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Adventure Traveler Statistics


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Adventure Traveler Statistics

  1. 1. Vital Wave Consulting Field TeamsLatin America Argentina Brazil Chile Costa Rica Dominican Republic Mexico North American Adventure Travelers: PeruAsia Trends and Attitudes About India China Cambodia Uzbekistan Adventure and Ecotourism in BrazilEastern Europe Estonia September 20, 2011 Ukraine ABETA Adventure Travel SummitAfrica Egypt South Africa Sao Paulo, Brazil Nigeria KenyaMiddle East United Arab Emirates Christina Heyniger Tourism PracticeUnited States California (Headquarters)
  2. 2. BackgroundThis presentation provides a very brief excerpt of the results of a study ofU.S. adventure travelers conducted on behalf of Embratur from May –August, 2010.The presentation also contains analysis based the results of a studyconducted in partnership with The George Washington University and theAdventure Travel Trade Association in 2009 which had the goal of sizing theglobal adventure travel market ( surveyed consumers from 6 countries, 855respondents).If you would like to ask questions or discuss any of the materials in thispresentation further, please contact Christina research about the adventure industry is © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 1 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  3. 3. Goals of This Presentation 1 Discuss Current Trends in Tourism and Adventure’s Expanding Role 2 Share Key Findings from North American Adventure Traveler Consumer Study Conducted for Brazil 3 Suggest Ways Brazilian Companies Can Apply This Information © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 2 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  4. 4. Defining Adventure Travel © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 3 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  5. 5. Trends in International TourismMass Tourism and Adventure ? ea r pe r y Growth th ge grow a 4% aver ; 50% penetration urism Ma ss To Adventure Tourism; 17% growth in 2009 and 2010 26% penetration Time 1950s 2000s 2010 2050 © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 4 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  6. 6. Adventure Travel Global Statistics, 2010•  $89 Billion in global spending•  16% of all departures from Latin America, North America and Europe are for “Adventure Travel”SOURCE: Adventure Tourism Market Report, Study by George WashingtonUniversity, Adventure Travel Trade Association, Xola Consulting; 2010 © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 5 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  7. 7. Brazil wants to capitalize on the growinginterest in adventure tourism Embratur requested marketing •  Profile U.S.-based support,with market research international adventure which would: travelers •  Gauge traveler market size for adventure travel to Brazil •  Gauge tour operator market size for adventure travel to Brazil •  Provide competitive analysis © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 6 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  8. 8. Study Method and Bias•  825 complete and valid surveys of U.S. citizens were obtained from a US National behavioral panel. Sampling error = +/- 3.14%•  Focus groups with adventure travel tour operators: Geographic Expeditions, Cox&Kings, Natural Habitat, Travcoa, Austin-Lehman, Lost World Adventures, Zegrahm•  Surveys were distributed online•  Respondents were clustered according to lifestyle values, for example: family security, a comfortable life, a world at peace•  Differentiated “adventure” travelers by activities they engage in and classified into four groups:Hard/ Soft/ Eco/Other © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 7 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  9. 9. Motivations of Adventure TravelersUnderstanding the emotional drivers: activities are really a way intothe desired emotional experience.“Eco-Traveler” “Adventure “Eco-Adventurer” Traveler”Seeks connection with Seeks authentic,authenticity of people Seeks connection with thrilling and/orand nature nature via thrilling awakening activities activities © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 8 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  10. 10. Personality Profile of the current US consumerfor ecotourism and adventure travel“ECO – ADVENTURER” profile is 15% of thethe largest segment: U.S. population•  Authentic fits this profile•  Thrilling•  Awakening ExperiencesValues: Photo by Ion David, Travessia•  A comfortable life br/•  An exciting life•  “Wisdom” is low on the list © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 9 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  11. 11. Eco-Adventurer Personality Profiles1. ClubMed-goer with Kids (2%): 2. Cultural Adventurer Family 3. Bohemian Bourgeois (2%): Adventurer (6%)•  Family Fun and Exciting Authentic Experiences •  Comfort, Visiting Cultural Places •  Organized, Comfortable, Exciting Discoveries•  “I would like to have authentic •  “I want to be able to see another experiences with my son/daughter, culture with my family, and •  “I am not waiting to complete my but want exciting adventure for me understand it, yet we need comfort, bucket list. The time is now, and and my spouse/partner as well. All in safety, and familiar surroundings.” on my terms. Green is important, a safe environment.” but excitement says vacation •  Day trip to cultural sites, volunteer best.”•  Day trip with family to natural sites, tourism. volunteer and educational tourism, •  Safari and Amazon Survival “Club Med”. © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 10 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  12. 12. Eco-Adventurer Personality Profile, continued4. Museum and Cultural 5. Young, Eco-Lodge Traveler 6. Mature Eco-Traveler (1%)Enthusiast (3%) (1%) •  -Understanding cross-cultural •  Relaxing, Discovery of Culture •  Immersion in Natural differences in a relaxing way. Environment •  “If its in the guide, I have to •  “I find it fascinating to engage do it, but I would love to also •  “Finding the place to stay that locals in a conversation, and be discover unique places with my captures the essence of the able to help them the best I guide.” culture is and adventure in can.” itself.” •  Visiting World Wonders •  Volunteer Tourism, Kayaking and •  Trekking, Whitewater, Trekking with locals mountaineering © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 11 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  13. 13. Demographic Profile of Respondents and Use ofTour Operator Services 63% of this groupuse tour operators 20% Age 50-74 15% 25% Age 42-49 Age 18-29 40% Age 30-41 37% of this age group use tour operators The largest demographic 50% Female 50% Male segment is not currently using tour operator services © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 12 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  14. 14. Current U.S. Consumer Market to Brazil forAdventure Travel Value of U.S. eco- (Based on consumer surveys, 855 $18.8B adventure outbound to worldwide destinations respondents from 6 countries representing 73% of global expenditures)Value of current eco-adventure to Brazil $108M600,000 visitors (per Brazil Ministry of Tourism: 765,380total travelers from Canada, US and Mexico; approx.600,000 from USA) We used consumer surveys to findout, how many are engaging in adventure activities?15% or 90,000 are coming to Brazil and participate inadventure activities (independent and through touroperators). Average spend per trip = $1200(Average trip = 5-7 daysSpend per day = approx. $171 per day) Photo by Ion David, Travessia © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 13 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  15. 15. Spending Detail: The spending per trip seemslow! What’s the story there?The current per trip spending is $171 per trip; this indicates animportant opportunity. There is room for growth! •  This survey collected information from all clusters of travelers without regard for whether they use tour operators; backpacker and independent adventurers comprise some of this group •  Embratur data, which does not break out mass vs eco travelers indicates that average spending is $81 per day for tourists in general and $113 for business travelers, with an average of $1100 per trip •  Package analysis of adventure operator services shows that the average price per day for Brazil is $258. However, we know these businesses are aiming at the tip of pyramid, and are not capturing a large proportion of travellers, so this number is on the high end © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 14 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  16. 16. Potential U.S. Consumer Market to Brazil forAdventure TravelConservative projections for possible growth in 24months… $426MillionIncrease Tour Increase Convert MoreOperator Demand Independent Mass Tourists Adventurers The final result is growthBring this up from 600,000 mass from 90,000 people to1% to 3% = Double this from tourists – 90,000 241,000 people for144,000 people 80,0000 to eco adventure = adventure travel to 160,000 people 510,000 mass. Brazil @$1200 per trip =Tour operators taught us Convert 10% of $426 million per yearthat they currently send1% of guests to Brazil Consumer survey those = 51,000 responses indicate(about 48,000 people). few people use tourIncrease this to 3% of operator servicesguests, you have 3x thevolume of 144,000. © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 15 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  17. 17. Landscape of US Market of Eco-Adventure TourOperators 3% over $10,000,000 in annual revenues 8% over $30,000,000 in annual revenues 8% $50,000 in annual revenues 16% $250,000 in annual revenues Estimated Total number of eco-adventure tour operators = 3383 18% $500,000 in annual revenues Total Annual Revenues = $14, 839, 027, 500 20% estimated $1,000,000 in annual revenues 25% small businesses $5,000,000 in annual revenues © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 16 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  18. 18. Why is Brazil Under-Represented Among TourOperators Tour operators don’t offer more Brazil for the following reasons: 1)  Low awareness 2)  Fear of administrative hassles (visas, for example) 3)  Lack of understanding of adventure opportunities, dominating image of Brazil is Carnival, for example 4)  The competition does a better job of raising Brazil needs to select awareness for eco- and promote adventure adventure, especially around related icons icons such as Macchu Pichu, Galapagos, Patagonia © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 17 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  19. 19. Brazil’s Market Share in contrast to thecompetition •  3.3% of US eco adventurers have been to Brazil in the past 3 years •  5% have been to Australia •  3% have been to New Zealand •  25% have been to Mexico •  31% to Canada •  75% travel within the United States  © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 18 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  20. 20. What makes eco-adventurers choose Brazil? •  Advice of Friends and Family, Internet Searching •  Attractive offers from Tour Operators Travelers see Brazil as a part of Latin America and choose it as a destination from among other Latin America destinations, after they’ve already decided to visit Latin America © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 19 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  21. 21. Selling Eco-adventure to BrazilLooking at Current Branding Great for Consumer Recall Does not convey Brazil’s competitive differentiators to eco-adventurers © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 20 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  22. 22. What about the language used to sell“adventure” travel and “ecotourism”? It doesn’t matter what you call it; people choose the trip based on how well it is described to them © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 21 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  23. 23. Next Steps Web 2.0+ New tech is lowering cost of entry for this fragmented sector into travel distribution Social: Search Tying social connections into Local Web search is increasingly focused online “local” Activities on local (e.g Yelp, recommendations Google) Mobile: Using mobile devices to deliver relevant local content from GPS, profile, social network © 2011 Vital Wave ConsultingTM 22 Proprietary and Confidential: Do not copy or distribute.
  24. 24. Thank you! For more