2. 2. THE DIGITAL MARKETING LANDSCAPE IS CHANGING Channels connect for network effects Integrated Technical and content Mobile Not a broadcast User-Centered
  3. 3. WHAT ARE YOUR CHANNELS? • Concentrate where your users are • Do 3 things right rather than try to do 20 things • Focus on content and create substance-digital does not equal ephemeral or low-value
  4. 4. WHAT WE’RE GOING TO COVER • Tips for getting started or optimizing social, SEO, email, and more • Strategies to get more reach with the same, or less, time • Tools to make it all easier
  5. 5. SOCIAL MEDIA • Engage • Get feedback • Turn stakeholders into advocates
  6. 6. IS FACEBOOK WORKING? • Many brand pages get only 1- 8% engagement • Increasingly a paid channel • Groups • To engage: • Ask questions • Talk about real-world programs
  7. 7. TWITTER • Be friendly • Use hashtags with common sense=no more than 3 • Research influencers • Take part in chats, conference hashtags • Don’t do “hashtag-jacking” • Favorite for follows
  8. 8. WHAT ABOUT ALL THAT OTHER STUFF? • Meerkat • Snapchat • Instagram
  9. 9. HOW OFTEN DO WE POST? • No right or wrong answer but at least 3x/week is a minimum • 80/20 rule • Content curation is a team sport • Have a hashtag for everything
  10. 10. SEO
  11. 11. SEO—STARTS WITH KNOWING HOW YOUR STAKEHOLDERS THINK What are they searching for? When?How?
  12. 12. AND MAKING SURE YOUR SITE SAYS IT • Google looks for keywords on your page • If you are about Sustainable Vegan Snacks, your site will need to contain those words • A lot • Also, will need to live in the code: • Title tags • Meta description • Image ALT
  13. 13. SEO = USER EXPERIENCE + CONTENT + MOBILE + SOCIAL • The most integrated of all digital strategies is how you show up in Google • Old way = code your page and win • New way = • Code your page • Get a lot of social buzz • Load pages quickly • Have a great mobile experience • Be in the right place at the right time (local search) • And get the right visitors
  15. 15. EMAIL • Still should be your #1 digital channel besides your website • Mobile is key • Build from blogs, curated content, UGC
  16. 16. FOLLOW THESE 5 RULES FOR EMAIL • Simple: remember, it’s mobile • Identifiable: use your logo, recent photos • Predictable: regular, frequent cadence is key • Honest: in your subject line, in your text • Actionable: click here, do this is what people want
  17. 17. ADVERTISING IS NOT A DIRTY WORD • Use social media to target people by appropriate interest • Retarget your lists • Retarget visitors
  18. 18. • Get a decent camera • You do need video • Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Tweetdeck • Schedule & measure • Google Analytics, KISSMetrics • Litmus for email rendering • or Pingdom for page loads
  19. 19. CONNECT THE DOTS If your ad is showing on mobile, it needs to go to a mobile- friendly landing page If you mention cost in your Facebook post, it needs to go to a landing page that covers costs If you tweet your kids’ events, make sure they are prominent on your homepage
  20. 20. THANK YOU • Christina Inge • @ChristinaInge • •